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How to prospect webinar participants?



Prospecting is a crucial step in the sales process. With various automation tools and over-solicitation, your prospects are more and more demanding of your time. So you need to be precise and, above all, have a personalized approach. There’s no secret to personalized approaches: you need information about your targets.

One personalized approach that works very well is to prospect webinar participants. Taking part in a webinar on a specific topic gives you the edge over your prospect’s willingness to learn more about a particular subject. But first, let’s understand what a LinkedIn webinar is.

What is a LinkedIn webinar?

A LinkedIn webinar is an online conference organized on the LinkedIn platform, the social network dedicated to professionals. It’s an interactive virtual event where companies, experts or trainers can share their know-how, experience or products with a targeted, interested audience. It’s a valuable opportunity to position yourself as an expert in a specific field, expand your brand awareness, develop your professional network and attract potential customers.

How to scrape webinar participants

Step 1: Join a webinar similar to your activity on your MirrorProfiles account

An effective strategy for identifying quality prospects is to participate in webinars related to your field of activity. Why is this method beneficial? The idea behind this is that people who attend specific webinars are already interested in the topic covered, so they’re likely to be interested in an equivalent offer. This approach enables pre-selection of already-qualified prospects, optimizing prospecting efforts and resources. When you take part in a webinar, you’ll have access to all the participants.

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Step 2: Use a Captain Data workflow to scrape participants

Once you’ve registered for a relevant webinar, the aim is to extract data from participants. That’s where Captain Data, a web scraping tool, comes in. Web scraping is a technique used to extract information from websites. You can find out more in  this article . With Captain Data, you can automate this process by creating a workflow that systematically collects data from webinar participants, such as their names, titles, companies, etc.

Once this information has been collected, Captain Data can export the data in CSV format. This format is particularly well suited to data storage, and is widely used thanks to its compatibility with a multitude of tools, such as Waalaxy, Lemlist and La Growth Machine. It’s an ideal format for organizing and analyzing your prospect data.

Step 3: Creation of LinkedIn campaigns and copywriting related to the webinar topic

Once participant data has been collected and organized, the next step is to launch a targeted outbound prospecting campaign on LinkedIn. The campaign must be carefully designed to attract and engage your prospects. The copywriting of your campaign must be written strategically, taking into account the interests and needs of your audience. The tone and content of the webinar should be appropriate to the topic, to establish a connection and rapport with your prospects. You know that webinar participants are interested in what you do, so all you have to do is create the right copywriting to contact them!


Prospecting webinar participants is an innovative and effective way of generating qualified leads. Although this strategy requires a certain technical skill and the use of specific tools, the benefits it brings in terms of optimizing prospecting efforts are considerable. By selecting relevant webinars, leveraging attendee data and developing a tailored marketing campaign, you maximize your chances of achieving your sales targets.

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