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Protect your account

Avoid having your personal Linkedin account restricted by renting a MirrorProfiles profile

By automating your own account, you risk getting your account banned. Don't take the risk of losing your connections, former colleagues and prospects. With MirrorProfiles, enjoy an account dedicated to prospecting, without the risks.

Keep your leads

Thanks to MirrorProfiles, benefit from a Linkedin account dedicated to the company. Thus, no need to use your personal account or that of your employees.

In addition, you will no longer lose your leads and valuable exchanges if one of your employees leaves your company.

Increase your prospecting and enrichment volume

In addition, you will no longer lose your leads and valuable exchanges if one of your employees is determined to leave your company.

Thanks to MirrorProfiles, you are no longer limited, you just have to take LinkedIn accounts according to your needs.

Verticalize your accounts

On Linkedin, you build an important network with high added value. However, very often it is mixed between all your targets, your colleagues and old relations.

Thanks to MirrorProfiles, you can segment each Linkedin account by target, to capitalize on a high value-added network. Then, you can share content that will be adapted to your network and reactivate your relations by message on a regular basis. Even better than a CRM!


Sometimes we have ideas or projects that we want to test without having to communicate on our behalf, or without wanting to rebrand your entire Linkedin profile.

With MirrorProfiles, it's simple, you just need to rent a Linkedin account to test your ideas, messages or projects. Then it's up to you to continue with this account or to set it up on your own. Easy right?

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The only solution to rent a Linkedin profile

Focus on your business, receive your Linkedin profile in 24 hours and use it as your own

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MirrorProfiles saves you precious hours and allows you to benefit from all the power of Linkedin.

Our advantages

+500 connections

+500 connections

Thanks to profiles with a developed network, your account will have all the appearance of an active and authentic account in the eyes of your prospects and Linkedin.

3 months of use by hand

3 months of use by hand

Before being rented, our profiles are used by hand for more than 3 months. Thus, they have passed under Linkedin's radars and can be automated from your first day of rental.

Secure Access Interface

Secure Access Interface

Linkedin monitors a large number of points when you access their platform: IP, digital fingerprint, location, computer... With MirrorProfiles, we take care of everything to allow you to access your accounts in complete security.

-5% of restricted accounts

-5% of restricted accounts

In 1 year of existence, less than 5% of our 500 accounts have been detected by Linkedin. Thus, you can develop your network with complete peace of mind.

A service designed by Linkedin experts

Mirror Profiles was born following a recurring problem encountered by our customers: the exploitation of the Linkedin channel at 100%.

The multiplication of Linkedin accounts was very quickly an essential solution to increase the volume of prospecting, to have accounts dedicated to the company and to secure its prospecting.

This is how, after several months of iteration and testing, we launched Mirror Profiles to rent robust and ready-to-use Linkedin accounts without customers having to worry about technical issues to maintain the security of their accounts.

Frederic Duhirel

Co-founder and Growth Hacker specialized on Linkedin for +5 years.

Tristan Bance

Co-founder and Growth Hacker specialized in prospecting automation for +4 years.

Customer testimonials

I use Mirror Profiles for LinkedIn cookie rental. My tool requires to have up-to-date data in tight flow at the level of prospects and at the level of companies. I have the technology for scraping but was missing this quick and easy solution to get LinkedIn cookies which are updated daily.

- Private

Practical and functional tool. Frédéric and Tristan are very responsive and advise us on the use of avatar accounts. This allows you to prospect more quickly and without being restricted by quotas. With the possibility of using several Linkedin accounts at the same time, I have 6 accounts and I plan to deploy 3 per additional salesperson. I recommend !

- Car agency

I use it to prospect on behalf of my clients. Very simple and practical solution allowing me to have Linkedin accounts for the time of the service, directly usable and customizable according to my needs. Since then, I've saved myself time and energy trying to request access to employees' Linkedin accounts.

- web agency

How it works ?


make an appointment

And let's talk about your needs to recommend the best solution and the most suitable offer.


Pay online

In a few clicks the offer that suits your needs.


Receive your access to our secure platform

Download our launcher and access your accounts securely.


Click "Run"

And voila ! Access your Linkedin account as if it were your own.

