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How you can buy linkedin accounts?

How you can buy Linkedin accounts?



LinkedIn is an essential tool for enhancing your brand image, expanding your network, discovering new opportunities and cultivating contacts. Indeed, with over 800 million users and 55 million companies, this platform is the place to be if you’re in B2B.

However, lack of time or resources can hamper your ability to organically amplify your LinkedIn presence. Especially with the new Linkedin limitations of 2024. This is where the concept of buying LinkedIn accounts comes in, offering a fast track to increasing your company’s visibility, credibility and global reach, and allowing you to bypass Linkedin’s limitations for outbound campaigns.

Buying LinkedIn accounts gives you warmed-over accounts that already have contacts, endorsements, recommendations and content, avoiding the time-consuming and costly process of creating a profile from scratch, without followers or resources.

But questions remain: how do I buy LinkedIn accounts? Where can you find the best deals and the most reliable vendors? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach, and how can we optimize the use of these accounts once they’ve been purchased? This guide aims to answer these questions, guiding you through the buying process, from selecting the right account and seller to enhancing the value of the account once it’s acquired. Nevertheless, we’ll also show the limits. To solve this problem, we’d like to introduce you to MirrorProfiles, our unique solution for renting robust, automation-ready fake Linkedin accounts.

Why buy a LinkedIn account

Buying a LinkedIn account can be useful for many Linkedin strategies, whether for outbound or inbound marketing. Depending on your specific needs and inclinations. This section aims to explore the main motivations behind the purchase of LinkedIn accounts and the benefits they offer.

Professional network development

One of the main reasons to buy a LinkedIn account is to widen your professional circle. LinkedIn is a hub for connecting with people who match your professional interests, skills or industry. Acquiring an account with existing connections/subscribers gives you immediate access to an extensive and varied network, opening the doors to potential customers, business partners, employers and employees.

In addition, it allows you to tap into the existing network of the acquired account to locate and participate in relevant groups, follow influential entities and unearth new prospects.

Instant credibility and authority

Gaining credibility and establishing your authority on LinkedIn is another reason to acquire an account. On this platform, your reputation is paramount. Having a profile rich in connections, mentions, praise and valuable content can be essential to positioning yourself as a connoisseur in your field. That’s why renting an account with MirrorProfiles saves you time and, above all, allows you to move very quickly with your Linkedin acquisition strategy. In less than 24 hours, you can have Linkedin accounts ready for automation.

Several LinkedIn accounts

Purchasing an account with a history allows you to avoid the groundwork involved in building a profile, so you already have qualifications and achievements. This account can also serve as a platform for presenting your portfolio, circulating your ideas and interacting with your audience.

Save time and effort

Another reason to buy LinkedIn accounts is to save time and energy. Establishing a formidable presence on LinkedIn can be daunting and time-consuming, especially if you’re starting from scratch. This includes creating and perfecting your profile, connecting with relevant people, distributing and approving content, and participating in group activities. Opting for an account that’s already thriving allows you to avoid the arduous and potentially costly journey of organic growth, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Too good to be true? You’re right!

Potential risks and precautions to take when purchasing LinkedIn accounts

Acquiring LinkedIn accounts may seem like an effective strategy for improving your digital footprint, but it’s important to be aware of the associated risks and the steps you can take to mitigate them. This discussion will guide you through the potential drawbacks of buying LinkedIn accounts and provide you with strategies for getting around these problems.

Verify the authenticity of the account to prevent LinkedIn account hacking

Ensuring the authenticity of a LinkedIn account before buying it is crucial to avoid falling prey to scammers who sell counterfeit or bot-run accounts, damaging your reputation and risking being banned from the platform. To avoid all these risks, we advise you not to buy ID Verified accounts, as Akountify does, but to use fake Linkedin accounts. That’s why we specialize in creating and warming up robust, automation-ready fake Linkedin accounts.

Identify potential risks

Before investing in a LinkedIn account, you should be aware of several potential risks:

  • Failure to comply with LinkedIn’s terms of use, which prohibit the purchase, sale or transfer of accounts, may result in the suspension or termination of your account. For this reason, MirrorProfile can replace your account, if banned, within 24 hours.

  • The risk of losing access to your account if the seller changes the account password, email or phone number after the purchase, or attempts to recover the account. This is not possible with a rental company.

  • Purchasing an account with a negative history or reputation may result in unfavorable comments or complaints from existing connections or followers.

  • The account may not live up to your expectations, risking your time and financial resources on an inefficient account. That’s why we’ve focused on personalizing your profile. With us, you can customize your Linkedin MirrorProfiles accounts 100%.

Take the necessary precautions

To overcome these risks successfully, take the following precautions:

  • Choose a vendor with a solid reputation by conducting thorough research to identify those with positive reviews, a proven track record of reliability and secure payment options. Beware of suppliers who buy fake reviews, 5-star reviews and then immediately 1-star reviews, it’s suspicious.

  • Use your account responsibly, respecting LinkedIn’s rules to avoid spam and abuse. Regularly monitor account activity and performance in order to make any necessary adjustments.

The best solution: MirrorProfiles

Understanding the purpose and risks of buying LinkedIn accounts begs the question: where can you find the best solution for your needs?

While many platforms and vendors offer LinkedIn accounts for sale, finding a reliable, secure and effective one can be difficult. That’s where the MirrorProfiles service comes in, distinguishing itself as the ultimate platform for acquiring premium LinkedIn accounts at competitive prices.

What is MirrorProfiles?

MirrorProfiles is a service that lets users rent heated, secure, automation-ready LinkedIn accounts.

It offers two distinct account options: mirror accounts and avatar accounts. Mirror accounts are completely fictitious profiles with no connection to real people, while avatar accounts are detailed replicas of existing company profiles, retaining identical characteristics and traits. These avatar accounts are the secondary accounts of their owners, and you cannot take over an avatar account from someone other than yourself.

These accounts are fully compatible with all LinkedIn automation tools, including Phantombuster, Zopto, Dux-Soup, Expandi or Dripify.

Avatar or classic accounts

The best tool on the market for strong LinkedIn accounts

There are several compelling reasons why MirrorProfiles is considered the best choice on the market for solid LinkedIn services and accounts:

  • Efficiency and savings: Avoid the hassle of creating your page, optimizing and using your profile. Rent an account that’s already configured with the necessary connections and content, so you can concentrate on your prospecting campaigns.

  • Reputation and security protection: By using a dedicated prospecting account, you eliminate the risk of having your personal or corporate LinkedIn account banned or suspended, or of losing potential leads and valuable connections.

  • Increased visibility and credibility: Gain access to a large and diverse network of potential customers, partners, employers or employees, and strengthen your market position by showcasing your achievements and knowledge.

  • Warranty: Before making a purchase, you can evaluate the authenticity, quality and performance of the account. A refund policy is also available if the account does not meet your expectations.

In addition, we have developed MirrorChat, an innovative tool that consolidates LinkedIn messages from different accounts into a single interface. This makes it possible to efficiently manage and optimize conversations with prospects without having to switch from one account to another.


In this detailed article, we’ve explored the benefits of buying LinkedIn accounts to improve your brand awareness, build credibility, expand your network and enable your sales reps to bypass Linkedin limitations.

We have examined the objectives, potential risks and security measures associated with the acquisition of LinkedIn accounts. It’s better to rent rather than buy Linkedin accounts. We’ve also introduced you to our MirrorProfiles solution, which gives you access to premium LinkedIn accounts at attractive prices.

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