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How can I increase the number of subscribers to my Linkedin company page?



LinkedIn company pages are often overlooked on this network. Generally speaking, people prefer to publish on their LinkedIn profile rather than on their company page, but this trend is about to change. Indeed, for the past few months, LinkedIn has been working to make company pages more relevant to visitors. More than just a showcase in your overall communications strategy, LinkedIn may increasingly favor company page content by 2024. This orientation is in line with their desire to further professionalize the network and highlight high value-added content.

Faced with these upcoming changes, it’s crucial to increase the number of subscribers to your company page. So the question is: how do we get there?

The basic technique: Invite your network to follow your company page

LinkedIn represents a tremendous opportunity for companies looking to strengthen their digital presence. A company page lets you showcase your brand, products or services, news and much more. One of the most basic strategies for increasing the visibility of your company page is to invite your existing network to follow it.

In short, to have a strong company page you need a strong Linkedin. A LinkedIn company page is the perfect communication strategy to reinforce your brand image, increase your visibility and expand your network of contacts. It’s an effective tool for informing your audience, retaining existing subscribers and attracting new ones.

First observation: as administrator of your company page, you can only invite members of your own network to subscribe. As a result, you’ll need to build up a large, high-quality network of 1sts to increase the visibility of your company page.

Here are the steps to invite your network to follow your page:

  1. First, log in to your LinkedIn account. Once you’re on your home page, look at the top of the screen and you’ll see a tab entitled “You”. Click on it.
  2. A drop-down menu will appear, select your company page from the list.
  3. Once you’re on your company page, turn your gaze to the right-hand side of the screen, and you’ll see an “Invite relations” option. Click on this option.
  4. A new window will open displaying all your current connections on LinkedIn. This window lets you filter your contacts according to various criteria, such as sector, position, geographical location, etc. You can use these filters to refine your invitation list.
inviter des relations sur linkedin
  1. Once you’ve selected the relationships you wish to invite, simply click on the “Invite” button.

It’s important to note that sending out invitations should not be done lightly. Avoid sending invitations to people who have no interest in your company. It’s best to take the time to analyze your relationships and target those who are directly related to your field of activity or who can potentially benefit from your services or products.

Of course, don’t waste time manually selecting each person you wish to invite. Use filters instead, and take advantage of one of the many Chrome extensions that let you check all the boxes with a single click. We use the Click all checkboxes extension.

The technique is simple and effective, but you may have noticed in the previous image that there are a number of monthly credits. This number corresponds to the number of invitations you can send. Let’s see how it works.

The subtlety of quotas

LinkedIn has set up a quota system for the number of invitations you can send each month from your company page. As a page administrator, you have 250 credits per month at your disposal. Each time you send an invitation, you consume a credit. However, if a person to whom you have sent an invitation accepts to follow your page, this credit is returned to you.

This subtlety may seem trivial, but it is of great importance. It means that your ability to invite people to follow your page is not limited to 250 per month, but depends on the number of people who accept your invitations. So it’s essential to send your invitations to people likely to be interested in your page, to optimize the use of your credits.

Clearly, 250 invitations may not seem like enough, and may be consumed quickly. Bearing in mind that around 30% of invitations receive a positive response, the task of building a robust company page can seem daunting when invitations will be accepted in packs of 75. However, there’s no need to be alarmed, as we have a solution adapted to this situation.

Advanced technology with MirrorProfiles

If a Linkedin account is not a page administrator, it also benefits from credits. That’s where the trick lies. Each Linkedin account is entitled to 50 monthly invitations (not credits). The nuance is that these invitations will not be restored if the person accepts your solicitation.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the relevant company page.
  2. Click on “More.”
  3. Select “Invite relations.”
  4. Filter and invite matching contacts.
inviter relations en masse

“Thanks Fred, but it might take a while at this rate!”

Yes, I understand, and that’s where MirrorProfiles comes in.

We offer a secure, customizable, ready-to-automate Linkedin avatar account rental service. Created by Stepward, an agency specialized in growth hacking, our tool will enable you to multiply your prospecting opportunities on LinkedIn. Compatible with all LinkedIn automation tools, it allows you to :

  • Contacting several thousand people, with 5 accounts, represents a volume of 1,000 people per week!
  • Keep your leads in an account that belongs to your company.
  • Secure your LinkedIn accounts and those of your colleagues.

We also offer MirrorChat, the only tool on the market that centralizes your LinkedIn messages from multiple accounts into a single interface.

MirrorProfiles is the only effective way to get around LinkedIn’s restrictive quotas, because we rely on them.

If you have a dozen MirrorProfiles accounts, you can be sure that your company page will gain more than 150 additional subscribers per month. A considerable advantage in anticipating the rise of LinkedIn company pages.

What’s more, if you have MirrorProfiles accounts, it’s essential to couple them with an effective prospecting strategy.

In conclusion

A combined approach is essential to increase the number of subscribers to your LinkedIn company page. This includes inviting your network to follow your page and understanding LinkedIn’s invitation quotas. To help you create a strong company page faster, you can use services such as MirrorProfiles to automate your efforts and increase your reach.

By anticipating future changes on LinkedIn, you can stay competitive and maximize the visibility of your company page. With a well thought-out strategy and the right tools at your disposal, your LinkedIn company page can become a powerful promotional and development tool for your business.

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