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How can you scrape your competitors’ Linkedin networks?



It’s tempting to gain access to your competitors’ Linkedin networks! And that’s normal ahah. In fact, if you see your competitors regularly posting content, you can be sure they’re prospecting on Linkedin. All good prospecting is accompanied by a connection request. Chances are, most of your Linkedin network is made up of prospects who may also be of interest to you.

Since you’re smart because you’re reading this article, I’m going to give you 2 hacks to scrape your competitors’ Linkedin network.

Simple LinkedIn search: "Relation de" / "Followers of".

LinkedIn’s often overlooked features can be extremely powerful in refining your networking and prospecting strategies. Among these, the “Relation of” and “Followers of” search options are available to all users, even without a paid subscription.

LinkedIn filtered search

“Relationships from”: This feature lets you search for users based on their connection to one of your direct contacts. Using this filter, you can identify people who are related to your existing contacts, making it easier to approach them through a common connection. It’s a great way to expand your network by targeting people who are already part of your professional circle. On the downside, this assumes that you have one of your competitors in your network, so they too can do the same thing 😉

“Subscribers from”: Unlike “Relationship from”, this option lets you see the people who follow a specific user on LinkedIn. This can be particularly useful for identifying followers of influencers or opinion leaders in your sector, giving you access to an audience already interested in topics related to your field of activity.

The major advantage of these features lies in their combination with other LinkedIn filters. You can refine your search to extract very specific profiles, for example, within your competitors’ LinkedIn network. You can couple this filter with the many other filters offered by Linkedin, which will enable you to build up relevant Linkedin databases without SalesNavigator.

When it comes to data scraping on LinkedIn, it’s important to proceed with caution to avoid being blocked by the platform. Scraping is a powerful technique for extracting valuable information, but it must be carried out in compliance with LinkedIn rules. Linkedin scraping requires a certain amount of knowledge to be safe and effective. By following these tips, you can make the most of LinkedIn for your digital marketing strategy.

The hack to scrape followers from a LinkedIn company page

This technique is one of the most effective and vicious on Linkedin. You’re in luck, because I don’t usually talk about it. Like any good hack, it’s often best to keep it to yourself. That’s not the MirrorProfiles mentality, so I’ll tell you all about it!

This technique is only available through a MirrorProfiles account, not through your Linkedin accounts. Linkedin knows you, and won’t let you scam your competitors’ company pages with impunity. And that’s even if you follow my recipe.

What is a “Follower of” on a LinkedIn company page?

The “Subscribers of” of a company page are users who have chosen to follow this page to stay informed of its updates, publications and announcements. These individuals represent a public already engaged and interested in the company’s sector of activity, making them highly valuable prospects.

The advantage of scraping the subscribers of a company page on LinkedIn lies in direct access to a targeted, relevant audience. These users are potentially interested in products or services similar to yours, given their interest in your competitors. By gathering this information, you can develop more targeted and personalized marketing and communication strategies, increasing your chances of conversion. Above all, this is where your SWOT can come in handy: be frank with this type of prospect, highlighting your qualities in relation to this particular competitor, but also your shortcomings.

By using a MirrorProfiles account for this operation, you bypass LinkedIn’s restrictions and gain access to a wealth of valuable information for your company. This allows you to build a rich, relevant database for your marketing campaigns, while staying within the bounds of LinkedIn’s policies.

SalesNavigator filtered search

Here are the steps to scrape followers from a company page:

  1. Rent a MirrorProfiles account

  2. Let us know, we have safety devices to prevent this.

  3. Personalize your MirrorProfiles account by setting it to “Employee” on the company page you wish to scrape.

  4. Add SalesNavigator to the freshly rebranded (i.e. modified) MirrorProfiles account

  5. Wait a few days, then come back to SalesNavigator

  6. Make a search and check “Following your company”.

  7. Scrape

Now you’ve got the recipe, the hack, that lets you scrape all the followers of a target company page. Not bad, eh? 😉


There you go! You now have in your hands professional tips on how to make the most of LinkedIn. By making intelligent use of the “Relation of” and “Followers of” features, you can not only expand your network, but also target precisely those people who are already interested in your industry. It’s like having VIP behind-the-scenes access to your competitors, allowing you to see who’s interested in them and, by extension, who might be interested in you.

With MirrorProfiles, you can take this strategy a step further by hacking the followers of a company page. You don’t just see who’s following your competitors, you can literally integrate this information into your marketing strategy. It’s like having the ability to read your target market’s mind, understanding exactly what attracts them to your competitors, and using this information to refine your own approach.

In short, these techniques aren’t just tips; they represent a real revolution in the way you approach LinkedIn. By putting them into practice, you turn your profile into a commercial war machine, capable of targeting and attracting the most relevant prospects. So don’t wait any longer, put these tips to work and start reaping the rewards of a well-oiled LinkedIn strategy. Happy scraping!

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