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Rent a personalized Linkedin account ready for automation

Boost your lead generation with the rental of customized LinkedIn accounts, perfectly suited for automation and prospecting tools.

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The only way to rent a Linkedin profile

Focus on your business, receive your Linkedin profile within 24 hours and use it as your own.

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MirrorProfiles saves you precious hours and lets you benefit from the full power of Linkedin.

Our advantages

+500 connections

+500 connections

Thanks to profiles with a well-developed network, your account will have all the appearance of an active and authentic account in the eyes of your prospects and Linkedin.

3 months hand-held use

3 months hand-held use

Before being offered for rental, our profiles are used by hand for more than 3 months. As a result, they fly under Linkedin's radar and can be automated from your first day of rental.

Secure access interface

Secure access interface

Linkedin monitors a large number of points when you access their platform: IP, digital footprint, location, computer... With MirrorProfiles, we take care of everything so you can access your accounts in total security.

-5% restricted accounts

-5% restricted accounts

In 1 year of existence, less than 5% of our 500 accounts have been detected by Linkedin. So you can develop your network with complete peace of mind.

Customer testimonials

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I use Mirror Profiles for LinkedIn cookie rental. My tool requires just-in-time data updates for both prospects and companies. I’ve got the technology for scraping, but I was missing this quick and easy solution for getting LinkedIn cookies that are updated daily.

- Private
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Practical, functional tool. Frédéric and Tristan are very responsive and advise us on the use of avatar accounts. This allows you to prospect more quickly and without being restricted by quotas. With the possibility of using several Linkedin accounts at the same time, I’m up to 6 accounts and I’m thinking of deploying 3 more per sales rep. I recommend it!

- Car agency
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I use it to prospect on behalf of my customers. A very simple and practical solution that allowed me to have Linkedin accounts for the duration of the service, which I could use directly and customize to suit my needs. Since then, I’ve been saving myself time and energy trying to get access to employees’ Linkedin accounts.

- Web agency

How does it work?

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Receive access to our secure platform

Download our launcher and access your accounts in total security.


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And that's all there is to it! Access your Linkedin account as if it were your own.

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Centralize your Linkedin account messaging in one improved interface

Thanks to MirrorChat, you can manage Linkedin messages from your various Linkedin accounts in a single tool designed for sales reps and recruiters. Save precious minutes every day by organizing your messages, synchronizing your tools and using your reply templates.

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