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How to optimize your Social Selling Index (SSI) on LinkedIn?

Learn more about Linkedin’s rating of your profile, the social selling index, and how to improve it to stand out on Linkedin.

What is the Social Selling Index on LinkedIn?

It’s a rating given by LinkedIn and all the other social networks. It awards a score out of 100 to each profile on the platform. This rating is used in particular to give certain profiles access to features ahead of the rest, such as profiles that are more well-known, more trusted and more credible in the eyes of the algorithm. You can access your rating on linkedin.com/sales/ssi

If you can’t find this rating, it means it’s too low, or there’s a doubt about the platform that prevents it from being displayed at the moment.

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This note is available under the name Social Selling Index Actuel. It is divided into four factors.

The 4 factors of the Social Selling Index

Building your professional brand

Building a professional brand depends on two things:

  1. A semantic correlation: this is the link between the keywords present on the profile and the keywords present in your publications. They have to be similar.
  2. Recommendations

Find the right people on LinkedIn

Finding the right people on LinkedIn is just a matter of linking the number of people you’ve added on LinkedIn to the number of people who have accepted. This is known as the acceptance rate. The higher the acceptance rate, the higher your score.

Your rating will also be based on your searches, i.e. the link between searches in the search bar and a link between additions.
For example, if you’re constantly looking for business leaders and you’re constantly adding marketing managers, the link won’t be made and your rating won’t increase.

Exchanging information

The third point of the Social Selling Index is sharing information. Each of the scores is out of 25, giving a total score out of 100. Jointly, exchanging information is the link you make between the exchanges you have with the people who publish or order your publications and the private messages or interactions you have with these people.

In other words, the more people you interact with on your publications, the higher this score will rise.

Building relationships

The last point is the easiest to achieve, and will give you a fairly high score. The more relationships you establish, the higher your score.

This note only includes the number of invitations you can send. When you have 1000 connections, you will have 25/25. We don’t need to exceed this number of connections. This Social Selling index score will be very high, and your visibility will be better in search suggestions, in the visibility of your publications, in people’s news feeds, but also in the sending of notifications to each network member.

Voila! You know how to maximize your acceptance rates. If you have any questions about optimizing your LinkedIn profile, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail, on LinkedIn or in chat.

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