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Build a massive prospecting machine on Linkedin without being banned

How to build Mass Outreach on Linkedin without getting banned?

When you’ve found the winning recipe on your Linkedin, the urge to prospect massively arrives, and that’s perfectly normal. When you have found the perfect balance between the accuracy of your databases and the quality of your prospecting messages, you generate more and more leads via Linkedin. However, 1 Linkedin profile can only send 100 connection requests per week, which, mathematically, stops you in your prospecting strategy. There are plenty of examples of this [Linkedin quota](https://mirrorprofiles.com/quotas-linkedin-2023-2024/) and trying to exceed them could result in your account being banned for life. What’s more, don’t think that any particular tool can override the platform’s quotas on its own; no tool on the market is capable of doing that. The only solution is to have groups of Linkedin profiles to generate qualified contacts.

How do you build a massive prospecting machine on Linkedin without getting banned?
This article will provide step-by-step answers to this problem, which encompasses 2 important subjects: the scalability of Linkedin prospecting and the security of prospector accounts. This Linkedin prospecting method will be useful for both salespeople and recruiters.

Top 5 best Ghostwriting Linkedin agencies

Top 5 ghostwriting agences LinkedIn

Ghostwriting on Linkedin is a key skill increasingly sought after by companies. It’s an open secret that, on Linkedin, it’s better to have strong personal branding than a really nice company page. The adage “You buy the man before the product” is absolutely true. That’s why more and more executives are entrusting their Linkedin profile to specialized agencies, to enhance their personal branding and, by extension, their business.

Prospecting with several Linkedin accounts

Prospecting with several Linkedin accounts

Canvassing on several Linkedin accounts requires a real sense of direction and rigor. Automation tools can help structure this, but it’s not always easy. Automation has become a science used by many companies. When more players start automating, there’s also more competition for an acquisition channel. So you need to be able to be both more present than your competitor and more relevant than your competitor. On average, a manager receives around 100 prospecting emails a day and around 20 Linkedin messages. If you’re not relevant from the very first line, your interlocutor will move on.

This comprehensive article will cover the 3 pillars of prospecting with multiple Linkedin accounts: the databases, the tool used and, finally, copywriting.

10 golden rules for writing prospecting messages

10 golden rules for writing prospecting messages

Outbound prospecting needs good copywriting to perform. Whether it’s prospecting for leads or candidates. Thanks to MirrorProfiles and in collaboration with Stepward, we were able to analyze the messages with the highest return rates. Instead of giving you ready-made templates that won’t work for your business, we’ve decided to bring you the essential points to follow when writing prospecting messages, whether on Linkedin or for emailing.