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How to increase your prospecting quotas on Linkedin

How to increase your prospecting quotas on Linkedin



In 2024, Linkedin finished rolling out its update to all Linkedin accounts that constrain them to quotas. For example, 1 Linkedin profile will be able to send between 100 and 150 connection requests per week before receiving a notification from Linkedin blocking this functionality until midnight Sunday. There are several Linkedin restrictions of this type.

The aim of this article is to show you how you can increase your prospecting volume on Linkedin to reach your lead generation goals.

Demystifying prospecting quotas on LinkedIn: An in-depth perspective

Prospecting on LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for professionals. However, there’s a certain mystery surrounding the barriers imposed by the site. These limitations can hinder thegrowth of your prospecting efforts, especially if you don’t fully understand them.

Daily quotas on Linkedin are limits on the number of actions you can perform each day. These actions may include invitations to connect, private messages, comments or likes on publications. Understanding these limits is crucial to a successful prospecting strategy. If you exceed these limits, LinkedIn may restrict or even suspend your account.

The mystery surrounding these limits lies in the fact that LinkedIn does not officially publish the exact figures. Each user has his or her own quota, which is based on a series of factors, including the size of your network, your level of activity on the site and the number of people who have reported your actions as unwanted. Thanks to a study carried out on our 2,000 accounts and our experience of over 5 years playing with Linkedin, we’ve compiled the full Linkedin quotas for 2024.

However, there are some strategies for increasing your prospecting quota. One effective way is to use automation with care. Although LinkedIn doesn’t officially endorse the use of these tools, if used sparingly, they can potentially increase your reach without violating LinkedIn’s rules. Tools such as La Growth Machine, Lemlist or Hey Reach are the best choice.

What’s more, it’s essential to build a solid network. The larger it is, the greater your chances of obtaining a higher quota. It’s also a good idea to be active on the site, commenting on and liking publications relevant to your industry. This can also help increase your quota.

Ultimately, the key to overcoming the limitations of prospecting on LinkedIn is to be authentic and engaging. In addition to avoiding being flagged as spam, this could also lead to an increase in your quota limits. Building real relationships is at the heart of any successful prospecting method.

Effective strategies for increasing prospecting quotas on LinkedIn

A/B testing: Adaptation and improvement: Increasing your prospecting potential on Linkedin requires adaptability and a commitment to continuous improvement. This can be achieved by applying A/B tests to different elements of your prospecting techniques. For example, try out different content types, headline variations, or messaging approaches to see what resonates best with your audience. The results of these tests will help you refine your tactics. L’
A/B testing on Linkedin
encompasses a wide range of factors that can influence the performance of your lead generation campaigns.

Profile Optimization: A cornerstone of successful prospecting on LinkedIn

Increasing your prospecting volumes on LinkedIn requires a well-established technique. Profile optimization is an essential cornerstone of these strategies. Not only does it help you gain visibility on LinkedIn, it also highlights your company’s skills and services.

Highlighting your company’s services and skills on your LinkedIn profile is a key element. By clearly displaying what your company has to offer, you attract the right prospects. It’s essential to use precise, impactful language to describe your services and skills. These must be aligned with what your prospects are looking for. In addition, using relevant keywords in your company title, summary and description section improves your visibility on LinkedIn.

The other aspect of profile optimization for successful prospecting on LinkedIn is to maintain good visibility. Your profile should be easy for your prospects to find and understand. To do this, be active on the platform. Regularly share relevant content and engage with other users by commenting on their posts and replying to their comments. Plus, join groups relevant to your industry and participate in their discussions. By being active, you’ll increase your chances of appearing in your potential prospects’ searches. In fact, we’ve put together a comprehensive training program for you, based on our guides to optimizing your Linkedin profiles.

In short, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is an essential step in increasing your opportunities. By optimizing your profile to highlight your company’s services and skills, and maintaining a high profile on the platform, you’ll be able to attract more leads and improve your prospecting results.

Proactive customer engagement: The key to building trust and expertise

The first crucial step in increasing your prospecting volumes on LinkedIn is to identify your ideal prospect. This strategy involves creating a detailed profile of your prospects, taking into account factors such as their industry, company size, position and location. Establishing this target profile can greatly help refine your reach and focus your efforts, which in turn increases the efficiency of your prospecting process. It’s a sure way toincrease the success of your efforts.

