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What is a pre crm ?

What is pre-CRM?



Many people are unaware of the existence of PRM or Pre CRM. It doesn’t replace your CRM, but complements it. Focused on managing and optimizing relationships with prospects, PRM is an essential growth lever for a company, aimed at transforming initial interest in a product or service into a concrete desire to buy. If we had to sum up PRM and CRM in 1 sentence, it would be as follows: PRM deals with prospects, and CRM with leads and customers.

We’re going to look at several key aspects to gain an in-depth understanding of PRM and its application to a company’s business.

What is a PRM or Pre-CRM?

PRM, or Pre-CRM – Prospect Relationship Management, is a tool designed to manage and optimize a company’s relationship with prospects. Unlike CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which focuses on managing relationships with existing leads and customers, Pre CRM focuses on individuals or organizations who have not yet shown an interest in the company’s products or services, but who belong to your KPI/target group.

The main aim of Pre CRM is to centralize information about your contacts and prospects, gathering and analyzing data about them to better understand their needs and preferences, so as to propose relevant offers that meet their expectations. Pre-CRM helps you manage your prospecting activities by helping you to make decisions, create the right prospecting messages, and know when and to whom you should send a message. For example, MirrorCRM is the Pre CRM that acts as your control tower if you use automation tools like Lemlist, Dripify, Aircall or HeyReach. This Pre-CRM enables you to synchronize all data feedback from these tools, and to carry out surgical actions directly on the software.

Pre-CRM plays a crucial role in relationship marketing, helping to identify and develop targeted strategies for interacting effectively with prospects at different touchpoints, using techniques such as lead nurturing to strengthen the relationship over time. This means getting to know prospects in depth, identifying their specific needs and proposing appropriate solutions to gradually bring them to the point of buying.

In short, Pre CRM is essential for any company wishing to optimize its prospecting efforts and increase lead conversion rates, by implementing targeted, personalized strategies based on in-depth knowledge of prospects and their needs.

Differences between a Pre-CRM and a CRM

The distinction between PRM or Pre-CRM (Prospect Relationship Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is crucial, although these two systems are often perceived as similar due to their similar acronyms. However, their functions and objectives differ significantly, underscoring the importance of understanding these differences for companies wishing to maximize their prospecting and retention strategies.

Pre-CRM, which translates as prospect relationship management, focuses on the initial phase of the relationship between a company and its potential prospect. This conquest phase is crucial, as it aims to transform the prospect – i.e. the individual who has not shown an initial interest in the company’s products or services – into a lead. Pre-CRM encompasses targeted marketing actions to attract and convince these prospects, using the information gathered to personalize the approach and meet the specific expectations of each prospect. Pre-CRM techniques include lead nurturing and lead scoring, which help to qualify prospects and guide them through the buying process to conversion.

In contrast, CRM is aimed at individuals who have expressed an interest or taken the first step towards activation (making an appointment, subscribing to a newsletter, taking part in an event, etc.), thus becoming the company’s customers. The aim of CRM is to develop and maintain a lasting relationship with these customers, seeking to maximize their satisfaction and loyalty. CRM therefore involves communication strategies and personalized post-activation offers, loyalty programs, and responsive, effective customer support, to encourage customers to repeat purchases and become brand ambassadors. It should focus on leads, i.e. prospects who have expressed a clear interest in your product or service.

The interdependence between PRM and CRM lies in the continuity of the business relationship. Pre-CRM is used to attract and qualify prospects, who, once converted into leads, are taken care of by the CRM to maximize their value throughout their lifecycle. That’s why MirrorCRM, with its automatic lead scoring, converts your prospects into leads directly in your CRM. This synergy is essential for an effective global sales strategy, with each system feeding the other: successful lead management increases the pool of potential customers for the CRM, while optimized customer relations thanks to the CRM create a positive brand image, making it easier for the Pre CRM to acquire new prospects.

In conclusion, understanding the distinction between Pre CRM and CRM is fundamental for companies wishing to optimize their prospecting and loyalty strategies. While PRM focuses on acquiring and qualifying new prospects, CRM aims to maintain and develop relationships with existing customers. The effective harmonization and integration of these two systems creates a coherent and satisfying customer journey, from initial contact to long-term loyalty.

MirrorCRM, the Pre-CRM for your sales prospecting needs

MirrorCRM is the pre-CRM for optimized management of the first phases of contact with prospects. Designed to integrate seamlessly with all your prospecting tools, MirrorCRM makes it easy to centralize and aggregate your data to generate a list of automatic tasks crucial to your sales reps’ productivity. Mathematically, this increases your sales velocity and therefore the number of leads you generate each month.

The importance of a CRM to centralize customer acquisition actions is indisputable, but merging inbound and outbound marketing campaigns can be counter-productive without a clear distinction between the two. MirrorCRM fills this gap by specializing in the management of outbound prospecting campaigns, enabling effective follow-up and increased sales velocity, while your traditional CRM remains dedicated to marketing and communication campaigns.

MirrorCRM is the fruit of over ten years’ experience in the field of prospecting, offering a proven methodology for maximizing the conversion of your prospects into qualified leads. This optimization of your sales pipeline is at the heart of our value proposition, enabling you to precisely manage your sales follow-up for enhanced business performance.

The platform promises to significantly simplify your prospecting processes:

  • Optimize sales velocity: MirrorCRM ensures a constant flow of relevant sales actions, avoiding information overload and dispersion of sales efforts.

  • Increased efficiency: Thanks to MirrorCRM’s automatic to-do list, your sales reps save precious time, enabling them to concentrate more on the essentials: prospecting.

  • Data centralization: MirrorCRM brings together data from various prospecting tools in a single location, providing a clear, real-time overview of your sales pipeline.

  • Easy synchronization: With features like webhooks, MirrorCRM integrates easily with your prospecting campaigns, automatically organizing your sales pipeline for more efficient management.

In short, MirrorCRM transcends the simple notion of pre-CRM to become a must-have solution for companies seeking efficiency in their prospecting efforts. Essential for managing your automated prospecting campaigns. By reducing complexity and increasing productivity, MirrorCRM represents a clear competitive advantage for efficiently turning your prospects into leads.


In short, the exploration of the concept and its distinction from CRM has highlighted the vital importance of optimized prospect relationship management to a company’s success. By focusing on the initial phases of the customer relationship, Pre-CRM plays a key role in acquiring and converting new customers for a company, while CRM takes over the task of building loyalty and developing these relationships.

MirrorCRM is the ideal pre-CRM for effectively integrating and managing leads within your company’s overall sales strategy. By integrating seamlessly with existing prospecting tools, it facilitates data centralization. It also automates certain tasks, significantly increasing the productivity of your company’s sales teams.

The combination of these systems, MirrorCRM and CRM, creates a complete ecosystem that encompasses the entire customer journey, from first interaction to loyalty, offering a holistic and dynamic vision of customer relationship management. It is in this synergy and complementarity that lies the key to building lasting, profitable relationships with customers, effectively transforming initial interest into concrete commitments.

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