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What are the Linkedin quotas for 2023 and 2024?



Ah, LinkedIn quotas in 2023! Who among us network professionals hasn’t pulled their hair out because of them? And if you thought 2024 would bring relief… prepare to be disappointed. Not only will these quotas remain the same, but there are also whispers that they could be even stricter.

A leap back in time is in order. March 2021, LinkedIn’s big decision to implement quotas. But why on earth such a measure? Quite simply, to preserve the very essence of the network: its quality.

With the emergence of automation tools, the platform was in danger of becoming a soulless battleground. So, to safeguard its authenticity, LinkedIn said “stop”. And you’re wondering if there’s a way out of this system? Patience, we’ll get to that in the conclusion.

But before we go any further, let’s destroy a false belief. Did you think that a premium LinkedIn account gave you a sesame to more connection request quotas? Wrong! And if you notice differences between your account and that of your colleague, that’s normal.

LinkedIn likes to surprise by continually testing new features, including quotas, on random groups of accounts. This explains some of the nuances in the quotas we’re about to describe. Come on, let’s go!

PS: Before you start, these quotas are the fruit of 4 years’ activity on Linkedin and the tests were carried out on the 2,300 accounts we manage.

LinkedIn quotas on connection requests

100 to 200 connection requests per week for 1 LinkedIn account. Normally, 100 connection requests for everyone, but some tools like Waalaxy manage to exceed this limit by up to 200.

When we know that good statistics for a prospecting campaign are 30/40% acceptance rate ( even 50% ) and 15/20% response rate, that’s about 12 engaged conversations per week.

Not enough to feed one of your sales reps for a whole week!

LinkedIn quotas on profile visits

50 to 80 visits per day for 1 LinkedIn profile. A profile visit provides the following information:

“website”: “”,
“linkedin_profile_handle”: “”,
“first_name”: “”,
“last_name”: “”,
“full_name”: “”,
“industry”: “”,
“headline”: “”,
“summary”: “”,
“languages”: “”,
“skills”: “”,
“sales_navigator_profile_id”: “”,
“linkedin_profile_id”: “”,
“tracking_id”: “”,
“linkedin_profile_url”: “”,
“profile_country”: “”,
“profile_language”: “”,
“location”: “”,
“profile_image_url”: “”,
“experiences”: “”,
“job_title”: “”,
“education”: “”,
“school_name”: “”,
“linkedin_school_url”: “”,
“volunteer_experiences”: “”,
“number_connections”: “”,
“description”: “”,
“company_name”: “”,
“company_employees_range”: “”,
“company_industry”: “”,
“linkedin_company_url”: “”,
“current_job_title”: “”,
“current_company_name”: “”,
“current_company_url”: “”,
“number_followers”: “”,

It’s important to know what information you can scrape, because that’s what will enable you to bounce back. For example, if you’re a Recruiter Lite recruiter, you can forget about the time-consuming process of opening profiles 1 by 1, and switch to scrapping and enrichment via profile visits. For our part, we use Airtable as a TTY. Particularly if you do email marketing and you need the following 4 pieces of information to enrich your professional email:

  • First name
  • Name
  • Company
  • Domain name

This can only be obtained by visiting the LinkedIn company page, so for this you need the “linkedin_company_url” information. If you’d like some help with your databases, I recommend Stepward, an agency specializing in outbound marketing.

LinkedIn quotas on visits to company pages

From 100 to 150 visits per day for 1 LinkedIn profile. This action will retrieve the following information:

“category”: “”,
“company_name”: “”,
“description”: “”,
“number_employees”: “”,
“employees_estimate”: “”,
“sales_navigator_employees_url”: “”,
“growth_one_year”: “”,
“growth_two_years”: “”,
“growth_six_months”: “”,
“sales_navigator_headquarters_url”: “”,
“sales_navigator_company_id”: “”,
“linkedin_company_url”: “”,
“profile_image_url”: “”,
“sales_navigator_company_url”: “”,
“specialties”: “”,
“website”: “”,
“year_founded”: “”,

It’s very important to collect this kind of data, especially for your lead generation campaigns. This will enable you to hyper-segment and ultimately adapt your copywriting to maximize the performance of your campaigns.

LinkedIn quotas on requests to follow a company page

If you’re an administrator, you get 250 credits per month. Otherwise, you get 50 invitations per month. To learn more about the difference between credit and invitations, I invite you to take a look at this article.

LinkedIn quotas on the number of pending connection requests

It’s a special, little-known quota. In fact, if your requests for connections exceed 80% of your current network, then LinkedIn will put you on its radar.

In fact, if you send a lot of connection requests and only a few people accept you, you become suspect when it comes to automating your profile.

A screenshot of a group of people in a group.

LinkedIn quotas on the number of messages sent

At present, the quota is quite large: 150 messages per day.

That’s a good number, because then you have to respond to each caller. Responsiveness is key on LinkedIn.

We’ve developed MirrorChat to help you get to grips with this subject more quickly and in a more structured way.

Tool for optimizing Linkedin messaging, I leave you to consult this article if you’re interested.

LinkedIn search quotas

Have you ever received the famous “Too many requests, try later” message?

To protect its network, LinkedIn may temporarily prevent you from carrying out new searches. Don’t worry, this quota is renewed every day. On average, we recommend no more than 25 to 30 searches a day.

LinkedIn quotas on search volume

The search volume allowed varies according to the type of LinkedIn subscription:

  • With LinkedIn Classic: you won’t be able to catch more than 1,000 people at a time.
  • With LinkedIn Sales Navigator: you can scrape up to 2,500 people and 1,000 companies.
  • With Recruiter Lite: the ceiling is set at 1,000 people.

So when you’re doing your research, make sure you don’t exceed these limits.


Faced with these strict quotas, how can you avoid feeling too small on LinkedIn? The solution may well be simpler than you think: multiply your LinkedIn accounts. Yes, you read that right.

But wait, before you dive in headlong, there’s MirrorProfiles. It’s much more than just a tool. It’s a revolution for anyone who wants to go beyond the limits. With this service, you can rent a LinkedIn avatar profile that is not only secure, but also fully customizable and ready for automation.

Developed by growth hacking agency Stepward MirrorProfiles is your partner for unprecedented LinkedIn prospecting. And the good news is that it adapts to all existing LinkedIn automation toolsJust imagine:

  • Reach up to 1,000 new people every week with just 5 accounts!
  • Guarantee the security of your valuable data and that of your colleagues.
  • And above all, have a space where all your LinkedIn messages converge thanks to MirrorChat.

MirrorProfiles has already won over hundreds of professionals and earned a solid reputation among prospecting experts. With LinkedIn constantly evolving, isn’t it time to be one step ahead? With MirrorProfiles, not only do you exceed quotas, you do so with complete peace of mind. A giant leap forward for your prospecting!


But if you’re not convinced and want to try it out for yourself, here’s a guide to creating a fake Linkedin account.

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