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les meilleurs agences de génération de lead en 2023

Top 10 lead generation agencies in France



In a connected world where competition is fierce, companies are looking to connect with quality prospects. That’s where lead generation agencies come in.

In France, there are many agencies able to help you develop your business and your customer portfolio. Here’s our selection of the nine best lead generation agencies in France.


Stepward stands out in B2B lead generation thanks to its innovative, growth-oriented approach. This agency stands out by combining three key verticals:

  • Lead generation or Lead Gen
  • Recruitment
  • No-code or low-code development

This unique combination enables them to offer tailor-made growth strategies to their customers.

What’s more, their mastery of LinkedIn and outbound marketing tools is second to none. Their commitment to fast, responsive and personalized customer service has enabled them to work with over 100 customers despite their relative newness to the market.

avis agence lead gen stepward


Based in Rennes, France, Afffect is an agency with a proven track record in inbound marketing, outbound marketing and social networking. Their team of specialists implements comprehensive growth strategies tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

The trust placed in us by many prestigious brands is testament to our experience and professionalism.

advice lead gen afffect agency


ReCom is an agency specializing in outsourced B2B sales prospecting. By focusing on generating qualified appointments, ReCom enables companies to concentrate on selling rather than prospecting.

The level of professionalism they demonstrate through their structured approach and detailed daily reporting is undeniable.

avis agence lead gen recom

Lead Camp

Based in France, Lead Camp is an agency specializing in the implementation of fully automated B2B prospecting systems. Their cutting-edge prospecting algorithm has made them a benchmark in the field. Lead Camp’s main objective is to free companies from traditional prospecting techniques, which are more time-consuming and less effective.

Their efficiency and in-depth knowledge of B2B prospecting automation is proof of their experience.

avis leadcamp agence lead gen


Evolnet is an agency that offers tailor-made sales strategies for companies, based on a well-defined three-step process including diagnosis, action plan implementation and follow-up.

The agency’s founders, Jordan Yebarth and Bryan Bois, have over 10 years’ experience in business development and customer acquisition strategy, giving their services undeniable credibility.

avis agence lead gen evolnet


Salesbytech is an agency specializing in innovative and effective B2B prospecting solutions, with a particular focus on targeting, contacting and converting prospects.

Their list of renowned customers testifies to their solid experience in B2B prospecting.

avis agence lead gen salesbytech


Findcustomer.io is a renowned prospecting and lead generation agency.

With solid expertise in this field, the agency offers effective, proven strategies for achieving their customers’ business objectives.findcustomer.io lead gen agency review


SELLS is an agency specializing in commercial outsourcing and industrial prospecting.

With over 30 years’ experience in sales force outsourcing, SELLS offers solid expertise and an in-depth understanding of business challenges.

avis agence lead gen sells

BizDev Solutions

BizDev Solutions is an agency specialized in B2B sales prospecting.

Their team is made up of experienced professionals who aim to accelerate business development through advanced techniques.

opinion lead gen agency bizdev solutions


LeadActiv specializes in prospecting for digital agencies, with a clear objective: to generate qualified appointments with decision-makers. It operates as an extension of its customers’ sales teams, taking charge of the entire prospecting process, from making contact to setting up appointments.

Based in Annecy, the LeadActiv team is made up of specialists in digital prospecting, committed to their customers’ development and ready to share their proven method for successfully generating qualified leads.LeadActiv Reviews


At the end of our review, it’s clear that each agency has unique strengths and specific expertise that can help you generate leads effectively. However, if we’re talking about an undeniable mastery of LinkedIn for lead generation, and unrivalled expertise in three key verticals, it’s hard to beat Stepward.

Stepward has distinguished itself by its ability to combine volume, quality, responsiveness and multi-channel versatility in its lead generation strategy.

It’s an agency with solid experience and a proven track record working with over 100 customers. Its responsiveness and availability make this agency a reliable partner that can respond quickly to your requests and needs. What’s more, their results-driven approach reflects a high level of professionalism and a commitment to offering solutions tailored to their customers’ every stage of growth.

Ultimately, the choice of agency will depend on your specific needs and business objectives. Each agency has its own strengths and specializes in different areas, so it’s essential to do your research before making a decision. But if LinkedIn is at the heart of your lead generation strategy and you’re looking for an agency that combines volume, quality and responsiveness, Stepward could well be the ideal choice for you.

Finally, remember: the most important thing is to choose a lead generation agency that understands your needs and can help you achieve your goals.


Q: What is a lead generation agency?

A: A lead generation agency is a company that helps its customers find and connect with qualified prospects.

Q: How do I choose the best lead generation agency?

A: The best lead generation agency for your business will depend on your specific needs. It’s important to consider the agency’s experience, professionalism and availability, as well as its understanding of your industry and target audience.

Q: What is inbound and outbound marketing?

A: Inbound marketing focuses on creating compelling content that attracts prospects to your company. Outbound marketing, on the other hand, involves sending direct messages to potentially interested prospects.

Q: What is no-code?

A: No-code is an approach to software development that allows non-technical users to create applications without needing to know coding.

Q: Why outsource lead generation?

A: Outsourcing lead generation can free up time for your sales team to focus on closing sales rather than prospecting. What’s more, lead generation agencies often have specialized tools and strategies for finding quality prospects.

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