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What is a Mirror account?



Does the term “mirror account” mean anything to you? If not, don’t panic! Recently, the field of Linkedin prospecting has been enriched by new terms, including the famous “mirror account”. But what exactly does that mean? How can this benefit your company? In this article, we’ll look at the differences between a mirror account and an avatar account. What’s more, we’ll show you why it’s a good idea to have one, and give you tips on how to optimize their use on Linkedin.

What's the difference between a mirror account and an avatar account?

The digital age constantly pushes us to innovate, even in the way we name things. If you’re a regular LinkedIn user, you may already have heard of mirror and avatar accounts. But what’s the difference between these two types of account?

A mirror account is an entirely fictitious account, with no connection to a real person. It’s like adding a new employee to your company in the eyes of LinkedIn.

Conversely, an avatar account is a reproduction of an existing account within your company. It’s a kind of duplicate that shares the characteristics of the original account.

Why use a mirror account?

With the constant changes in LinkedIn’s rules and restrictions, prospecting on this platform is becoming a real challenge. This is where the mirror account comes into its own. Secured and prepared by MirrorProfiles, a mirror account is the ideal solution for navigating around these obstacles.

MirrorProfiles, created by
the expert growth hacking agency, lets you rent ready-to-use LinkedIn accounts to automate your tasks. What’s most interesting? These mirror accounts are compatible with all existing LinkedIn automation tools.

Here’s how these accounts can benefit you:

  1. Contact thousands of people: Using five accounts, you can reach up to 1,000 people a week! It’s like multiplying your prospecting capacity.
  2. Keep your leads: Each account belongs to your company, ensuring the security and integrity of your leads.
  3. Protect your LinkedIn accounts: Mirror accounts allow you to secure your LinkedIn accounts while maximizing your prospecting.

In addition, MirrorProfiles offers MirrorChat, a unique tool that brings together your LinkedIn messages from different accounts in a single interface. Considerable time savings and unrivalled ease of management.mirrorchat

With over a hundred satisfied customers, MirrorProfiles is recommended by prospecting experts. In the face of LinkedIn’s constant updates, MirrorProfiles is an effective solution for overcoming LinkedIn quotas and reaching your targets in complete security.

One of the major advantages of mirror accounts is that they enable you to surpass LinkedIn quotas, as well as those imposed by various automation tools. To find out more about these limitations and how to get around them, see
our dedicated article
which summarizes the different restrictions depending on the automation tool you use.

Having LinkedIn accounts is one thing. Knowing how to exploit them is another. So how do you use a mirror account effectively? This is the subject of the next section. Stay with us!

How do I use a mirror account?

A mirror account can be a valuable asset, provided you know how to use it. Before deploying several Linkedin accounts for your sales reps or recruiters, it’s essential to be sufficiently organized. In fact, processing a mirror account takes just 15 minutes a day, or 1 hour for four accounts.

To optimize this time, MirrorChat was created. It’s a tool that centralizes several LinkedIn messaging systems.

With this structure in place, you’re ready for action! You can increase the processing time to 30 minutes for 10 accounts without any problems (customer study). To further optimize your LinkedIn acquisition campaigns, here are a few additional resources:

  1. Automation tools for MirrorProfiles :
  2. LinkedIn copywriting :
  3. How to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts :


In conclusion

It goes without saying that mirror accounts on LinkedIn, with their multiple functionalities, are a godsend for companies looking to boost their prospecting strategy. They not only provide an answer to LinkedIn’s restrictions, but also unique tools to improve the efficiency of your sales approach.

So, if you’re looking to get ahead of the competition, explore the world of mirror accounts. In today’s hyper-connected world, innovation is essential to stand out from the crowd. Why not try MirrorProfiles today?


1. What is a mirror account? A mirror account is a secure LinkedIn account prepared by MirrorProfiles. It’s designed to help you navigate LinkedIn’s restrictions, while optimizing your prospecting strategy.

2. What are the advantages of a mirror account? A mirror account enables you to contact several thousand people a week, secure your leads and protect your LinkedIn accounts. It is also compatible with all LinkedIn automation tools on the market.

3. How do I use a mirror account? To use a mirror account effectively, you first need to understand how LinkedIn works and what its quotas and restrictions are. Then you can use your mirror account to overcome these restrictions and reach a wider audience.

4. Who can benefit from a mirror account? Any company that uses LinkedIn for prospecting can benefit from a mirror account. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, a mirror account can help you maximize your prospecting strategy.

5. Where can I get a mirror account? You can get a mirror account from MirrorProfiles, a platform developed by growth hacking agency Stepward. We offer ready-to-use LinkedIn accounts for automation, compatible with all LinkedIn automation tools on the market.

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