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Create a fake Linkedin account for automation


Why create a fake LinkedIn account?

fake linkedin account

In our digital age, LinkedIn has established itself as a must-have.
It’s the perfect tool for networking, job hunting and business development.
However, you may want to explore this network in a different way, by creating a “fake LinkedIn account”.


The reasons are varied: testing new prospecting strategies, accessing a different audience or simply increasing your automation quotas.

How do I create a fake LinkedIn account?

Creating a fake LinkedIn account requires a little know-how. It’s not just a question of creating a new profile, but of building a credible identity so as not to alert LinkedIn or other users of the platform.

To create a fake Linkedin account, follow these steps:

Prerequisite: Preserve your cookies

The first thing you need to know is that LinkedIn can spot if you’re using multiple accounts from the same browser. To avoid this, do not share cookies between your LinkedIn accounts. What to do? Use multiple Chrome sessions.

Step 1: Define a credible profile name 
estimated time: 5 minutes

When creating a fake LinkedIn profile, it’s essential to consider factors such as background information and personality.
Choose a name that’s easy to remember and that stands out, and choose a profession that ties in with the story you’ve created. This will match the objective of your fake account.
Be careful not to choose names that are too similar, as this could arouse suspicion among existing LinkedIn users.
By carefully selecting these two elements for your fake user, you can create a more credible fake LinkedIn profile without arousing suspicion.

Step 2: Create a recognized e-mail address
estimated time: 15 minutes

The second step is to create an e-mail address that corresponds to your fake profile name. Use popular e-mail providers like Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo. Make sure the e-mail address looks as realistic as possible. For example, avoid addresses that include a series of random numbers or letters.

Step 3: Choose a realistic profile photo
estimated time: 5 minutes

fake linkedin photos

The profile photo is one of the first elements a LinkedIn user will see on your account. So it’s essential to choose a credible profile photo. If you use a generic image or a celebrity photo, other users will probably be suspicious.

Fortunately, there are websites like thispersondoesnotexist. com that generate images of faces that look real but don’t belong to anyone.
It’s the perfect tool for your fake LinkedIn account.

Step 4: Choose a realistic profession
estimated time: 3 minutes

Choosing a realistic profession is just as important as choosing a name. This profession must be related to the story you’ve created for your fake account. Make sure you choose a profession that is commonplace and won’t arouse suspicion. Avoid professions that are too unique or unusual, as they could attract attention and arouse suspicion.

Step 5: Write a convincing profile summary
estimated time: 10 minutes

To create an attractive and credible fake LinkedIn profile, it’s essential to write a captivating profile summary. Highlight key skills, achievements, character traits and your value proposition in concise, precise language. This will help you to integrate smoothly into the platform without arousing suspicion among other users.

Step 6: Create a LinkedIn account
estimated time: 10 minutes

Now that you’ve prepared the key elements of your fake LinkedIn account, it’s time to create the account itself. Open a new Chrome session, go to LinkedIn, and follow the registration process with the information you’ve prepared.

Step 7: Add your first contacts on Linkedin
estimated time: 15 minutes / day for 3 weeks

Once you’ve created your account, it’s time to start developing your network. On LinkedIn, it’s important to have a network of connections to give the impression that you’re an active user. However, don’t add too many connections at once, as this could arouse suspicion. Start slowly, adding connections that are relevant to the position and industry you’ve chosen for your fake account.

Step 8: Complete your Linkedin profile
estimated time: 20 minutes

Now it’s time to complete your fake account profile. This is an important step to give the impression that the account is used by a real person. Fill in the “Experience”, “Training” and “Skills” sections with information relevant to the position and industry you’ve chosen for your fake account.

Step 9: Build a network of connections
estimated time: 5 minutes / day for 3 weeks

The final step in creating your fake LinkedIn account is to continue developing your network. To do this, you can use automation tools to increase the size and reach of your network on LinkedIn. These tools can help you add connections, send messages and publish content automatically.

Surprise! The account is banned!

banned linkedin account

Unfortunately, even if you follow these steps, LinkedIn may detect your fake account and decide to ban it.
In recent years, the platform has considerably improved its techniques for detecting fake accounts.

So how do you avoid being banned?

The solution: rent a LinkedIn account

Faced with this problem, we at MirrorProfiles have developed a unique solution: the rental of heated LinkedIn accounts. These accounts are ready to use and are less likely to be detected by LinkedIn.

How does it work? We offer accounts that have been used manually for more than three months before being put up for rent.

Each account has over 500 connections, giving the appearance of an active and authentic account. What’s more, our accounts are ready for use with all existing automation tools such as Waalaxy, LGM, Lemlist, Neodeal, Linked Helper, etc.

Why choose MirrorProfiles?

Alternatives to creating fake LinkedIn profiles

There are several alternatives to creating fake LinkedIn profiles that can be less risky and more profitable in the long term. Here are some of the options available:

  1. Buy a profile:
    Instead of creating a new account, you can choose to purchase an existing LinkedIn profile. This can be an attractive option, as these accounts already have an established network of connections. However, these accounts are often “heated” by bots in foreign countries, and the risk of having the account banned within a short time is high. This practice remains in a gray area in terms of legality and ethics, as some resellers may have hacked the accounts they resell to you.
  2. Our solution – LinkedIn account rental :
    At MirrorProfiles, we offer a unique and secure alternative: the rental of “heated” LinkedIn accounts. These accounts were used manually for more than three months before being rented out. They have over 500 connections, giving the appearance of an active and authentic account. What’s more, our accounts are ready for use with all existing automation tools.
  3. Ask employees to use their :
    Some companies ask their employees to use their own LinkedIn accounts for professional purposes. However, there are several risks associated with this approach. On the one hand, the employee can leave the company, taking his or her network and accumulated information with him or her. On the other hand, if LinkedIn detects misuse of the account, it may be restricted or banned, which can affect the employee’s personal reputation on the platform.

At MirrorProfiles, we’re committed to providing a viable, secure and cost-effective solution for companies looking to maximize their presence on LinkedIn.
Our LinkedIn account rental service guarantees access to high-quality, authentic and secure accounts, minimizing the risks associated with managing multiple accounts.

Trust us to help you navigate safely on LinkedIn.

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