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How to create a catchphrase on LinkedIn?

How to create a catchphrase on LinkedIn?



LinkedIn is the dominant professional social network. With over 750 million members worldwide, this platform is essential for expanding your network, discovering career opportunities, sharing your know-how, promoting your professional image and sending messages to prospects. However, having a comprehensive, up-to-date profile is not enough to stand out on LinkedIn. A well-formulated catchphrase is crucial to captivating your audience, whether you’re a salesperson or a recruiter.

What’s in a catchphrase on LinkedIn? How do you design it to attract the interest of your contacts? What makes an effective catchphrase? And what strategies can you adopt to boost your impact? We’ll explore these questions to equip you with a powerful catchphrase on LinkedIn that will set your profile apart from the crowd.

Why is your Linkedin tagline crucial?

A catchphrase on LinkedIn assumes key roles:

  • It offers a succinct presentation while highlighting what makes you stand out: your skills or your professional ambitions. Recruiters today rely more on a Linkedin profile than on a CV.
  • It helps you stand out from the crowd with your uniqueness.
  • It arouses curiosity and interest, encouraging visitors to learn more about your profile and initiate contact.
  • It consolidates your personal brand image and your reliability, reflecting your expertise and professional approach.
  • It optimizes your visibility on LinkedIn by cleverly integrating keywords related to your field or profession.
  • It shows your professionalism. Just having a polished Linkedin profile with a punchy catchphrase shows your prospects or recruiters that you’re serious.

In short, your LinkedIn catchphrase is a digital business card that forges a striking first impression and can catalyze professional opportunities. This catchphrase can be used in Linkedin prospecting messages, but also on the “Summary” of your Linkedin profile.

In addition to using your catchphrase on your Linkedin profile or your prospecting messages. You can also use it to write your Linkedin posts. In fact, we’ve written an article on how to write a good Linkedin post.

In short, this famous Linkedin catchphrase will come in handy almost everywhere on the platform. It can be compared to a company slogan. The content of the message is crucial, so don’t fall into the following traps.

Common mistakes to avoid on Linkedin

Knowing the value of a catchphrase on LinkedIn, it’s essential to master its development. Several common mistakes can tarnish your reputation and weaken your impact. Here they are:

  • Avoid vague or generic wording. Avoid clichés or imprecise descriptions that reflect nothing concrete about you or your profession. Prefer customized examples, clearly defining your specialization, your region, your target audience, your assets, etc. Content must be precise. In 2024, our attention spans have never been so low, so you need to be able to capture your audience in a matter of seconds.
  • Avoid jargon EXCEPT if you’re prospecting a very specific target and want to demonstrate your expertise. For example, one of the uses of our MirrorProfiles accounts is to rent 1 profile for 1 target. This makes it possible to verticalize accounts by adapting the profile’s catchphrase and prospecting messages as you target one and only one target via this Linkedin account.
  • Adopt an appropriate length. A catchphrase on LinkedIn should be neither too extensive nor too brief. The ideal balance is around 10 to 15 words or approximately 120 characters, which effectively summarizes your message while ensuring its visibility and clarity. More generally, 1 sentence = 1 idea. And above all, make a choice: you can’t talk about everything in your catchphrase.
  • Maintain an appropriate level of formality. Your catchphrase should reflect the appropriate tone for your target audience. Strive for harmony between professionalism and accessibility, while avoiding technical jargon that may seem out of place or too informal. Linkedin is a professional network, it’s true, but a well-written catchphrase with a touch of humor can be very effective.
  • Strike a balance between self-promotion and customer focus. Your added value should be at the heart of your catchphrase, but also think about your audience’s needs and expectations. Avoid pretentious-sounding phrases or those that seem too self-effacing, choosing instead a message that reinforces your proposition and interest for your interlocutors. Here, test with the right Linkedin posts, their content follows exactly this rule. This is particularly true of Leads Magnet. The aim of a Lead Magnet post is to elicit reactions in comments, in order to obtain the famous content in a private message: white paper, template, uses cases, etc. In short! High value-added content.

In conclusion, a catchphrase on LinkedIn should be insightful, distinctive, concise, well-calibrated and, above all, value-oriented. Always remember that your prospects are looking for a solution to their problem, not a salesperson. The best salespeople are those who listen, not those who talk.

The ingredients of a successful catchphrase

Understanding the importance of a powerful catchphrase on LinkedIn is one thing, but how exactly do you go about crafting one? What steps do you need to take to create a catchphrase that suits you and makes you stand out from the crowd? In this section, we’ll explore together the four key components for formulating an irresistible catchphrase. We’ve written thousands of posts on Linkedin, these best practices are drawn from our experience and statistics. You’ll have to do your own testing on Linkedin to find the right recipe.

Step 1: Define your objective and target audience

Before writing your catchphrase, it’s essential to clarify your objective and identify your target audience. What are you trying to achieve with your LinkedIn presence? What are your aspirations? Who do you want to influence or seduce? Depending on your objectives, you can adjust your message and tone to suit your audience. For example, as a job seeker, you’ll need to highlight your enthusiasm and relevance to the position you’re applying for. If you’re an entrepreneur, the aim is to highlight your offer and the benefits you can offer potential customers. As an expert, your aim will be to disseminate your expertise and perspectives within your network. Also, as a recruiter, be direct on your profile about which candidate your company is looking for. In 2024, the Linkedin catchphrase is just as important to recruitment as a good job search post.