Discover our Linkedin profile rental offers


Waalaxy Business Subscription

(Value 100€/month) for 40€ extra

Need to be accompanied? Our team of Growth Hackers, specialized on Linkedin is available to support and train you, make an appointment here:

Our customer cases

Increase your LinkedIn prospecting


Rental of 8 Linkedin accounts without Sales Navigator corresponding to these 8 zones. Automation via Waalaxy on databases provided by Stepward which are split across these 8 accounts.

3200 qualified leads contacted per month

Increase Linkedin prospecting of their customers


Rental of 4 Linkedin accounts with Sales Navigator in order to configure the Sales Nav on SI / RSSI and DSI targets. They then deployed their strategy via Waalaxy and Lemlist for their live prospecting. For their webinar and lead nurturing loop part, they used Podawaa to manage the publication of their Linkedin posts on our 4 accounts.

400 qualified leads contacted per week

Increase its Linkedin prospecting & limit the risks for their customers


Rental of 2 Linkedin accounts for their own prospecting and 8 profiles for their customers who did not want to risk using their personal account.

N / A

Increase its enrichment capacity for a benchmark tool on the market


Rental of 10 Linkedin cookies and daily updating of these cookies on their Captain Data.

10,000 people scrapped and enriched per day

Increase your enrichment capacity


Rental of 4 Linkedin cookies, daily updating of these cookies and native integration on their tool

4,000 enrichments per day

Secure your leads or pool of candidates


Rental of 8 Linkedin cookies and 4 Linkedin profiles with Sales Navigator

800 Linkedin profiles enriched per day via Phantom Buster 'Linkedin Profile Scraper' 400 people contacted per week for 1 client brief

It's normal to have questions, here are our answers.

Are Linkedin profiles available in other languages?

Yes, we are specialized in the French-speaking market for the moment, but we have profiles throughout Europe and even the world. Ask us which country you are interested in and we will tell you if it is available! Once a customer with us, you can ask us for a “custom” creation in a target country.

Can I use automation or scrapping tools?

Of course, and that's the whole point of our service. In scrapping tools that we recommend there are: Phantombuster, Captain Data, Texau… You can also use your favorite tool. In terms of automation tools we recommend: The Growth Machine, Neo-deal and Waalaxy. We also have an offer with Waalaxy. The important thing is to use 1 scrap tool and 1 automation tool for 1 rented Linkedin account to avoid exceeding Linkedin quotas. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice!

Can we take an account without Sales Navigator?

Yes, our offer without Sales navigator is 100 euros per month. We recommend it from the moment you know how to use it in order to build up precise databases. If you want training on this tool, contact us.

What profile information can I change?

Absolutely everything !

Do the profiles assume someone's identity?

No, our profiles are totally fake. The first and last names do not exist and the profile photo is generated by an AI which provides us with a unique and copyright-free photo.

What automation tools can I use?

You can use all the automation tools you have provided you do not use several tools on the same account. For example, using Waalaxy and The Growth Machine at the same time is prohibited. Here are the tools that we have already tested without difficulty: Waalaxy, The Growth Machine, Phantombuster, Getemail, Lusha, Captain Data, Neo Deal, Link Helper… If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask us 🙂

Is using an avatar account legal?

Using an avatar account violates Linkedin's Terms of Service just like using any automation tool. However, as our profiles are fake there is no identity theft. In addition, our accounts are heated and used manually for several months.

If my account ever gets banned, what happens?

-5% of our accounts are banned from Linkedin, if this happens, we perform an audit to see if you have used only one automation tool per Linkedin account. If this is the case, we will replace it in less than 24 hours.

If the account is heated, what is the point of having a Sales Navigator account?

The Sales Navigator account is used to perform unlimited searches and build accurate databases. Nothing to do with security here. We offer Sales Navigator training with one of our Linkedin experts, if you wish contact us!

How many relationships do the accounts have and what are the types of connections?

Our rental accounts have more than 500 connections, obtained manually on all types of profiles (CEO, business developer etc). If you want an account already verticalized on a specific job title or sector, you can request it by contacting us.

What security aspects do you support?

To identify false profiles or abnormal behavior, Linkedin monitors a large number of elements that are often invisible to you (IP, digital fingerprint, etc.). Thanks to MirrorProfile, without having any impact for you, we take care of all these points so that your Linkedin account is all the appearance of a classic account.

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