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How can you spot a fake Linkedin profile?

How can you spot a fake Linkedin profile?



The creation of fake LinkedIn profiles, particularly in the context of commercial prospecting on sites or a social network such as LinkedIn, is a widespread but often poorly executed practice. Many of these LinkedIn profiles are easily identifiable by their lack of consistency, detail and authenticity, betraying their fake nature and compromising their effectiveness.

However, there is a more sophisticated and artistic approach to creating fake LinkedIn profiles for prospecting purposes. This method requires meticulous attention to detail, a deep understanding of the elements that make up a credible LinkedIn profile and skilful implementation that goes far beyond simply assembling plausible professional characteristics. We will see in this article that there are accounts created for your business prospecting on LinkedIn.

Signs of a fake LinkedIn profile

Creating fake profiles refers to the process of creating accounts on Linkedin that do not represent a real person or that deliberately distort the identity of a genuine user.

Here’s how to spot the tell-tale signs:

Absence or poor quality of profile photo

A person’s LinkedIn profile photo is often the first thing you can spot on a LinkedIn profile. A generic profile photo, a blurred photo or a photo that looks like it was taken from an image bank can be the first clue to a fake LinkedIn profile. A genuine user tends to use a professional photo that clearly represents them, helping to establish their credibility and image on LinkedIn. Also, forget the famous site thispersondoesntexist – the photographs it generates are indeed free and royalty-free, but we can easily spot that these photos are generated by an AI.

Inconsistent career history

A person’s career history on LinkedIn should logically reflect progression or development in specific areas. Glaring inconsistencies of information on a person’s profile, such as inexplicable jumps between completely different industries or positions of responsibility that don’t match the level of experience, can indicate the fabrication or embellishment of a fake profile. Authentic LinkedIn profiles generally demonstrate a certain consistency in their professional information. In short, it’s a case of “build your CV”.

Lack of recommendations

Recommendations and skills validations on LinkedIn are indicators of a person’s professional reputation within their network. They reflect the recognition of peers and colleagues. A profile with few or no recommendations or validations may suggest a lack of real and meaningful interaction within one’s professional community, which may be a sign of inauthenticity and reveal the existence of a false profile.

Little or no activity

Activity on LinkedIn, such as publishing articles, participating in discussions or sharing relevant content, shows a commitment to the platform and the professional community. A profile that lacks recent or relevant activity may indicate a lack of real engagement, which is often the case with fake profiles created for malicious or deceptive purposes on LinkedIn.

Limited or irrelevant network

A robust and relevant LinkedIn network is generally the sign of someone who is well connected and active in their field. A fake profile with a very limited number of connections, often less than 500 connections, or connections mainly with other suspect or even fake profiles, may indicate a lack of legitimacy. Fake profiles often have difficulty establishing meaningful connections with real professionals.

You need to be vigilant when interacting with profiles on LinkedIn. The presence of one or more of these signs should prompt a more thorough check before making a professional commitment to the profile in question. All these factors are taken into account when we create and warm-up our accounts MirrorProfiles.

Mirrorprofiles and the creation of undetectable LinkedIn accounts

Mirrorprofiles is an innovative solution for professionals and companies looking to maximise their visibility and effectiveness on LinkedIn. By offering the rental of carefully crafted LinkedIn profiles with personalised avatars, Mirrorprofiles adds a new dimension to a company’s digital strategy.

Thanks to a rigorous method that includes the manual use of accounts for more than three months before they are made available, Mirrorprofiles ensures the creation of Linkedin accounts that escape detection by LinkedIn’s algorithms. These profiles, enriched by over 500 connections with real people, have a completely authentic and professional appearance, making them undetectable and effective for activities on the platform to ensure the utmost security and credibility.

There are several advantages to using these Linkedin avatar accounts as part of outbound campaigns on LinkedIn. Not only do they increase the reach and impact of prospecting campaigns, but they also offer a dimension of personalisation and authenticity that significantly improves response and engagement rates. By acting under a credible professional persona, companies can develop more subtle and effective communication strategies.


Poorly designed LinkedIn profiles, easily identified by their lack of consistency and authenticity, can damage the reputation and effectiveness of prospecting efforts. However, the existence of services such as Mirrorprofiles demonstrates that it is possible to create sophisticated and undetectable fake profiles, known as ‘avatars’, that respect the nuances and expectations of professional communities on LinkedIn.

These advanced fake LinkedIn profiles, crafted with care and attention, can effectively serve as powerful tools in digital marketing strategies, providing an authentic and credible presence on the LinkedIn social network that facilitates professional interaction and engagement. Mirrorprofiles’ approach of enriching these LinkedIn accounts with real activity and a relevant network before they are used, demonstrates a deep understanding of the dynamics of LinkedIn and the requirements of a compelling professional presence. These fake accounts can be customised to reflect your company’s image.

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