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How do I restrict my Linkedin account? 2024



LinkedIn, the social network for professionals par excellence, can sometimes be uncompromising. If you’ve ever received a message saying that access to your LinkedIn account is temporarily restricted, you know what I’m talking about. But don’t worry, there are solutions to this problem.

Why is your LinkedIn account restricted?

linkedin ban message

Common reasons for restrictions

Abusive behavior

LinkedIn may restrict your account in the event of abusive behavior, such as repeatedly sending unsolicited messages.

Your prospecting messages arrive as SPAM

If your prospecting messages constantly end up in other users’ SPAM folders, LinkedIn may restrict your account.

To avoid ending up in spam, there are a few basic rules to follow (which also apply to emailing):

  1. Be friendly and professional

  2. Avoid the lexical field of gratuity

  3. Don’t be too commercial – this is a prospecting message, not an advertisement. So avoid “Don’t miss out, make an appointment or call me on XXX”.

  4. No more than 1 outgoing link per message

Use of automation tools

Using automation tools to send mass messages or view numerous profiles in a short space of time can lead to a restriction of your LinkedIn account. Waalaxy or Lemlist are safe automation tools that won’t cause any problems.

Here’s one of our articles on automation tools without restrictions.

We strongly advise against the use of different automation software on the account. In other words, the simultaneous use of La Growth Machine and Waalaxy, for example.

Use of a name that does not comply with LinkedIn’s terms of use

Using a name that does not comply with LinkedIn’s terms of use, such as a pseudonym or company name, may result in your account being restricted.

Possible hacking or password compromise

If LinkedIn suspects your account has been hacked or your password compromised, it may restrict your account to protect your information.

How can you prevent your Linkedin account from being restricted?

Respect LinkedIn’s rules, avoid sending spam, personalize your prospecting messages, and start with a limited number of messages per day, gradually increasing. Also keep an eye on your response rate. Statistics for prospecting campaigns on Linkedin should be at least 20% acceptance rate and 25% response rate. Out of 100 people invited, at least 5 responded.

Respect LinkedIn’s limitations on the number of messages, invitations, inmails and groups.

Finally, make sure your profile is complete and attractive, and try to increase your Social Selling Index. If you want to optimize your SSI, here’s a guide we’ve put together in partnership with Linkedin expert Ruben Taieb: https: //mirrorprofiles.com/guide/optimiser-social_selling-index-linkedin/

How to avoid having your linkedin account restricted

The different types of restrictions on LinkedIn

There are several types of restrictions on LinkedIn, including
connection request limits
These include limits on connection requests, use of automation tools, temporary account restriction and permanent banning from LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn account is restricted: What are your options?

1st Option: Your own account

If the restriction concerns your own account, the first step is to provide proof of identity. LinkedIn has introduced this measure to prevent abuse and guarantee the authenticity of profiles. If, however, the offence committed is deemed serious by the platform, you may not be able to recover your account, even if you provide proof of identity.

Option 2: You’ve created a fake profile

If you’ve created a fake profile, the situation is trickier. There’s no getting around LinkedIn’s identity verification. Providing false identification is illegal and may lead to heavier penalties. In this case, recovery of your account is impossible.

How can you continue to use LinkedIn if you can no longer create an account?

If you can no longer create an account, don’t despair!

At MirrorProfiles, we’ve developed an innovative solution: the rental of heated, secure LinkedIn accounts.

These accounts were used manually for more than three months before being rented out.

Each account has more than 500 connections, offering the image of an active and authentic account.

Our accounts are compatible with all existing automation tools: LGM, Waalaxy, Lemlist, LinkedHelper

Why choose MirrorProfiles?

  • More than 50 companies have already put their trust in our service.

  • We have a low rate of accounts restricted by LinkedIn (less than 5% in 2 years). If one of your MirrorProfiles accounts is restricted, it will be replaced within 48 hours.

  • We offer a secure access interface for all accounts.

  • Our accounts feature credible profile photos, different from those generated by ThisPersonDoesNotExist.

  • Our offer is a turnkey solution: you book an appointment, pay online, receive your access to our secure platform, and you can start using the LinkedIn account as if it were your own.

  • Our accounts are 100% customizable to your company thanks to our unique heating method.


Restricting your LinkedIn account can be a hindrance to your professional development.

However, by respecting LinkedIn’s rules and opting for innovative solutions like the one offered by MirrorProfiles, you can continue to use the platform to the full, and no longer take risks with your own account.

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