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MirrorChat – How to filter messages?

MirrorChat – How to filter messages?



A new LinkedIn message filtering feature has been developed on MirrorChat, to help you manage your LinkedIn messages more effectively.

Faced with the incessant influx of professional messages on LinkedIn, finding an effective way to manage this overload has become a crucial issue for many professionals. With this in mind, the MirrorChat solution was conceived, offering a concrete response to this problem by enabling users to filter their LinkedIn messages intelligently and intuitively.

Filtering for better retrieval

LinkedIn message filtering becomes a necessity as the number of LinkedIn messages increases, and this can quickly become unmanageable. Whether for prospecting, networking or customer relationship management purposes, being able to sort and organize incoming LinkedIn messages is crucial. This is the context in which MirrorChat was developed: to offer a powerful and intuitive solution for optimally managing contacts via messages on LinkedIn.

The objective was clear: centralize all Linkedin messaging on a single application interface and offer an intuitive, high-performance messaging service.

MirrorChat revolutionizes LinkedIn message management with its tailored features. Thanks to customizable filters, each user can create a unique experience, sorting LinkedIn messages according to his or her preferred criteria.

Advanced search takes precision to the next level, allowing you to combine different filters to target exactly the LinkedIn messages you’re looking for. All this is made possible by an intuitive interface, designed for ease of use. For these filters to work, you’ll need to organize your MirrorChat like a CRM. For example, our tagging system will enable you to qualify the responses you receive according to different data:

  • Interested
  • Not interested
  • Make an appointment
  • Contact us again
  • etc.

MirrorChat simplifies professional communication, putting relevant LinkedIn messages front and center.

Filtering my prospecting with MirrorChat

Considerable time savings

MirrorChat’s search filters offer several significant advantages that are not present on Linkedin’s native messaging:

  1. Significant time savings: By allowing LinkedIn messages to be filtered by tags, number of LinkedIn messages, specific accounts, dates and last message exchanged, users can quickly access data on the most relevant conversations, without having to manually scroll through their entire inbox.

  2. Increased efficiency: By highlighting the most relevant LinkedIn messages, search filters help our customers focus on the leads and data with the most potential, optimizing their prospecting strategy.

  3. Better message organization: With search filters, users can keep their inboxes organized and prioritized according to their business priorities, making day-to-day management of LinkedIn messages much easier. Thanks to our API, you can insert webhooks to synchronize your CRM with MirrorChat.

  4. Rapid response to opportunities: By effectively filtering LinkedIn messages, our customers can identify and respond more quickly to opportunities, whether for a potential sale, a partnership, or an interesting job application.

One of the main strengths of this new feature is its ability to offer advanced data filters and search options. Our customers can now sort their conversations, using data such as tags, number of LinkedIn messages, specific accounts and dates.

Example of how to use MirrorChat filters

Let’s take the example of one of our customers, who works for a communications agency. Every day, she receives dozens of messages on LinkedIn from potential customers. Before integrating MirrorProfiles’ message filtering functionality, she spent several hours manually sorting through these LinkedIn messages, trying to distinguish high-quality leads from less relevant interactions.

With the implementation of MirrorProfiles’ advanced filters and search, our customer can now set up filters to automatically separate LinkedIn messages according to specific criteria such as prospecting status tags, number of previous messages, and even specific keywords mentioned in the messages.

For example, with just 1 click, she can access all her LinkedIn conversations in which she has sent a quote. What’s more, thanks to the date filter, she can prioritize the most recent LinkedIn messages, ensuring that she never misses an opportunity because of a message lost in the shuffle. This is particularly useful for all reminders that do not involve automation tools.

This targeted approach not only saved him valuable time, but also increased his conversion rate, by engaging quickly with the most promising prospects. She can now devote more time to personalizing her responses and building meaningful relationships.


Through a series of innovative features such as customizable filters, advanced search and an intuitive interface, MirrorChat offers a concrete response to the challenges posed by the influx of Linkedin messages. It not only saves precious time, but also significantly improves the efficiency of business interaction management, by highlighting the most relevant opportunities.

MirrorChat is much more than a simple message filtering tool: it’s a real ally for our customers who want to maximize their efficiency on LinkedIn. As Linkedin messaging is not optimized, MirrorChat becomes an indispensable part of any Linkedin prospecting campaign strategy.

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