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MirrorChat - Personalise your message with the Intelligent Prospect File

MirrorChat – Personalise your message with the Intelligent Prospect File



Effective management of prospecting messages is crucial to transforming exchanges with a prospect into a potential lead. Faced with this challenge, MirrorChat introduces the “prospect sheet” functionality, an innovation that meets the concrete needs of our customers.

Professionals are inundated with messages, so you have to be better than the others not only on the message, but also on the follow-up. It’s a problem we’ve identified through the direct experience of our MirrorProfiles users. They confided in us their difficulties in managing and organizing the countless prospecting messages efficiently, which compromised their ability to respond in a relevant way. This recurring echo has been the driving force behind our thinking and the catalyst for the development of the “prospect file” within MirrorChat.

The solution just a click away: introducing the prospect file

The “prospect sheet” is much more than just a novelty; it’s the fruit of an in-depth analysis of our customers’ needs and a determination to provide an appropriate response to their problems. This feature centralizes all relevant prospect information in one place, providing a 360-degree view of every interaction. Whether for tracing the history of exchanges, noting key information or planning future actions, the “prospect sheet” is becoming an essential tool for anyone involved in prospecting on LinkedIn.

The “lead sheet” isn’t just a time-saver; it’s a revolution in the way we manage interactions on Linkedin. It transforms a chaotic flow of messages into a structured database, where every piece of information has its place, making prospect follow-up not only possible, but also, and above all, more efficient and strategic. With MirrorChat’s “prospect sheet”, effective management of your prospecting messages becomes a reality at your fingertips.

Centralizing, organizing and personalizing are the pillars of modern prospecting. The icing on the cake? Once your prospect file is complete and your prospect has expressed an interest in your service/product, he becomes a lead, and in just 1 click, thanks to our API, you can synchronize your prospect file with your CRM.

Concentrated efficiency for enhanced customization

MirrorChat’s prospect sheet is the answer to a complex equation: how do you effectively gather all the key data about a prospect while maintaining ease of use? It’s an innovation designed for demanding professionals who know that the relevance of communication depends on precise knowledge of the lead.

MirrorChat prospect sheet

  • Instantaneity and Context: With direct access to your LinkedIn profile via the photo, the prospect sheet connects you instantly with your contact, providing the context you need for meaningful exchanges.

  • Maximum personalization: The job title, prominently displayed, is the key to a tailor-made approach, ensuring a finely-tuned, personalized prospecting message.

  • Strategic Tags: The added tags reflect an intuitive classification and segmentation of your prospects, a real asset for structuring your follow-up strategy.

  • Account clarity: Clearly identifying the prospecting account used eliminates confusion and optimizes team coordination.

The MirrorChat lead sheet is the epicenter of your LinkedIn prospecting strategy, where every vital piece of information is neatly organized and ready to be exploited. This guarantees seamless follow-up and personalized interaction, to convert leads into tangible results.

Relevance is the key to successful prospecting, especially in competitive sectors like real estate. One of our customers, a major player in this field, was finding it difficult to effectively personalize its responses to its LinkedIn prospecting campaigns.

A concrete example of MirrorChat's effectiveness

Our customer in the real estate sector, faced with a high volume of messages to process and the need for a high degree of personalization, found the solution to its problem in MirrorChat’s prospect sheet.

Before using MirrorChat, our customer responded in a neutral and generic way, which didn’t allow him to respond in a personal and tailored way to each prospect – a decisive factor in real estate, where each customer has specific needs.

The MirrorChat flyer was the lifeline. At a glance, our customer can now view the prospect’s detailed profile, current position, previously assigned tags and personalized notes. This consolidated view allows you to quickly understand who your prospects are and what their real estate needs are.

The use of the prospect sheet has transformed the quality of his interactions. With a tailor-made response, our customer was able to increase his conversion rate, reduce his lead management time and, above all, establish a relationship of trust with his prospects thanks to a personalized, informed approach.

Our real estate customer’s story shows how a tool like MirrorChat’s prospect sheet can revolutionize prospecting campaign management, offering a level of personalization that makes all the difference in a sector where customization is the norm.


MirrorChat has understood and integrated a fundamental truth into its services: the quality of the relationship with the prospect is paramount. The “prospect file” isn’t just a tool, it’s the promise of an enriched exchange, a refined understanding, and ultimately, an optimized conversion. It’s with this vision that MirrorChat redefines the contours of prospecting, offering a solution that adapts not only to the complexity of interactions on Linkedin, but also to the demand for personalization that defines our era.

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