If you’re having trouble finding your target on Linkedin, check out this article to learn how to use Linkedin filters and scrape Linkedin to build your prospecting file.

Step 2: Integrate relevant keywords

Once you’ve defined your objectives and target audience, it’s essential to select the right keywords to characterize your catchphrase. These keywords make it easier for LinkedIn users to find you during their searches. They should resonate with your area of expertise, your profession, your specialties and even your geographical area. Tools such as Google Trends or Ubersuggest can be useful in detecting frequently searched terms that are relevant to your profile. Let yourself be inspired by influential profiles in your sector or your competitors. Keywords must be integrated fluidly and logically into your catchphrase, without excess or repetition. For even more consistency, remember that your Linkedin catchphrase can be used in your messages as well as on your Linkedin profile. Even better if you optimize it around that.

Step 3: Use a captivating narrative structure

Once you’ve selected your keywords, it’s time to write your catchphrase, adopting a narrative structure that arouses interest. Such a structure organizes information in a coherent and connected way. Among the most effective narrative schemes for LinkedIn, the start-up pitch structure stands out for its effectiveness. It’s divided into three parts: the hook itself, which arouses curiosity; the value proposition, which clarifies what you offer; and the call to action, which encourages the reader to interact with you, whether by visiting your website, making direct contact or signing up for your newsletter. Don’t hesitate to ask the AI for support on this kind of subject.

Step 4: Personalize and adapt the tone

Finalizing your catchphrase on LinkedIn includes personalizing it and adjusting the tone. Your tagline should reflect your personality, while standing out from the crowd. To achieve this, various approaches are possible: the use of the first person creates a sense of proximity; the use of emojis adds an expressive touch; humor, provocation or suspense pique curiosity; figures and testimonials add credibility. It’s important to adapt your tone to your objective and your audience, opting for a more formal or more relaxed style depending on the setting.

Techniques and tips for writing your Linkedin catchphrase

Mastering the art of the catchphrase on LinkedIn is essential to stand out from the crowd. So how do you compose an authentic, rewarding catchphrase? Follow these four key tips to create an attention-grabbing introduction.

Invoking curiosity and interest

First, pique your reader’s curiosity with an intriguing catchphrase on LinkedIn. Encourage them to find out more about you and your profession. Use techniques such as :

  • Ask a captivating question.
  • Tell a story that reflects your background.
  • Present an impressive statistic that highlights your expertise.
  • Quote a maxim that sums up your philosophy.
  • Promise a concrete improvement, thereby arousing your contact’s interest.

Proposing value and solving a problem

Strategy two: provide value and solutions to your reader’s problems. Demonstrate your assets, your skills or the advantages you offer. Identify the problems you can solve: challenges, opportunities or aspirations. Use “why” to communicate your motivations, “how” to explain your approach, “what” to present what you offer, “who” to target your audience, and “where” to define your location or area of expertise.

Incorporate a call to action

Thirdly, include a call to action in your LinkedIn catchphrase to encourage the reader to interact with you, whether by visiting your site, getting in touch, following or recommending you. Give them a convincing reason to perform this action, through a benefit or a special offer. Imperative verbs, deadlines, clearly stated benefits, success stories or emotional appeals are effective techniques for achieving this.

Verification and revision: the final touch

Finally, the last tip: check and perfect your LinkedIn catchphrase. It must meet standards of quality, relevance, logic and uniqueness. Proof-read and have proof-reading done to eliminate any mistakes. Among the useful tools you’ll find: online proofreaders like MerciApp for accurate analysis, performance evaluators like CoSchedule to fine-tune your creative, A/B testing systems like Phrasee to optimize your results, and tagline generators like TextCortex to boost your creativity.


You’re now equipped to compose an effective catchphrase on LinkedIn that will set you apart and open the door to new professional opportunities. The most frustrating part is often the choice of catchphrases. Here, MirrorProfiles can help, because by renting heated and secure Linkedin profiles you’ll be able to have 1 catchphrase per Linkedin profile.

To sum up, keep these crucial points in mind:

  • Think of your LinkedIn tagline as your digital business card, essential for making a striking first impression and grabbing the attention of your network.
  • Make sure your tagline is clean, captivating, succinct, personalized, balanced and focused on your unique value.
  • Follow a structured process for your teaser: clarify your objectives and identify your audience, integrate strategic keywords, build an engaging story, and adjust the tone to your professional personality.
  • Make sure your tagline piques curiosity and interest, deliver a value proposition, present a relevant solution, include a call to action and meticulously edit your copy.

It’s time to take action! Perfect your catchphrase on LinkedIn to boost your online presence.


How to create an effective catchphrase on LinkedIn?

To design a compelling catchphrase on LinkedIn, it’s important to follow these steps: – Clearly identify your objective, the target group and the message you wish to convey. – Choose captivating wording that highlights your added value and encourages the reader to take action.

What are the key elements of a successful introductory catchphrase?

A good introductory catchphrase is essential to grab the reader’s attention from the very first line. It can take many forms, such as a striking reference, an inspiring quote, a relevant short story, an intriguing proposition or a surprising fact.

How to formulate an impactful catchphrase?

For a catchphrase to have an impact, it must immediately arouse the reader’s or prospect’s interest. The wording should be direct, precise and adapted to both the subject and the target audience.

How to find the perfect catchphrase?

Looking for the perfect catchphrase? Start by analyzing the heart of the matter to choose a relevant angle of approach. You can use an inspirational quote, a landmark event, significant statistics, a captivating anecdote or a provocative question to effectively capture your reader’s attention.

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