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How can I centralise LinkedIn Messages from several accounts?

How can I centralize Linkedin messages from several accounts?



The evolution of professional communication on LinkedIn has accentuated the importance of effective message management, especially for those managing multiple Linkedin accounts. It’s common practice in well-structured companies to have one person in charge of outbound campaigns on the company’s various Linkedin accounts, whether these are direct sales accounts or MirrorProfiles accounts. The emergence of innovative solutions offering centralized messaging marks a revolution in the optimization of prospecting and networking on this platform.

Faced with the challenges posed by managing multiple LinkedIn accounts simultaneously, including the difficulty of keeping track of messages and notifications, a centralization solution is crucial. Such centralization allows us to be more reactive and above all faster in the processing of prospecting. In short, it’s a strategic advantage, enabling smoother, more efficient interaction with the professional network.

Comparative analysis of LinkedIn messaging solutions

Here’s an in-depth analysis and comparison of the leading message centralization solutions for LinkedIn available on the market:


Developed by MirroProfiles, Mirrorchat is an innovative centralized messaging system offering an enriched, personalized user experience. With the experience of managing a fleet of over 3,000 fake Linkedin accounts, MirrorProfiles has been able to analyze user behavior to offer the best messaging centralization solution on the market.

  1. Multi-account messaging: Thanks to a web interface accessible from any device, you can manage all your linkedin accounts in 1 place.
  2. Creation of pre-recorded templates: You can define recurring messages, use personalized variables and manage your conversations in 10 times less time.
  3. Tags: Add personalized tags to leads that are relevant to you. You can mark leads as interested, not interested, to be followed or any tag you deem relevant. These tags allow you to organize and export them to your CRM or ATS.
  4. Synchronize with your tools: in 1 click, synchronize your prospect data, conversation and tags with a simplified wehbook export.

MirrorChat, developed by MirrorProfiles, revolutionizes communication management on LinkedIn, offering a unique platform for tenfold efficiency in prospecting and professional networking.

MirrorChat rating


Piwaa is an innovative messaging software designed specifically to improve the efficiency and management of communications on LinkedIn. Here is a summary of its key features:

  1. Automation and Saved Responses: Piwaa introduces a dimension of automation to LinkedIn message management, allowing users to save pre-recorded responses for quick and efficient use.
  2. Advanced contact management: With Piwaa, users can easily organize their contacts using customizable tags, making it easy to track and segment prospects. This tagging capability is integrated to enrich LinkedIn’s CRM functionality, providing a clearer overview and optimized management of professional relationships.
  3. Intuitive interface and additional features: Piwaa’s interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, inspired by the simplicity of Messenger. In addition, the software offers unique features such as easy emoji sending and the “Snooze” function, which allows messages to be deferred for review at a more convenient time, ensuring that nothing is forgotten.

All in all, Piwaa proves to be an invaluable tool for professionals wishing to optimize their communication on LinkedIn, offering a suite of intelligent, automated features that make it easy to manage messages and contacts. BUT the big disadvantage is that it doesn’t centralize the different Linkedin messaging accounts into 1 interface.

Piwaa note

Unipile :

Unipile is an innovative solution designed to optimize the management of your digital communications. Here is a summary of its main features:

  1. Mailbox centralization: Unipile lets you consolidate all your email inboxes into a single interface, simplifying message management. You can add other favorite e-mail accounts to make sure you don’t miss any important messages.
  2. Innovative email client : Unipile’s modern, intuitive user interface makes it easy to manage all your inboxes and communicate with your contacts. Adding your calendars means you can post and reply to messages at the most convenient time for you.
  3. AI-assisted reply: Unipile integrates AI assistance to reply to all your messages. You can choose the type of response you want (positive, negative, personalized) and the AI, based on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model, will write the message according to the context of the conversation. You can then adjust the response before sending it.

Unipile is a complete solution for professionals and businesses looking to improve productivity by streamlining message and email management. But Unipile is designed for companies, and you’ll need to know a thing or two about the technique if you want to use it. Indeed, they are now focusing on B2B2B.

Note unipile


Franz is a unified messaging app that supports a wide variety of services, such as Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, and Google Hangouts.

  1. Multi-account management: Allows you to add multiple instances of the same service, making it easy to manage multiple business and personal accounts simultaneously. Franz offers workspaces to organize departments by project or need, reducing distractions and improving productivity.
  2. Centralization of Communication Services: Franz offers the possibility of grouping several messaging services and social networks in a single application, enabling multiple accounts to be managed for the same service. It introduces workspaces to organize services by project or context, minimizing distractions.
  3. Notifications and personalization: Franz also offers desktop notifications, a dark mode for visual comfort, cloud synchronization for use on multiple devices, and supports over 70 services with advanced personalization options for notifications.

Please note, however, that multi-account management involves several communication channels but only 1 individual. This tool is not suitable if you want to centralize several Linkedin accounts.

Meetfranz note

So if you’re looking to optimize your messaging on Linkedin, MirrorChat is the tool for you.

MirrorChat: The ultimate multi-account solution

LinkedIn offers a wide range of features for creating Lead Magnets tailored to your audience and marketing objectives. You can :

  • Explore the advanced search functionality to target and segment your prospects according to various criteria such as sector, company size, position, location, etc.
  • Build a profile optimized for SEO and conversion, incorporating relevant keywords, a call to action, your key achievements, and soliciting recommendations.
  • Distribute quality content on your page or profile, offering real added value to the prospect on your page, arousing interest and stimulating action, thanks to blog articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, webinars or case studies.
  • Use the document functionality to attach Lead Magnets to your publications, in PDF, Word, PowerPoint or Excel formats, enabling you to offer enriched content and retrieve your prospects’ contact details.
  • Leverage LinkedIn’s advertising tools, such as Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail or Lead Gen forms, to promote your Lead Magnets to a targeted audience and easily collect information from your prospects.

By leveraging these marketing features, you can create Lead Magnets tailored to your prospects’ specific needs, effectively attracting them to your offer. In addition to collecting prospect contact details, the big advantage of Lead Magnets is that you know 1 thing about them: they were interested in your white paper, your templates or whatever. In short, when you contact them, you’ll know exactly what copywriting to adopt.


In conclusion, the evolution of professional communication on LinkedIn requires innovative solutions such as MirrorChat, Piwaa, Unipile and Franz. Each of these platforms brings unique value to message management and prospecting optimization, offering features tailored to a variety of business needs. Whether for centralizing messages, automating responses, advanced contact management or personalizing notifications, these tools are essential strategic assets for maximizing efficiency on LinkedIn.

MirrorChat, in combination with MirrorProfiles, offers an integrated solution to improve prospecting on LinkedIn. This platform enables centralized message management and optimizes LinkedIn profiles, offering a significant advantage for effective, targeted communication. It’s an essential tool for those aiming to maximize their professional impact on the platform.

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