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smart Linkedin relaunch to optimise your prospecting

MirrorChat – Smart LinkedIn relaunch to optimise your prospecting



Keeping track of your prospects is a delicate art. This is the Achilles’ heel of many communication strategies: the ability to relaunch at the right moment. On Linkedin, as a social network, it’s necessary, even essential, to turn prospects into leads in order to generate sales leads for your company.

The challenge of relaunching Linkedin prospecting

The phrase “yes, maybe, but not yet” is a familiar refrain for anyone embarking on prospecting. This type of response, both promising and evasive, requires subtle management and a calculated relaunch. But remembering the perfect time to get back in touch with each prospect is a balancing act in an already busy schedule. This led to the need to develop a dedicated relaunch feature on MirrorChat. In fact, this type of response does not merit the integration of this prospect into your CRM. It’s important to keep this in mind, without doing time-consuming reporting on this type of prospect.

Professionals are often faced with a myriad of delayed responses. The task of remembering when and how to follow up each prospect then becomes a headache and a potential source of lost opportunities. Relaunching prospects “at the right time” is not an exact science, and requires almost surgical precision. How do you make sure you get back to the prospect when interest is still lukewarm, without appearing insistent?

when to relaunch prospects?

MirrorChat‘s automated tracking feature was designed to answer this conundrum. It represents the missing piece of the jigsaw for professionals seeking to turn “maybes” into firm, definitive “yeses”. Forgetting is the enemy of success when it comes to following up your prospects. With MirrorChat, oblivion is a thing of the past.

Follow-up programming: the assurance of impeccable follow-up

MirrorChat’s “To be continued” feature is the essential tool for staying on course in the maze of prospecting. More than just a reminder, it’s your personal assistant, ensuring that every opportunity is seized on time.

Optimize your relaunches with intelligence

Optimize your relaunches with intelligence

  • Proactive memory: MirrorChat’s follow-up will remember for you. Plan follow-ups in advance for prospects who have expressed future interest or those who have not yet responded. MirrorChat takes care of notifying you at the perfect moment.

  • Personalized follow-up: Follow-up isn’t just a question of timing; it’s also the quality of the personalization that counts. With MirrorChat, personalize your follow-up messages to re-engage the conversation in a meaningful way.

  • Optimized time management: By automating follow-up reminders, you free up valuable time for more value-added tasks.

  • Maximizing opportunities: Every prospect is a potential sales success. “To be continued” ensures that you exploit every opportunity without missing out on promising leads.

Scheduling follow-ups with MirrorChat transforms follow-up management into a smooth, systematic process, ensuring that interaction continues in a relevant and productive way. That’s MirrorChat’s commitment: that every “yes, maybe” is one step closer to a “yes, definitely”.

A concrete example of the effectiveness of Linkedin relaunches

Rigorous follow-up is a cornerstone of the personal services sector, where building relationships based on trust and proximity is essential. One of our customers, operating in this specific field, was faced with a mountain of manual reminders, and time management that bordered on the unbearable.

Our customer was spending hours organizing his follow-ups, with the eminent risk of omitting to recontact prospects or customers requiring special follow-up. This recurring, time-consuming task involved multiple daily checks and adjustments.

The need to spend a considerable amount of time manually planning and executing dunning notices was a major obstacle to optimizing working time.

With the follow-up function, our customer was able to program his reminder messages intuitively. A weight off your shoulders and a giant step towards smarter time management.

This programmed follow-up system ensures that each prospect or customer receives the attention they need at exactly the right moment. No need for scattered reminders or sticky notes on the edge of the screen; MirrorChat manages the reminder calendar with clockwork precision.

The transformation is tangible: less time spent organizing follow-ups, more time for quality interactions. Relaunching at the right time is now child’s play, a task that MirrorChat performs brilliantly, enabling our human services customer to concentrate fully on what he does best: providing exceptional services to his customers.


With MirrorChat’s follow-up feature, prospecting never really ends with a “no” or a “later”. Every interaction has the potential to turn into a concrete success; every “maybe” is a seed that, properly nurtured, can blossom into a “yes, definitely”. Our customer in the personal services sector is a perfect example of the progress MirrorChat brings: less time spent on repetitive tasks, and more time for what really matters: customer service.

MirrorChat is the essential partner for dynamic, personalized and optimized customer relationship management, placing follow-up at the heart of its platform to transform every interaction into a concrete business opportunity.

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