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How can I increase my Linkedin prospecting?



In the B2B world, prospecting on Linkedin has become an indispensable pillar. This platform concentrates a myriad of potential prospects, be they future customers or employees.

Linkedin, however, imposes limits – quotas on invitations, connections and other features. Why these restrictions? Officially, to maintain network quality and safety. But between the lines, we discern a veiled incitement to turn to Linkedin Ads.

However, while powerful, these ads can be costly, especially when compared to building a solid professional network organically. So how do you navigate this environment and effectively increase your prospecting on Linkedin? That’s what this article is all about.

Linkedin prospecting and best practices

Linkedin has become an essential tool for any B2B sales strategy. Professionals use it to expand their network, exchange ideas with potential partners and, above all, to prospect. But, as with any approach, there are certain rules to follow if you want to successfully prospect on Linkedin.

1) A complete and up-to-date database or prospect list:

A well-defined, up-to-date prospect list is essential. This avoids wasting time contacting irrelevant profiles, and guarantees better response to your solicitations.


2) Copywriting for 1 target :

Copywriting is the art of writing persuasive content to encourage readers to take action. When it comes to prospecting, it’s all about writing powerful messages tailored to your target audience. Each segment of your database should have a specific message. The more precise and personalized you can be, the greater your chances of getting a positive response. For concrete ideas on how to structure your message, take a look at
this article with examples of Linkedin messages


3) Responsiveness to answers :

Linkedin is a social network, and users expect faster interactivity than with traditional e-mail. If a prospect responds to your message, make sure you reply as quickly as possible, preferably within the day.

As for the length of your messages, keep them short and to the point. Long messages are more likely to be ignored or misinterpreted. A good message should not exceed 600 characters.

And remember: your primary objective on Linkedin is not to sell directly, but to create a connection, to establish a first contact. Once you’ve established this link, you’ll be able to consider a more in-depth sales approach.


A/B testing :

A/B testing consists of testing two versions of the same element (in this case, a message) to determine which is the most effective. For example, you could send one type of message to half your prospect list and another message to the other half to see which generates the most responses. But as the problem points out, on Linkedin, once a message is sent to a prospect, the history is kept. Hence the importance of using several accounts to test different arguments. For more details, here’s a complete article on Linkedin A/B testing.

In addition to A/B testing, you also need to take into account the restrictions imposed by Linkedin in terms of message sending quotas.

Evenbautomation tools cannot overcome these limits. So having several Linkedin accounts can be a wise strategy to maximize your chances of reaching the maximum number of prospects.

Putting it into practice with MirrorProfiles

Let’s take a look at the MirrorProfiles concept and its added value for prospecting on Linkedin.

At 100 euros per month for a single account, and with no time limit, MirrorProfiles is a competitive solution.

Opting for a MirrorProfiles account means choosing a proven and reliable strategy for expanding your prospecting on Linkedin. These accounts are designed to be not only ready to use, but also secure for automatic use.

Preparing these accounts was not an overnight task:

  • Each account benefits from a distinct digital footprint, avoiding the risk of banning.
  • They were hand-heated to bring together over 500 relationships.
  • Regular activity, simulating a real user, with profile visits, publications and varied interactions.
  • A profile photo carefully chosen to escape the vigilance of detection algorithms. Our photos all go through AI detection.
  • And above all, patient heating to ensure efficiency.

MirrorProfiles ‘ promise is not limited to providing a ready-to-use account. It’s also the assurance of worry-free use. If an account is suspended, the replacement guarantee is activated and a new account is assigned to you within 24 hours.

So why lease rather than buy? The answer is simple: peace of mind. Where some vendors abandon maintenance after the sale, MirrorProfiles ensures the consistent quality and security of its accounts.

Created by Stepward a leading growth hacking agency, MirrorProfiles gives your Linkedin prospecting a boost. Compatible with all automation tools, you have the ability to :

  • Reach a high volume of prospects, up to 1,000 per week with just 5 accounts.
  • Centralize your interactions with MirrorChat, which consolidates your Linkedin messages from different accounts into a single platform.
  • Guarantee the protection of your own Linkedin accounts and those of your team.

After two years on the market, our research shows that a salesperson can manage up to 10 Linkedin accounts via MirrorChat, enabling them to contact between 1,000 and 1,500 people every week. If you’ve followed the best practices outlined above, your flow of qualified appointments will be assured.

MirrorProfiles is the initial link in any automation strategy. Whether you are a salesperson, marketer or recruiter, it is your ally for serene prospecting, for building solid databases or for an effective approach to your candidates.

All automation tools are easily integrated, whether the accounts are Linkedin Mirroirs or Avatars. In fact, they perfectly complement Hey Reach, which offers optimized campaign management across multiple accounts.

The advantage of having several Linkedin accounts per user is undeniable in terms of quota extension. However, managing multiple accounts can become tedious. That’s where MirrorChat comes in, a solution designed to make life easier for sales reps when prospecting on Linkedin.

Optimize your prospecting message processing via MirrorChat

Let’s take an in-depth look at what MirrorChat has to offer, and the benefits associated with each feature.

Pre-response system:

With this system, you can anticipate responses and react instantly to solicitations, saving you considerable time. It also allows you to set up a precise playbook. The major advantage of this guide? It lets you easily delegate certain tasks to members of your team, while maintaining consistent communication.

Mirrorchat interface

CRM synchronization:

This functionality is essential for any sales person wishing to optimize their customer relations. It offers clear reporting, so you can keep a close eye on your prospects. By synchronizing directly with your CRM, you can keep track of all your leads in an organized, centralized way.

Tag system:

Tags, these colorful labels, add a visual touch to your conversations, but more importantly, they provide a management and prioritization system. They’re ideal for signalling the exchanges you’d like to focus on, whether for preliminary qualification or subsequent follow-up. It’s a simple yet extremely effective tool for optimal organization.

mirrorchat tags

The constant flow of messages on LinkedIn can quickly become chaotic, especially as activity intensifies. This is where MirrorChat comes in, transforming this avalanche of messages into a manageable, optimized experience.

The most impressive? Centralize multiple messaging systems from different Linkedin accounts in a single interface.

According to a study we carried out on over 100 customers, before the introduction of MirrorChat, the average salesperson spent 2-3 hours a day managing their 10 Linkedin accounts. With MirrorChat, this time is reduced to just one hour, while increasing efficiency and responsiveness.

But there’s more to a successful Linkedin strategy than the number of messages you send. It also relies on good organization and rigorous management.

On the basis of 100 people contacted, around 20 will respond. The remaining 80 can be redirected to other means of communication, such as e-mailing or direct calls.

Here’s a tip on how to sourcing telephone numbers easily .


The combination of MirrorProfiles and MirrorChat with an automation tool forms the winning trio for successful Linkedin prospecting. As the world changes, so must the way we prospect.

If in 2023, providing your sales people with a phone and a computer seems like a no-brainer, tomorrow MirrorProfiles will be just as essential for maximizing your presence and effectiveness on Linkedin.

Increasing Linkedin prospecting is therefore possible. The only viable long-term solution is to have several Linkedin accounts.

In addition to the benefits of scaling your prospecting. You can structure it, organize it by Linkedin account and secure it with MirrorProfiles. We ensure the security of your Linkedin account as well as its replacement within 24 hours.

MirrorChat lets you increase your prospecting efforts without burdening your sales force or recruiters. It’s a very practical tool, indispensable if you decide to expand to 10 Linkedin accounts.

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