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How do I remove a restriction from a Linkedin account?

How do I remove a restriction from a Linkedin account?



You’ve spent years building your network on LinkedIn, refining your profile, making valuable connections and using the platform to prospect and grow your business. Then, one fine day, without warning or knowing how, you discover that your account has been restricted or worse, banned.

The cause of a restricted account? A prospecting campaign that’s a little too enthusiastic, perceived by LinkedIn as spam or many other things. Suddenly, your means of communication, your leads and your professional online presence are in jeopardy.

This situation, far from being hypothetical, is a real headache for many professionals who depend on LinkedIn for their prospecting and networking activities. Faced with this reality, it becomes essential to understand not only the reasons why LinkedIn imposes such restrictions, but also to explore how to implement alternatives and solutions that allow you to continue your prospecting activities without risking your main account.

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Restrictions on LinkedIn

A. Why are accounts restricted?

LinkedIn applies a restriction to an account for various reasons, mainly to maintain a professional and secure environment on its platform. These restrictions may be the result of activities that violate LinkedIn’s terms of use, such as:

  1. Spamming: The sending of unsolicited bulk messages, invitations or promotional content may be considered spam and subject to restriction. So as not to be restricted, avoid all external Internet links directly in your automated prospecting messages.

  2. Abusive behavior: Any behavior deemed abusive, harassing or discriminatory towards other users may lead to account restriction.

  3. Excessive automation: The use of automation software or tools to perform actions on LinkedIn (such as sending invitations or publishing content) may be detected as abusive and result in sanctions. To avoid this, you should aim for a minimum acceptance rate of 20% and a response rate of 15%.

  4. Excessive connection frequency: Unusual activity, such as too many connection requests in a short space of time, can trigger security alerts and result in temporary restriction. That’s why our MirrorProfiles tool accounts have a dedicated digital footprint, so in Linkedin’s eyes you’ll only have one active session.

B. Types of restrictions and their impact

Restrictions on LinkedIn may vary depending on the severity and type of offense. There are several types:

  1. Temporary restriction: This is the lightest form of restriction, often imposed for minor offences or suspicious activities. Access to certain functions, such as sending invitations or publishing messages, may be temporarily suspended.

  2. Account suspension: For more serious offenses, LinkedIn may suspend an account, preventing the user from logging in and accessing their profile. This suspension may be reversible after review by LinkedIn support.

  3. Permanent ban: In extreme cases, LinkedIn may choose to permanently close an account. This usually occurs after repeated breaches or particularly serious violations of the conditions of use.

The impact of these restrictions goes beyond the immediate inconvenience. They can damage professional reputation, limit networking opportunities and negatively affect prospecting and business development efforts on the platform. So it’s crucial to understand LinkedIn’s rules and act responsibly to avoid such restrictions.

Steps to lift a Linkedin restriction

Check the type of restriction applied

The first step is to understand the nature of the restriction imposed on your LinkedIn account, but how? In general, LinkedIn notifies users by email or via notifications on the platform when a restriction is applied, specifying the reason. Check your inbox and the help or security sections of your account for details of the type of restriction and the reasons for it.

Contact LinkedIn support

Once you’ve understood the reason for the restriction, the next step is to contact LinkedIn customer support to request a review of your case. You can do this by using the contact form available on the LinkedIn website, selecting the most relevant option related to your problem. It is important to provide a clear and concise explanation of your situation and to ask for specific instructions on how to lift the restriction.

Provide the necessary information or documents

Depending on the nature of the restriction, LinkedIn may request additional information or documentation to verify your identity, validate your professional activity, or prove that you have corrected the behavior that led to the restriction. This could include identification, information about your company or an explanation of your activities on LinkedIn. Be sure to provide all requested documents in a clear and professional manner to facilitate the review process.

Wait for account revision

Once you’ve submitted your application and provided the necessary information, it’s essential to wait patiently for LinkedIn to review your case. Response times may vary depending on the volume of requests received by support and the complexity of your situation. In the meantime, avoid creating a new account or performing actions that could be interpreted as an attempt to circumvent the restriction, as this could worsen your situation.

It is important to note that each case is unique, and there is no guarantee that the restriction will be lifted. However, by following these steps methodically and cooperating fully with LinkedIn’s requests, you increase your chances of having the restriction on your account lifted.

The alternative: MirrorProfiles for prospecting without risking your main account

This alternative offers an innovative solution for professionals who depend on LinkedIn for lead generation and business development. Recognizing the challenges and risks associated with account restrictions on LinkedIn, MirrorProfiles offers fake Linkedin accounts, tools specifically designed for prospecting. These accounts, known as “mirror accounts”, are designed to minimize the risk of restrictions and enable continuous, efficient research activity.

These account tools are designed with a thorough understanding of LinkedIn’s policies and limitations, ensuring that prospecting activities remain under Linkedin’s radar. Accounts are warmed up for 3 months in order to be credible in Linkedin’s eyes. By taking out an account, you minimize the risk of your main account being restricted. What’s more, in the event of unforeseen restrictions, MirrorProfiles accounts act as a safety net, enabling professionals to continue their prospect research without interruption.

One of the major advantages of the tool is its commitment to replace any restricted account within 24 hours. This process ensures that your research activity can continue with the minimum of disruption. In the event of a restriction, our customers can simply notify the support team, who will assess the problem and set up a new, optimized account to resume prospecting activities as quickly as possible.

Advantages of MirrorProfiles accounts

  • Multiply your prospecting

One of the main advantages of MirrorProfiles accounts is their ability to multiply your prospecting efforts. By using multiple accounts specifically designed for this type of research, you can target different market segments, test different communication approaches and significantly increase your reach without jeopardizing your personal LinkedIn account. This strategy helps optimize prospecting campaigns and achieve more ambitious sales targets.

  • Protecting your personal account

This tool offers an extra layer of security for your online presence by separating your prospecting activities from your personal LinkedIn account. This means that even in the event of prospecting restrictions or bans, your personal account remains intact and secure. So you won’t lose the network you’ve spent so long building, and your Linkedin presence won’t be tarnished.

  • Vertical accounting

Account verticalization is another distinctive feature of MirrorProfiles. This involves personalizing your MirrorProfiles account. This specificity increases the effectiveness of interactions by ensuring that messages and offers are highly relevant to the target audience. As a result, response and conversion rates can improve significantly, making your prospecting efforts more fruitful.


Faced with the often brutal reality of restrictions on LinkedIn, professionals are faced with a dilemma: how to continue prospecting effectively without jeopardizing years of work and effort invested in building their network and online presence? The answer lies in prudence and innovation, embodied by solutions such as MirrorProfiles.

MirrorProfiles presents itself as a lifeline, offering a secure alternative for running prospecting campaigns without risking the main account. By adopting accounts specifically designed for prospecting, which are not only compliant with LinkedIn policies but also replaceable in the event of restrictions, professionals can now navigate the tumultuous waters of online prospecting with renewed confidence.

It’s now possible to pursue dynamic and effective prospecting on LinkedIn, while protecting what you’ve already achieved and preparing for the future with confidence.

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