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Who uses MirrorProfiles and why?

We have over 200 customers: agencies, B2B and B2C companies and freelancers. They all have the same need: to maximize and optimize their impact by having several Linkedin accounts.

What kind of companies use
MirrorProfiles in everyday life?

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Lead Generation Agency

MirrorProfiles allows agencies to focus on the performance of their campaigns. They benefit from :

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B2B and B2C companies

MirrorProfiles enables companies to equip their sales reps and recruiters with ready-to-use Linkedin profiles. They benefit from :

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MirrorProfiles lets freelancers integrate Linkedin profile rental into their services. They benefit from :

What our customers say

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The sales team

Everything has changed since I started using MirrorProfiles. As a sales rep, my ability to prospect was limited by my LinkedIn profile alone. But now, with five MirrorProfiles accounts, I can multiply my interactions. Every week, I contact up to 500 people, without ever encountering any limits. It’s a game-changer for my sales strategy!

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As a marketer, MirrorProfiles has revolutionized the way I run outbound campaigns. With the ability to deploy on several LinkedIn accounts, I can now run cross-channel campaigns and carry out real A/B tests. I personalize everything, from the branding of LinkedIn accounts to the content of messages. And that’s not all: the ability to push targeted LinkedIn posts to different audiences has increased the impact of my campaigns tenfold.

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As a recruiter, MirrorProfiles has transformed my recruitment strategy. Thanks to the flexibility offered by multiple LinkedIn accounts, I can now target a variety of potential candidates more strategically. A/B testing on various aspects, from the branding of each profile to the content of the messages, enables me to optimize my approaches. I can also distribute job offers and targeted content to specific audiences, considerably increasing my chances of finding the ideal candidate. MirrorProfiles has become an indispensable tool in my recruitment arsenal.

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As a manager, efficiency and safety are paramount for me. MirrorProfiles has revolutionized our approach to LinkedIn. No more wasted time and money! Our sales pipeline and candidate pool are now secure. With MirrorProfiles, we have total control over LinkedIn profiles belonging to the company, freeing us from dependence on employees’ personal profiles. And that’s not all: we can now contact thousands of people a month, far exceeding LinkedIn’s quotas. It’s a real growth driver for the company.

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Growth hackers

As a Growth Hacker, increasing your prospecting volume is crucial. With MirrorProfiles, this expansion has become a reality. Scraping and enrichment capabilities are enhanced tenfold with access to an unlimited number of LinkedIn cookies. Centralizing all the company’s LinkedIn accounts on a single dashboard makes management much easier. What’s more, our guarantee to replace a LinkedIn account within 24 hours in the event of a ban dispels any concerns about the continuity and stability of our campaigns. MirrorProfiles is a significant step forward for our growth hacking.

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As SalesOps, optimizing every channel is essential. MirrorProfiles transforms the way we use LinkedIn, whether for prospecting or scraping. It secures our sales pipeline by providing efficient, centralized management. More than just a tool, MirrorProfiles is a powerful lever for relieving the pressure on our sales teams. We deploy the prospecting campaigns for them, freeing them to concentrate on the sale. Centralizing KPIs on a single platform gives us a complete view of performance, without having to constantly call on our sales force. Direct access to prospectors’ LinkedIn accounts gives us total control, ensuring efficient management and follow-up.

Ready to take the plunge?

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