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5 automation tools to pair with MirrorProfiles to boost prospecting



In today’s competitive world, prospecting has become a necessity for any company wishing to expand. Thanks to our MirrorProfiles LinkedIn avatar account rental service, the prospecting process has been simplified, making sales work much more efficient. However, the efficiency of MirrorProfiles can be further enhanced by coupling it with other automation tools. Here are five tools you can use with MirrorProfiles to enhance your prospecting strategy.

Linkedin Sales Navigator: database creation tool

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Sales Navigator explained

Sales Navigator is a tool offered by LinkedIn, designed to help companies with their prospecting strategy. With a premium subscription, users have access to advanced search functions, enabling them to create targeted databases. This enables them to locate and target the prospects most relevant to their business, using various criteria such as company size, industry sector, geographical location and much more.

With Sales Navigator, sales professionals can easily find high-quality leads, making their prospecting process more efficient and accurate. By eliminating less relevant leads, sales teams can concentrate their efforts on those prospects most likely to become customers, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

This tool is particularly valuable for companies seeking to reach specific markets or expand in particular geographical areas. Using the information provided by Sales Navigator, sales reps can tailor their prospecting approach to the unique characteristics of each market, maximizing their chances of success.

The double filtering enabled by Sales Navigator consists of first saving your list of target companies and then using this list with prospect filters. The double-filtering technique helps to limit errors in your targeting and to obtain prospecting databases with an accuracy ratio of 95%.

In short, Sales Navigator is an essential companion for LinkedIn prospecting professionals, offering them the ability to create highly targeted prospect lists and focus their efforts on the most promising opportunities, leading to more effective prospecting and more convincing results.

MirrorProfiles and Sales Navigator

Combining Sales Navigator with MirrorProfiles can considerably boost your prospecting strategy. By subscribing to Sales Nav, you gain access to advanced features, which you can also use in your MirrorProfiles account to scrape (extract) data from the prospect lists you create.

This combination is a real asset for your business. By using Sales Navigator to identify relevant prospects on LinkedIn, you can then retrieve essential information about these prospects using MirrorProfiles. The additional data collected considerably enriches your prospecting database.

With more in-depth information about your prospects, you’re better prepared to start personalized, relevant conversations. You’ll gain a better understanding of their specific needs, enabling you to tailor your sales approach more effectively.

The automation offered on the LinkedIn avatar account saves you precious time, enabling you to focus your efforts on interactions with prospects rather than on manual information gathering. You can now devote your resources to higher value-added tasks, such as supplementing your databases with analyses, improving the overall efficiency of your prospecting activities.

In conclusion, the combination of Sales Navigator and MirrorProfiles represents a powerful synergy for your prospecting efforts. You can identify the right prospects with Sales Navigator and make the most of the information available on LinkedIn, reinforcing your sales strategy and helping you to achieve your business objectives quickly.

Captain Data: scraping tool

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Captain Data explains

Captain Data is a revolutionary web scraping tool that opens up new possibilities for your prospecting strategy. This versatile software lets you easily extract data from almost any web page, without the need for coding skills. Its sophisticated interface makes it accessible to all, even non-technical users.

The uses for Captain Data are vast and varied, making it an ideal ally for your prospecting efforts. You can use it to conduct competitive intelligence, monitoring your competitors’ activities and gathering crucial information to refine your own business strategy.

One of the major advantages of Captain Data is its ability to be used for lead generation. With this powerful tool, you can extract important information from online sources and build targeted prospect databases. For example, from a Sales Navigator Linkedin URL.

Automation is another of Captain Data’s key assets. By creating customized scraping processes, you can retrieve regularly updated data on web pages relevant to your business. Or enrich your databases in several stages to maximize the amount of information. This keeps you up to date with the latest information, saves you time and improves the responsiveness of your prospecting.

Captain Data integrates seamlessly with Sales Navigator, an added advantage for your prospecting strategy. You can use Captain Data to extract data from the prospect lists you’ve created in Sales Navigator and export them in CSV format, making them easy to analyze and use in other tools or software.

Captain Data and MirrorProfiles

Using Captain Data and MirrorProfiles together can considerably improve the quality and scope of your prospecting database. Captain Data, as a versatile web scraping tool, can be used to extract data from Sales Navigator, enriching your prospect list. In fact, this is one of our customers’ use cases.

