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How to make a good Linkedin post?

How big should images be on Linkedin?



To brand your presence on LinkedIn in a professional and impactful way, it’s crucial to optimize your images. By respecting the recommended dimensions and adopting best practices, you can not only improve your profile, but also boost engagement and leave a lasting impression. Don’t forget to refresh your visuals regularly to keep in step with your goals, whether personal or professional.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your images capture attention and strengthen your presence on this platform.

How to optimize your Linkedin profile photo?

Your LinkedIn profile photo is often the first visual contact you make with your colleagues, potential customers or employers. So it’s imperative that it’s professional, clear and of the right size.

LinkedIn recommends a profile photo size of 400 x 400 pixels. This size ensures optimum sharpness and precision, even on high-resolution screens.

A smaller image, such as 200 x 200 pixels, can be used, but it risks appearing blurred or pixelated, compromising the professional impact of your profile.

The photo should be centered on your face, with a sober, professional background, reflecting seriousness and authenticity.

For advice on profile photos, take a look at our MirrorProfiles guide.

Cover photo on Linkedin, what's it for?

The cover photo on LinkedIn is the ideal space to express your professional identity in a more creative and personal way. With a recommended size of 1,584 x 396 pixels, this large banner is your chance to visually present your skills, passions or company values.

A high-resolution image that clearly communicates your personal or professional brand can transform your profile into a powerful statement of intent. It should match your profile photo to create a consistent brand image.

Images for Linkedin Posts, a must!

In your LinkedIn publications, using images is an effective way of increasing engagement. Images with a size of 1,200 x 627 pixels are ideal for attracting attention in the News Feed. A well-chosen, high-quality image can not only illustrate what you’re saying, but also arouse interest and encourage interaction.

Make sure that your images are relevant to the content of your publication, that they are clear and attractive, and that they respect the professional spirit of the platform.

LinkedIn Ads or Linkedin Ads

For your LinkedIn ads, using the right image size is essential to capture attention. For single-image ads, a size of 1,200 x 627 pixels is recommended. This ensures that your ads are displayed on all devices, maximizing their impact.

For carousel ads, a size of 1080 x 1080 pixels is ideal. In both cases, make sure your images are of high quality, with eye-catching colors and graphics, while being in line with your message and brand objectives.

Linkedin Video ads

With the emergence of video content on LinkedIn, respecting the right dimensions for your video ads is crucial. A 16:9 video format is recommended, with a minimum resolution of 360p and a maximum of 1080p to guarantee optimal visual quality.

MP4 or MOV file formats are preferred, with a maximum file size of 5 GB to ensure smooth, high-quality playback. A well-designed video ad, respecting these parameters, can not only capture attention but also leave a lasting impression on your audience.


In short, respecting the recommended dimensions for your images on LinkedIn is essential to ensure a professional and impactful online presence. Attention to these visual details can transform your LinkedIn profile into a powerful tool for personal and professional branding. For more tips on creating engaging content and managing your online presence, visit our complete guide to MirrorProfiles.

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