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With MirrorProfiles, you can rent professional-quality Linkedin accounts that surpass in every way the Linkedin profiles you can buy on the market :

+ 250 Customers around the world

+ 5000 rented Linkedin accounts

MirrorProfiles is #1 the leader in professional-quality Linkedin account rental for over 4 years

« I was looking for a way around the connection limits on LinkedIn, because I was getting stuck at about 110 requests a week. It was frustrating because I had lots of potential contacts that I couldn’t reach.

So first, i try to buy several accounts but it was horrible. And after that i discover MirrorProfiles. Renting instead of buying is better in terms of account quality and support.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I’m currently using 8 of them and I’m delighted with their performance. It has really boosted my activity on LinkedIn. « 

Un homme aux cheveux courts et foncés et à la barbe taillée porte une chemise boutonnée bleue. Il se tient à l’intérieur avec un éclairage et un décor flous en arrière-plan.



« LinkedIn is a super important acquisition channel for us and our customers. But there was a problem: I was looking for a way to increase the number of people contacted, while avoiding asking for my customers’ LinkedIn accounts. I wanted something more practical and efficient.

Then I discovered MirrorProfiles after trying to buy Linkedin accounts which all got banned after a few days… I integrated their services into mine and since then, I no longer need to deal with LinkedIn accounts, they take care of them for me.

If there’s a problem with an account, they’ll replace it within 24 hours. It’s really practical and allows me to concentrate on other aspects of my business. »

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Founder of Lead
Generation Agency

« It’s simple: we only use MirrorProfiles now when prospecting for candidates on Linkedin. Thanks to this, our candidate pool is secure and no longer belongs to recruiters. What’s more, we use it to specialise each MirrorProfiles account in a specific job title, which has enabled us to increase our responses by a factor of 2. »

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Recruiter and founder
of his own recruitment

Exemples of our accounts

Here’s a small selection of our Linkedin accounts – we have over
5,000 in our portfolio. Don’t hesitate to ask us for samples 🙂

Profil LinkedIn de Theodore, développement commercial et partenariats chez MineOS, présentant une étape importante de l'entreprise : l'obtention d'un financement de série B de 30 millions de dollars. Le profil comprend son expérience, sa formation et ses relations.


Buy Linkedin accounts VS Rent Linkedin accounts

Choose professional-quality Linkedin accounts

With rental, you're assured of top-quality accounts. The higher the quality of the account, the more robust it is, so fewer replacements are needed. It's a win-win situation. Unlike selling, where once sold, sellers often disappear into thin air if something goes wrong.

Reactive and expert support at your disposal

The two founders of MirrorProfiles are behind the support, which is unique in the tools market. You have expert advice on Linkedin acquisition and growth hacking at your fingertips. Available 5 days a week, you'll receive a response in less than 30 minutes.

Outsourced Linkedin R&D

Unlike buying, renting allows you to stay in touch with us and get a sneak preview of new innovations on Linkedin and increasingly high-quality accounts. Our job is security, so all you have to do is concentrate on your Linkedin prospection.

The advantages of renting a Linkedin profile instead of buying one

Rent MirrorProfiles Linkedin account
Buy Linkedin account

Increase your prospecting volume

Increase your scraping quotas

Compatible with automation tools

High Quality Account

Less than 5% of ban rate

Optimized Linkedin profile

100% Customizable

Industrialization for Linkedin prospecting at scale


Replaced free of charge in 24 in case of ban

Mobile proxy and anti-detect software to access the profile

What is MirrorProfiles?

Equip your sales or recruit reps with heated and secure Linkedin, ready for
automation, and make it rain leads. Stop buying poor-quality accounts that only
last a few days. Stop using disposable accounts and switch to MirrorProfiles.

Over 500 connections (real ones)

All our accounts have over 500 real connections. This strong network gives you access to many of your prospects in the 2nd and 3rd Linkedin circles. It also reinforces the robustness of the account.

Fictitious but realistic Linkedin accounts

We fill out 100% of the profiles and create a real fake identity for them: professional and educational background, resume, certification, photo selected by us... In the eyes of other Linkedin users, it's very difficult to distinguish our accounts from real Linkedin accounts. What's more, by using our accounts you take no legal risk!

Over 3 months of warmup

For more than 3 months, we carry out all possible Linkedin actions: connection requests, profile visits, posts, comments, and so on. When you rent the account, Linkedin doesn't detect any suspicious activity because it wasn't sleeping before you rented it.

100% customizable

You can personalize our Linkedin MirrorProfiles accounts with your company's logo. You're 100% in control and can change anything. Rebrand your accounts to optimize your Linkedin performance.

Dedicated digital fingerprint

We build our Linkedin accounts with a dedicated proxy / IP as a human would have done (often without realizing it). In Linkedin's eyes, you're connecting on the same active session since its creation.

Rent Linkedin accounts to surperchage your Linkedin outreach today

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How MirrorProfiles works ?


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Receive access to our secure platform by email

Within 24 to 48 hours, you will receive an onboarding email that takes you step by step through the process of connecting to your MirrorProfiles accounts.


Click on "Run"

A window will open on your computer and you will be connected to your Linkedin profile


Increase your Linkedin prospection

Enjoy the power of having several Linkedin accounts to get round quotas !

Compatible with all your automation tools

Who uses MirrorProfiles every day?

Lead Generation Agency

Multiply the number of leads for your customers. Help them grow without taking any risks on their Linkedin profiles.

Recruitment Agency

Put forward the best available candidates for your customers more quickly. Increase your response rates by specializing Linkedin accounts according to the candidate you're looking for.

B2B & B2C Company

Increase your sales pipeline by increasing your Linkedin prospecting. Don't risk losing everything when one of your sales reps leaves.


Don't worry about using your customers' Linkedin profiles. Gain scalability: more Linkedin accounts means you can support more customers.

Rent Linkedin accounts
ready for automation