By combining these two tools, you can access detailed information about your prospects, enabling you to better understand them and adapt your sales approach accordingly. Automated data collection with Captain Data and profile analysis with Sales Navigator give you in-depth insight into each prospect, making it easier to identify the most promising opportunities.

However, it is essential to note that there is a limit to the number of “scraps” (extractions) per day with Captain Data. This limitation means that you can’t extract an unlimited amount of data in a single day. So it’s important to plan your extractions wisely to optimize their use and respect Captain Data quotas.

Despite this limitation, the intelligent use of Captain Data in tandem with MirrorProfiles will enable you to increase your scraping and enrichment capacity tenfold. You can choose to scrape specific profiles on a regular basis, or perform targeted extractions according to your priority needs.

By enriching your database with detailed prospect information thanks to Captain Data, you can increase your prospecting efficiency and maximize your chances of closing sales. A quality database is one of the pillars of a successful sales strategy, and this combination of tools will help you achieve this goal more easily and efficiently.

In conclusion, the combined use of Captain Data and MirrorProfiles is a winning duo for your prospecting. Their complementarity enables you to collect and analyze data more efficiently, strengthening your prospecting strategy and giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Waalaxy: contact automation tool

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Waalaxy explanation

Waalaxy is a LinkedIn campaign automation tool that transforms the way you approach prospecting. This innovative platform enables you to create, manage and track your LinkedIn campaigns efficiently and methodically.

With Waalaxy, you can automate a variety of time-consuming tasks related to your LinkedIn campaigns. The tool enables you to plan and execute campaigns systematically, saving you valuable time. No need to perform each action manually.

You can also personalize your campaigns to suit the unique characteristics of your prospects. The tool lets you create as many campaigns as you have targets (or sub-targets) and define targeted messages for each group, increasing the relevance of your prospecting messages. This boosts the impact of your campaigns and improves your response rate.

Waalaxy and MirrorProfiles

With your MirrorProfiles avatar account, the credibility of your account will be reinforced, which will considerably increase your acceptance rate. Prospects targeted in your Waalaxy campaigns will be more likely to accept a connection request from a credible, authentic account.

Another advantage of this tool is its detailed tracking of the performance of your LinkedIn campaigns. You can access in-depth analyses to help you assess the effectiveness of your actions and make adjustments. This allows you to continually optimize your campaigns for best results. A/B testing on Linkedin is only possible with several Linkedin accounts. MirrorProfiles with Waalaxy Business is becoming a must-have in any salesperson’s technical stack.

By adopting this tool in your prospecting approach, you gain in productivity, responsiveness and efficiency. You can concentrate on the most important interactions with your prospects, while letting the tool take care of the repetitive tasks.

When you combine the use of Waalaxy with MirrorProfiles, you achieve a new level of efficiency in your LinkedIn campaigns. With multiple Mirrorprofiles accounts, you can manage multiple campaigns and multiple targets simultaneously.

In conclusion, Waalaxy and MirrorProfiles are a powerful combination for increasing the effectiveness of your LinkedIn campaigns. With systematic automation and better-targeted campaigns, you can reach your prospects with a personalized message, increasing your chances of generating qualified leads and therefore customers.

LinkedIn Ads: optimizing online advertising

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Linkedin ads explained

LinkedIn is much more than just a professional social network. LinkedIn Ads is a powerful advertising platform offering a multitude of features to effectively reach your target audience.

The strength of LinkedIn Ads lies in its targeting functions. In fact, the platform lets you specifically target your audience according to a wide range of criteria, from job title to industry, company size and level of experience. This allows you to focus your efforts on the people most likely to be interested in your product or service.

One of the main advantages of LinkedIn Ads is that it can be mixed effectively with outbound campaigns using tools such as Waalaxy, Lemlist or La Growth Machine. Our customers therefore use “awareness campaigns”, the main aim of which is to reinforce the credibility of the prospecting messages your prospects receive.

The idea is to become omnipresent in your target market, using both advertising and outbound prospecting.

LinkedIn Ads and MirrorProfiles

The combination of LinkedIn Ads and MirrorProfiles is a powerful one that can radically transform your prospecting efforts. This union can create a unique synergy that maximizes the reach of your advertising campaigns, optimizes performance tracking and, above all, enables you to generate leads from your outbound campaigns.

