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Today’s markets know no borders. International marketing is becoming an essential discipline for companies wishing to grow and extend their influence on a global scale. This strategic area enables us to design and implement marketing strategies adapted to different local cultures, economies and legislation, maximizing opportunities for growth and profitability. MirrorProfiles helps you lead generation by providing you with European and American Linkedin accounts. Very quickly, your company can digitally have Linkedin accounts on site, directly in your catchment area.

What is international marketing?

International marketing is a strategic area that enables companies to expand beyond national borders to reach a global customer base. This involves designing and implementing marketing strategies that take into account the cultural, economic and legal differences of various international markets.

International marketing is more than just exporting products or services to other countries. It’s a holistic approach that requires an in-depth understanding of consumer needs and preferences in each target market. The main objective is to maximize growth and profitability opportunities by adapting offers and marketing strategies to local specificities.

The different stages in deploying an international marketing strategy

Before entering a new market, it’s crucial to carry out an in-depth marketing analysis to understand trends, competition and consumer behavior. This marketing study helps determine the international marketing opportunities and risks associated with entering a new market. The two best marketing methods for realistic market research are :

  1. Recruit an existing salesperson who has already prospected in your sector within this catchment area.

  2. Set up MirrorProfiles accounts already present in the target market and ask questions directly to interested parties. I’m talking about questions here, not sales strategy.

Once market data has been collected, the next step is to segment the market into homogeneous groups and target those with the greatest potential. Segmentation can be based on various marketing criteria, such as demographics, geography or purchasing behavior.

Products often have to be adapted to meet the expectations and requirements of local consumers. This can include changes to design, functionality, or even packaging.

Advertising messages must be culturally relevant and understandable to the target audience. It is often necessary to translate and adapt marketing campaigns so that they resonate with local values and norms.

Selecting the right distribution channels is essential to ensure that products are available and accessible to consumers in different markets. This may include local partners, distributors or e-commerce platforms. The advantage of Linkedin is that it’s an international standard: this professional social network is used for recruiting and prospecting, no matter where you are on the planet.

Prices must take into account local purchasing power, competition and logistics costs. A well thought-out pricing strategy is essential to remain competitive while maximizing profit margins.

International marketing presents many challenges, including language barriers, cultural differences and legal complexities. With a well-planned strategy and a thorough understanding of target markets, these challenges can be overcome to capitalize on global opportunities.

International marketing is a complex but essential discipline for any company seeking to grow and diversify on a global scale. By adopting a strategic approach and adapting to local nuances, companies can tap into new markets and achieve lasting success. Targeting an international market also divides the risk in the event of events beyond your control: geopolitics, changes in domestic policy, etc.

Why international marketing?

International marketing offers many advantages for companies seeking to expand and strengthen their position in the global marketplace. Here are a few key reasons why adopting an international marketing strategy is crucial:

1. Market expansion and revenue growth

One of the main motivations for international marketing is the opportunity to access new markets. By extending their reach beyond national borders, companies can reach a much wider audience, resulting in increased sales and revenues. For example, a company experiencing market saturation in its home territory may find new growth opportunities in foreign markets. Automation on Linkedin also makes it possible to reach these markets without having to invest heavily in recruitment or outsourcing.

2. Risk diversification

By establishing themselves in several markets, companies can diversify their economic and commercial risks. This diversification enables potential losses in one market to be offset by gains in another. This is particularly relevant in a context of economic or political fluctuations, where market conditions can vary considerably from one country to another.

3. Strengthening competitiveness

International marketing also enables companies to boost their competitiveness. When entering new markets, companies often have to innovate and improve their products and services to meet the demands of local consumers. This pressure to innovate can lead to improvements that benefit the whole company, including its home market.

4. Improved brand awareness

An international presence can considerably enhance brand awareness and reputation. Being recognized as a global company can increase credibility and consumer confidence. What’s more, it can attract potential business partners, investors and talent, contributing to the company’s growth and development.

5. Access to new resources and skills

International marketing gives companies access to new resources, skills and technologies. By locating in different countries, companies can capitalize on local advantages such as lower production costs, better quality materials, or a specialized workforce. This can help improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

6. Innovation opportunities

Interaction with diversified markets can stimulate innovation. Companies exposed to different cultures and consumption patterns can discover new ideas and perspectives that can be applied to their products and services. This exposure to new trends and technologies can also inspire innovations that set the company apart from its competitors.

In short, international marketing offers significant opportunities for growth, diversification and innovation. By adapting to the different dynamics of foreign markets, companies can not only increase their revenues, but also strengthen their competitiveness and resilience in the face of global market fluctuations. It’s an essential strategy for any ambitious company seeking to maximize its development potential and ensure its long-term future.

How to prospect internationally on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool for international prospecting, offering a unique platform for connecting with professionals around the world. To maximize the effectiveness of your international prospecting, especially in the U.S., it’s crucial to use appropriate marketing strategies and high-performance tools like those offered by MirrorProfiles.

To prospect effectively in the United States, we recommend using LinkedIn US avatar accounts. At MirrorProfiles, we offer heated accounts, i.e. accounts that are already active and have regular interactions, specifically for the American market. This approach has several advantages:

  • Adapting to local preferences: LinkedIn favors local interactions. A US profile will find it easier to connect and engage with American professionals.

  • Initial network: Our US accounts already have 500 initial connections, creating a network of first, second and third-level contacts in the catchment area. This makes prospecting much easier by naturally extending your reach right from the start.

One of the main advantages of our US avatar accounts is the security and convenience they offer. You can prospect in the U.S. without having to be physically there. Thanks to our advanced security systems, you can run your prospecting campaigns from France or any other country without the risk of being blocked by LinkedIn. This flexibility enables us to maintain constant, efficient activity, regardless of location.

Rent Linkedin accounts ready to

To get around the prospecting quotas imposed by LinkedIn, you can use several avatar accounts. This strategy multiplies the number of messages and connections sent, increasing your chances of finding qualified prospects. What’s more, by verticalizing accounts according to sector of activity, we can precisely target relevant niches, optimizing conversion rates.

By using avatar accounts for prospecting, you protect your personal accounts. This approach minimizes the risk of your main accounts being suspended or restricted, ensuring the continuity of your professional activity on LinkedIn.

International marketing is a complex but essential discipline for any company seeking to grow and diversify on a global scale. By adopting a strategic approach and adapting to local nuances, companies can tap into new markets and achieve lasting success. International prospecting, especially via LinkedIn, offers unique opportunities to connect with professionals from all over the world. Using adapted tools like MirrorProfiles’ US avatar accounts, companies can prospect securely and efficiently, increasing their network and optimizing their sales efforts. Adopting an international marketing strategy is therefore not only an opportunity, but a necessity for any ambitious company wishing to maximize its development potential and ensure its long-term survival on the world stage.

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