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MirrorCRM: automatic TODO for your sales team



Effectively managing prospecting tasks and messages is crucial for any sales team, but it’s often not as simple as it seems. Sales people are regularly faced with confusing to-do lists and poorly defined priorities, which can lead to misunderstandings and wasted time. This lack of clarity in daily tasks not only reduces team efficiency, but also impacts productivity and morale.

In response to these challenges, MirrorProfiles has developed MirrorCRM, a pre-CRM integrating an Automatic Todo functionality specially designed for sales reps. This solution is designed to simplify the management of prospecting tasks, enabling teams to concentrate on what really matters: building solid relationships with customers and closing sales.

The challenges of coordinating tasks in sales management

Managing messages and tasks effectively can often be complex and frustrating for sales teams. Our customers regularly face several major challenges that reduce their efficiency and impact their productivity.

In fact, sales people don’t have a clear idea of their precise tasks for the day, or these are poorly organized or unclear. This can confuse teams. The absence of clear prioritization and precise guidelines often leads to misunderstandings and a lack of alignment within teams, which can result in redundant or misdirected efforts.

Without a clear structure and mutual understanding of objectives, sales people spend more time clarifying what they need to do than actually carrying out the tasks themselves. This can lead to inefficient time management, leaving less room for valuable interactions with prospects.

What’s more, manual management of prospecting messages and associated tasks requires a considerable investment of time. Not only does this slow down the sales process, it can also lead to frustration among sales people, who would rather spend this time on more productive interactions with customers. The more time you save your sales people, the more time they’ll spend increasing your sales.

Faced with these challenges, MirrorProfiles has developed an innovative solution: MirrorCRM. As a pre-CRM, this tool integrates the Automatic Todo functionality for sales reps, specially designed to respond directly to these challenges.

Optimized tasks to boost ROI

MirrorCRM is designed to radically transform the day-to-day management of sales teams, thanks to its automatic TODO functionality. This advanced system reduces workload by proposing priority actions in real time, optimizing time management and increasing sales efficiency. Here, the aim is to increase sales velocity.

By synchronizing all prospecting data and automating the creation of task lists, MirrorCRM ensures impeccable organization of sales teams, enabling greater focus and efficiency. This automated management relieves sales staff of repetitive administrative tasks, allowing them to concentrate on customer relations and closing sales.

Todo with task allocation

MirrorCRM also integrates call systems such as Aircall and Ringover, facilitating seamless integration between task management and call handling. This feature enables sales reps to contact their leads directly from the task list, optimizing time spent on sales interactions and improving responsiveness to opportunities.

MirrorCRM’s ability to clarify and prioritize tasks speeds up sales actions. This speed is essential to take advantage of opportunities in a competitive market, and MirrorCRM provides the tools needed to act effectively. The system also enables managers to monitor salespeople’s activities in real time, providing an accurate overview of sales progress. This visibility makes it possible to quickly adjust strategies as performance evolves.

By streamlining task management, this enables better allocation of human and material resources, concentrating efforts where they are most needed to maximize return on investment. Ultimately, MirrorCRM’s automatic TODO functionality reinvents the day-to-day work of sales teams, enabling them to maximize their commercial potential.

MirrorCRM is not just a management tool, it’s an essential strategic partner for achieving sales performance and customer satisfaction. It allows you to concentrate all your sales flows, making it a veritable control tower for your outbound prospecting.

A concrete example of the effectiveness of automatic TODO

One of our customers was facing a major challenge: the sales call process was extremely time-consuming. Sales staff spent a great deal of time organizing their contact list and determining which leads deserved a follow-up, which significantly slowed down their effectiveness.

To solve this problem, our customer adopted MirrorCRM to optimize the organization and launch of its calls. Thanks to the automatic TODO feature, sales reps now have access to a dynamic view that enables them to instantly see which leads with a “Score” above 4/10 should be given priority. This automation simplifies the selection of contacts to call, ensuring that the prospecting effort is concentrated on the most promising leads.

MirrorCRM’s integration with call tools such as Aircall and Ringover has also brought remarkable fluidity to the call process. Sales reps can now make calls directly from their MirrorCRM interface, without having to switch between different systems. This feature not only reduces the time needed to prepare each call, but also increases the number of calls each salesperson can make per day.

The benefits of this implementation were immediate: a significant reduction in the time spent organizing calls, an increase in sales productivity, and an overall improvement in conversion rates. Thanks to MirrorCRM, our customer has transformed a previously laborious activity into an efficient and dynamic process, enabling sales people to concentrate on what they do best: selling.

MirrorCRM, as an innovative pre-CRM, has radically transformed the day-to-day management of sales activities thanks to its automatic TODO functionality. By eliminating the need for manual task entry and automating the organization of prospecting actions, MirrorCRM frees up valuable time for sales staff, enabling them to concentrate on customer engagement and closing sales.

This transformation translates into greater efficiency, better resource management and, ultimately, a significant increase in sales results.

MirrorCRM’s seamless integration with communication tools such as Aircall or Ringover facilitates efficient call management, making the process less time-consuming and more productive. This enables sales reps to prioritize and execute their calls optimally, ensuring timely interaction with the most promising leads. The real-time monitoring offered by MirrorCRM also enables precise analysis of the effectiveness of sales strategies, offering the possibility of agile adjustments to maximize return on investment.

Ultimately, MirrorCRM is not just a tool, but an essential strategic partner that enriches sales performance through intelligent automation and systemic integration of prospecting data.

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