With MirrorProfiles, you can manage several outbound campaigns simultaneously. Each Linkedin account will therefore grow its network of 1st on a target audience, a personae. The Hack is as follows: “When someone enters your network, you have a 98% chance of obtaining their connection email address”. This Linkedin connection address is often a personal address (in 90% of cases) and is therefore very often used on other social networks. With your prospecting campaigns, you can extract email addresses and inject them into your advertising dashboard to retarget these or similar people (Meta’s famous Lookalike, for example).

Let’s do the math: you rent 5 MirrorProfiles accounts that send 200 connection requests per week. With an acceptance rate of over 50% (see this article for details), you’ll get over 500 personal email addresses in 1 week. That’s enough to run Linkedin Ads campaigns using these 500 emails. For Meta, you’ll need 1,000 e-mail addresses.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll be glad to know that this hack is little-known.

MirrorChat: MirrorProfiles' centralized messaging system

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MirrorChat explained

Keeping track of messages on different accounts can be complex. That’s where MirrorChat comes in. By centralizing all your prospecting accounts, this MirrorProfiles feature makes it much easier to manage them.

MirrorChat brings together all your prospecting account messages in a single interface. There’s no need to switch between accounts to keep track of your conversations – everything is in one place, saving you a lot of time.

MirrorChat makes managing multiple accounts child’s play. Indeed, where a sales rep could only manage responses from 3 accounts without MirrorChat, he can now manage 10. This considerable time-saving means you can concentrate on what really matters: the quality of your interactions with your prospects.

MirrorChat goes one step further, with the ability to create message templates. This lets you record standard answers for use in your various conversations. This feature saves you even more time, while ensuring consistent, high-quality communication with your prospects.

MirrorChat also offers the possibility of connecting the platform to your CRM thanks to its webhook. In this way, all the information collected via MirrorChat can be automatically synchronized with your CRM, ensuring optimum follow-up of your prospects.

MirrorChat and MirrorProfiles

The ability to manage your messages effectively is essential. That’s where the combination of MirrorChat and MirrorProfiles comes in, creating an all-in-one solution to automate your prospecting and centralize your conversations. This strategic alliance offers several key advantages.

MirrorChat, MirrorProfiles’ centralized messaging system, brings all your prospecting messages together in one place. Whether you manage three accounts or ten, all the answers are brought together in a single interface. This eliminates the need to juggle different LinkedIn accounts to reply to messages, avoiding confusion and potential errors. You have a clear overview of all your conversations, making it much easier to manage them.

By centralizing your messages and automating certain tasks, you save time and increase your efficiency. No need to switch accounts to reply to messages, or write the same reply over and over again.

In short, the combination of MirrorChat and MirrorProfiles is a powerful solution for automating your prospecting. By simplifying and centralizing your communications, it enables you to manage your communications efficiently, save time and increase the effectiveness of your prospecting.


In this article, we’ve explored five powerful tools to boost your prospecting when coupled with MirrorProfiles: Sales Navigator, Captain Data, Waalaxy, LinkedIn Ads and MirrorChat.

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator stands out for its invaluable help in creating targeted databases, maximizing prospecting efficiency. Combined with MirrorProfiles, it gives you access to detailed data to further personalize your interactions with prospects.

Captain Data, a revolutionary web scraping tool, lets you extract data from web pages to enrich your prospecting database. When used in conjunction with MirrorProfiles, it considerably expands the scope and quality of the information available to you for your prospecting campaigns.

Waalaxy is another major solution, offering efficient contact automation. Combined with MirrorProfiles, it helps you track the performance of your LinkedIn campaigns in detail, enabling constant optimization.

LinkedIn Ads is an exceptional advertising tool which, when combined with MirrorProfiles, enables optimization of Linkedin ads campaigns and a win-win strategy between oubound and inbound marketing.

Finally, MirrorChat, an integrated feature of MirrorProfiles, centralizes messages from all your prospecting accounts into a single interface, making it much easier to manage your conversations and enabling you to concentrate more on the quality of your interactions.

These tools, when used in synergy with MirrorProfiles, can radically transform your approach to prospecting, maximizing your efficiency and saving you precious time. They automate repetitive tasks and centralize your communications, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: building quality relationships with your prospects and customers.

Would you like to boost your prospecting with MirrorProfiles?

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