When you interact with your prospects on LinkedIn, it’s important to do so subtly to build trust and prove your expertise. Abrupt, worthless interactions can have the opposite effect, creating a sense of skepticism and mistrust. You can use methods such as sharing content relevant to your target audience, commenting on their publications and offering them useful information, always with the aim of demonstrating your genuine interest and knowledge of their industry. This proactive approach to engaging with your prospects not only builds trust, but also shows that you’re an expert in your field.

Traditional methods may not be enough to meet your LinkedIn prospecting quotas. Here again, active and meaningful engagement with customers is a sure way to increase your prospecting rates. This goes beyond simply sending connection requests. Interacting with publications, sharing ideas and points of view, proposing solutions and taking part in discussions are all ways of demonstrating your expertise and attracting more prospects.

In conclusion, proactive engagement with customers on LinkedIn is an essential strategy. Not only does this help you gain the trust of prospects, it also positions you as an expert in your field.

MirrorProfiles: Maximize your prospecting by bypassing LinkedIn's restrictions

MirrorProfiles lets you rent heated, secure LinkedIn profiles, ready for automation. This is a real boon for companies and individuals conducting outbound prospecting on LinkedIn. It’s a secure and effective solution that stimulates quotagrowth on LinkedIn while skilfully circumventing restrictions. The principle is simple: with 1 Linkedin account you can send 100 connection requests per week. If you equip your sales rep with 5 Linkedin profiles, then mathematically, he’ll be able to contact 500 people a week.

What’s more, the safety aspect of this solution should not be overlooked. Protecting the profiles of sales reps and recruiters is a priority for MirrorProfiles. Your canvassing activities on LinkedIn are accompanied by robust security measures to secure your profiles and ensure their sustainability. So not only does your prospecting rate increase, it does so safely and securely.

And for maximum efficiency, MirrorProfiles offers a series of account-specific automation methods. These techniques are designed to help maximize your prospecting, while respecting LinkedIn‘s parameters. It’s an approach that will significantly increase your visibility and reach, thus boosting your prospecting quota. In particular, we are compatible with all the Linkedin auto tools on the market, although we do have our own preferences.

In short, the MirrorProfiles solution offers a secure and effective platform for increasing your prospecting on LinkedIn. With 100% customizable accounts, ready to be automated and secured. It’s a safe, reliable way to increase your reach on the network while bypassing its restrictions.


A professional tool like LinkedIn offers numerous opportunities to develop your prospecting and increase your sales. Although it’s of crucial importance, most companies don’t take full advantage of it because they haven’t mastered the intricacies of LinkedIn.

Prospecting on LinkedIn requires a thorough understanding of the medium and clearly defined tactics. You need to adopt effective techniques that go beyond regular publications. This could mean using targeted ads, actively participating in relevant discussion groups, or setting up automations to reach a wider audience.

In particular, it’s crucial to understand how LinkedIn limits the number of contacts and messages you can send per day. These limits, imposed to protect LinkedIn from spam, can be a real hindrance to a company looking to develop its prospecting. However, there are ways around these limitations, such as warming up accounts or using specialized services.

What’s more, increasing prospecting quotas is not just a question of quantity of contacts, but also of quality. So, a good prospecting strategy on LinkedIn should also emphasize precise targeting of prospects, personalization of messages and regular follow-up of contacts made.

In short, an improved prospecting method on LinkedIn requires a combination of advanced tactics, respect for LinkedIn and a customer-centric approach. By mastering these different factors, you can optimize your use of LinkedIn and significantly increase your quotas.


What are the prospecting limits on LinkedIn and how do they affect me?

LinkedIn imposes limits on the number of prospecting actions you can carry out, such as sending connection requests. These vary according to factors such as the size of your network and your level of activity.

How can I increase my prospecting quota on LinkedIn?

Careful use of automation, expanding your circle and active engagement on LinkedIn can help increase your quota. Being authentic and engaging can also positively influence your quota limits.

What is profile optimization on LinkedIn and how does it help in prospecting?

Optimizing your profile by highlighting your skills and services increases your visibility, attracts better prospects and can indirectly increase your prospecting quota.

How can proactive engagement with customers improve my prospecting on LinkedIn?

Identifying and interacting meaningfully with your prospects builds trust and demonstrates your expertise, which can increase your prospecting efficiency and potentially your quotas.

What is MirrorProfiles and how can it affect my prospecting quotas on LinkedIn?

MirrorProfiles offers heated, secure LinkedIn accounts for automation, enabling broader prospecting while bypassing LinkedIn restrictions.

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