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MirrorChat – Manage linkedIn messages for several accounts



Replying to all the messages generated by prospecting campaigns on the linkedin social network, especially when you manage several linkedin accounts, can quickly become an obstacle course, don’t you think? At MirrorProfiles, we’ve got you covered! We have created
the tool that’s going to revolutionize your daily life, by bringing order to that happy mess of receiving messages. Just imagine: all your linkedin messages, neatly organized, accessible with a single click. MirrorChat will become one of your favorite tools:


Manage multiple Linkedin messaging accounts in a centralized, enhanced interface

At MirrorProfiles, our expertise in renting LinkedIn accounts has enabled our customers to increase their prospecting capacity tenfold, generating qualified leads for their sales teams.

Nevertheless, receiving a response from a prospect doesn’t mark the end of the journey; it’s at this precise moment that the real skill of conversion is put to the test. Optimized management of the reception of linkedin messages has become a crucial strategic issue in your company, as every interaction can potentially turn into a major business opportunity. On Linkedin, responsiveness is key: you need to be able to have eyes everywhere on all your Linkedin accounts so you can respond quickly and effectively to your prospects at every reception. To make things easier, MirrorChat is a tool that centralizes Linkedin messaging from your various accounts into a single interface.

What’s more, failure to follow up a single linkedin message can result in the loss of a potential customer, which is why our “reminder” feature is so appreciated by sales reps and recruiters alike.

The complexity intensifies when it comes to managing multiple LinkedIn accounts simultaneously. Our customers often find themselves swamped, juggling various LinkedIn sessions, wasting considerable time between message reception and response, and increasing the risk of errors or omissions. LinkedIn, despite its many features, has certain limitations, particularly when it comes to managing message reception, making the task even more arduous.

Optimize your LinkedIn prospecting

It was in this context that we saw an opportunity to significantly improve our customers’ user experience by developing a tool: MirrorChat.

MirrorChat is a tool designed to provide a centralized solution for managing linkedin messages from multiple MirrorProfiles accounts, all within a single, intuitive interface. The aim of this tool is to facilitate navigation between linkedin conversations and optimize management of the reception of linkedin responses, enabling our customers to devote more time to personalizing the content of their interactions, thereby increasing the chances of securing qualified appointments.

MirrorChat, the inbox that centralizes messages from your Linkedin accounts, was designed from an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges faced by professionals when prospecting on LinkedIn, with the ambition of solving the complex problem of managing the reception of multi-Linkedin account messages.

Dedicated exclusively to LinkedIn, MirrorChat underlines our commitment to providing specialized tools, tailored to the specific needs of our customers who use our rented linkedin accounts or even your own linkedin accounts. This commitment reflects our constant drive to innovate in order to facilitate and optimize the messaging experience on LinkedIn, making communication more effective and impactful for industry professionals. Our aim is to help you improve your conversion rate on Linkedin and reduce the time you spend managing this acquisition channel.

Reply easily to all your messages

MirrorChat offers accessibility on all platforms via a web messaging interface adapted to all devices (computer and phone). The tool’s messaging features include an advanced search function, making it easy to find key information within extended LinkedIn discussions, and supports English, facilitating its international adoption. MirrorChat’s robust integrations enable data to be exported to a variety of tools, ensuring great flexibility of use. The security and compliance of your e-mail and LinkedIn accounts are also at the heart of our priorities, guaranteeing the protection of linkedin accounts and messages. What’s more, responsive customer support is available to help users with any questions they may have about this centralized messaging system.

An example of efficiency

Our customer, a major player in the real estate sector, was using 100 LinkedIn accounts to manage the reception of its prospecting messages. He was therefore faced with major challenges.

The manual management of linkedin messages was extremely time-consuming, requiring the intervention of four employees, and was hampered by the slowness of the professional social networking giant and the complexity of profile changes. The integration of MirrorChat radically transformed their workflow, centralizing linkedin message management and enabling a single person to efficiently manage the volume of linkedin messages. Eventually, a single person will be in charge, and will now be able to respond to around 1,000 messages a day. This change has not only optimized the use of human resources, but also improved responsiveness to prospects, increasing sales opportunities.

A graphic illustration comparing internet speeds without and with a vpn, followed by an example of a user browsing online profiles securely using a vpn.


Faced with the often brutal reality of restrictions on LinkedIn, professionals are faced with a dilemma: how to continue prospecting effectively without jeopardizing years of work and effort invested in building their network and online presence? The answer lies in prudence and innovation, embodied by solutions such as MirrorProfiles.

MirrorProfiles presents itself as a lifeline, offering a secure alternative for running prospecting campaigns without risking the main account. By adopting accounts specifically designed for prospecting, which are not only compliant with LinkedIn policies but also replaceable in the event of restrictions, professionals can now navigate the tumultuous waters of online prospecting with renewed confidence.

It’s now possible to pursue dynamic and effective prospecting on LinkedIn, while protecting what you’ve already achieved and preparing for the future with confidence.

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