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Linkedin comments: a good acquisition lever

Linkedin comments: a good acquisition lever



To maximize acquisition, Linkedin is as important in 2024 as having a website was in the 2000s. Optimizing this acquisition channel involves 2 aspects: inbound and outbound marketing. Outbound marketing concerns all outbound prospecting actions. In short, it’s all your campaigns that send out prospecting messages. Inbound marketing is the whole strategy of getting qualified leads to contact you, not the other way around.

Inbound marketing on Linkedin requires 3 essential things:

  1. An optimized Linkedin profile with our guides.
  2. Publishing Linkedin posts
  3. Comments on a Linkedin publication by a platform member

It’s this 3rd point that we’ll look at in this article. The aim is to give you all the tips and tricks you need to maximize your interactions on Linkedin and boost your Linkedin reputation.

The benefits of replying to a LinkedIn post

Increased visibility

When you click on LinkedIn articles to comment on them, you’re not just taking part in a conversation; you’re amplifying your presence. By interacting with other users’ publications, your profile becomes visible not only to your direct contacts, but also to the publication creator’s wider community. This offers a valuable opportunity to broaden your professional audience and showcase your expertise to a wider public. A pertinent remark can position you as a knowledgeable and committed person in your field.

Credibility in your professional circle

Commenting on articles on LinkedIn also boosts your credibility. An intelligent, well-informed response can earn your contacts respect and recognition. Don’t forget that Linkedin is a professional medium: it’s not the person with the biggest network who’ll be the most popular, but rather the person who’s an expert on his or her subject. This is especially true if your message adds value to the discussion. By demonstrating your expertise, you not only support your status with your existing audience, but also attract the attention of the post writer’s community, thus expanding your professional influence.

Strengthening commitment

Replying to a LinkedIn post stimulates engagement, both for the author of the original publication and for your own content. By annotating a page’s article in a thoughtful way, you invite reciprocal interaction, encouraging others to visit your profile and interact with your publications. For example, if you’re reacting to a post on a specific topic, make sure you have one or more posts on your profile dealing with a similar subject. This can encourage readers of your comment to check out your content to find out more, increasing engagement on your own posts.

Demonstrate your expertise

Comments on LinkedIn are a showcase for your expertise. By sharing informed perspectives and in-depth analyses, you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge in your field. It’s an effective way to build and strengthen your professional reputation. A well-written comment that adds a thoughtful or educational dimension to the conversation can set you apart as an authority in your sector.

According to a study we carried out among MirrorProfiles customers, those who comment through MirrorProfiles generate between 10% and 15% more leads per month. In fact, you shouldn’t only consider those who will contact you following a comment, but all those who will have seen your comment without interacting with it.

These prospects will surely receive one of your prospecting messages, and they’ll remember the expertise you demonstrated on a Linkedin post.

Creating professional links through LinkedIn comments

Engage in enriching conversations

Comments on LinkedIn offer a unique opportunity to engage in qualitative discussions and develop meaningful professional relationships. When you comment on a post, especially those from an influencer or a post that already has wide visibility, you expose yourself not only to the author, but also to a wider audience. This can lead to interactions with other professionals who share your interests or are curious about your expertise. This proactive approach to discussions can open doors to future collaborations, networking opportunities, or even job offers. The trick is to leave comments that add value to the conversation, encouraging other network members to respond or connect with you. By commenting on well-followed posts, you maximize your chances of being noticed and recognized in your field.

Feel free to contact those who like your comment directly by private message to start a conversation. For example, one of my best outbound prospecting campaigns involved scraping everyone who had liked a post where I had made a comment. Out of 200 people, I generated 156 leads. Now that was really impressive. Usually, if you detect a good post for your business, comment on it and then contact the people who interacted with the post, you’ll get an average response rate of 50%, double that of a cold prospecting campaign.

Establishing credibility

Commenting on LinkedIn is also a powerful way to consolidate your credibility and professional reputation. This is where the concept of the Social Selling Index (SSI) on LinkedIn comes in. SSI measures how effectively you establish your professional brand, find the right people, interact with relevant information, and build relationships. Comments on LinkedIn contribute directly to two of the four pillars of ISS: “Building your professional brand” and “Exchanging information”. By sharing relevant and well-informed reviews, you demonstrate your expertise and commitment to your industry, which can increase your SSI and, by extension, strengthen your professional online presence. For more information on optimizing your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn, consult this guide: Optimizing your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn.

To go further, the Taplio tool

Taplio is a tool designed to improve your presence on LinkedIn. It offers features to optimize your profile, develop your network and increase the impact of your publications. Taplio also helps you analyze and track your performance on LinkedIn, offering personalized advice to strengthen your strategy on this platform. It’s a complete assistant for maximizing your professional impact and exposure on LinkedIn.

Expand your network and make it active with powerful LinkedIn posts

According to Taplio, the key to creating impactful posts on LinkedIn lies in the content you share. It’s advisable to publish content that reflects your expertise and professional interests, while being engaging and informative for your audience. This includes sharing personal stories, successes, failures, lessons learned, as well as relevant insights into your industry. The aim is to create posts that not only showcase your personal brand, but also generate interest and engagement from your network.

Reinforce your comments on LinkedIn

Consistency between your posts and comments on LinkedIn is essential to strengthen your presence on this platform. Imagine the typical journey of a LinkedIn user:

  1. The user sees one of your informative comments.
  2. Intrigued, he visits your LinkedIn profile.
  3. He’s impressed by your profile and decides to send you an invitation to connect.
  4. Once connected, it discovers that you’ve published a post on the same subject as your comment.
  5. He looks at this post and takes the time to read it.
  6. If they like the content, they can like and comment on your post.

This creates a cycle of engagement that strengthens your presence and credibility on the platform. To illustrate this strategy, here is an explanatory diagram



Commenting on LinkedIn publications is a powerful inbound marketing tool that can help your outbound campaigns. It’s not just about interaction; it’s a strategy for building your community, establishing your credibility and demonstrating your expertise. Relevant comments allow you to position yourself as an opinion leader in your field, expand your visibility and reinforce your personal brand.

Indirect visibility is very important for generating qualified leads: even those who don’t respond directly to your comments are likely to remember your expertise when they receive your prospecting messages.

In addition, tools like Taplio offer valuable resources for fine-tuning your LinkedIn strategy. They guide you to publish impactful content and reinforce your comments, creating an echo between your publications and your interactions. This creates a coherent and engaging user journey, where every comment can lead to a new connection, a new lead, or even a new career opportunity.

In short, comments on LinkedIn are not a mere formality. They are a strategic lever for your personal marketing, an extension of your professional brand, and an effective way of attracting, connecting and retaining a qualified professional community. By adopting a thoughtful, strategic approach, you can turn every comment into an opportunity for professional growth. You’ll be bringing traffic to your account, so take a look at our guide to optimizing your linkedin profile.

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