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Why keep your leads on a dedicated Linkedin account?

Let’s talk about prospecting: You’ve hired a salesman by the name of Pierre to develop your agency. He has implemented a great multi-channel acquisition strategy “Mail + LinkedIn + Telephone” that works very well!

Prospecting on an employee's account

He uses his own account to prospect, and in just 1 year has tripled his network! It has grown from 500 to 1,500 connections.

Prospects were added and then contacted via his account. Of these 1,000 connections, he managed to convert 3% of them, or 30 people, and created many private message discussions.

Ouch, the commercial is going

After just one year, Pierre left… (c’est la vie)

He takes his account with him, and consequently a whole year’s prospecting. It’s a pity, all her contacts were targeted and relevant to your agency…

That’s 970 lost leads…

Stop losing leads

Don’t make the same mistake, keep your leads by renting a Linkedin MirrorProfiles account!

Thanks to MirrorProfiles, LinkedIn accounts belong to the company. In this way, the leads generated on this account remain with the company.

The sales person, who will take over from you, will be able to resume discussions and prospecting.

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