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Why is my LinkedIn account restricted?

Why is my Linkedin account restricted?



For several years now, LinkedIn has been an essential tool for prospecting and recruitment. However, the temptation to automate prospecting on this platform raises significant challenges. While automation can offer significant time savings, it also presents significant risks, particularly in terms of account restrictions.

The main reasons for restricting a LinkedIn account

It’s crucial to understand the factors that can cause your Linkedin account to be restricted. Identifying and avoiding these pitfalls can safeguard the reputation and effectiveness of your presence on the platform. Here are the main causes to watch out for:

Violation of terms and conditions of use

LinkedIn strictly prohibits the use of third-party tools to automate activities such as prospecting, data scraping or content publishing. This practice, while not illegal, contradicts the platform’s general terms and conditions of use. If Linkedin becomes aware that you’re involved in this kind of activity, your account will be banned from the platform.

Suspected spam or abuse activities

Automated actions, particularly in the context of prospecting campaigns, may be perceived as spam, leading to account restrictions. This is what happens when you send out “boilerplate” prospecting messages, without personalization. If you want to slip through the cracks and write powerful, personalized messages, take a look at this article here. If sending messages and connection requests is too robotic, there are risks for your Linkedin account. First, you’ll be asked to remove any automation tools you’re using, followed by temporary bans before the final ban.

Reports from other users

An account may be restricted as a result of reports from other members of the LinkedIn community, who consider certain practices to be abusive or inappropriate (reminder messages, repetitive prospecting campaigns, etc.).

Connections from various geographical locations

LinkedIn limits the use of an account to a single person. The use of the same account by several individuals, in particular through connections from different locations, is prohibited. However, MirrorProfiles offers a solution with a dedicated digital fingerprint, enabling multiple connections that appear to come from a single source, thus avoiding the restrictions associated with multi-use. Many sales reps can use a Linkedin account without any problems with MirrorProfiles.

You need to be careful with these activities, which can jeopardize your Linkedin account. What’s more, manually managing an account for prospecting is extremely time-consuming, offering little added value on repetitive tasks that automated tools can perform. However, the use of these automated tools carries the risk of being detected by LinkedIn, which may result in sanctions such as the limitation of certain functionalities or even account suspension. So, while automation offers advantages in terms of efficiency, it needs to be weighed against the risk of non-compliance with LinkedIn’s policies. As you can see, it’s all about balance!

The consequences of a LinkedIn 'strike' account

The term ‘strike’ on LinkedIn indicates a sanction following a breach of the platform’s rules. For genuine Linkedin accounts able to provide identification, LinkedIn generally proceeds with temporary warnings and suspensions before considering a permanent ban if offenses persist. Fictitious avatar accounts, on the other hand, are immediately ‘struck’ as soon as identity verification is requested.

That’s why dummy accounts need to be extremely robust, and MirrorProfiles has this skill for you to benefit from 😉

Losing a LinkedIn account means losing important data:

  • Your network: preciously built up over time, you lose all your relationships and business opportunities. This represents a significant loss of professional contacts, collaboration opportunities and exchanges of relevant information in your field.
  • Your sales pipeline or candidate pool: for professionals using LinkedIn for business development or recruitment, losing an account means losing a key tool for tracking and interacting with prospects or potential candidates. If you’d like to know more about feeding your candidate pool on Linkedin, take a look here.
  • Inability to create a new account under the same name: LinkedIn prevents the creation of a new account under the same name, making it difficult to reconstitute your professional presence under your real identity.
  • Difficulty recreating an account if your IP address is flagged: If LinkedIn associates your IP address with non-compliant practices, creating a new account can be extremely difficult. LinkedIn implements security measures to prevent abuse, making re-registration complex for users who have already broken the rules.

Losing a personal account on LinkedIn means starting from scratch. Contacting LinkedIn support is pointless, especially if the use of automation tools is proven. With over a billion users, LinkedIn strictly enforces its rules without granting individual favors.

How to prospect safely on Linkedin?

MirrorProfiles account rental is the new Growth 2023 technique that gives you a secure approach to Linkedin prospecting via a Linkedin account ready for immediate automation.

These accounts were created and “warmed up” for over three months. They perfectly mimic human beings and their use of Linkedin. They respect the idea of making good use of Linkedin and encourage the creation of a solid network. The fact that they’re 100% customizable means you can brand the accounts with your company’s image.

Developed by Stepward, a growth hacking agency with expertise in outbound marketing, this tool will boost your prospecting on LinkedIn tenfold. Compatible with all LinkedIn automation tools on the market, you can :

  • Contact several thousand people. For example, with 5 accounts, that’s a volume of 1,000 people per week!
  • Keep your leads with an account that belongs to your company.
  • Secure your LinkedIn accounts and those of your colleagues.

Simple, attractive pricing: 100 euros/month for 1 MirrorProfiles account with no commitment.

With LinkedIn updates,
is the only solution available to bypass LinkedIn quotas and contact your targets risk-free!

With MirrorProfiles, you can rent ready-to-use Linkedin profiles. In other words, you can have a multitude of Linkedin accounts to multiply your prospecting. The advantage of our service is that if the account is banned (less than 5% of the Linkedin accounts we rent), we’ll replace it in less than 24 hours.

MirrorProfiles is compatible with all the automation tools on the market, for the good reason that it’s a real/fake Linkedin account. You can even have either an avatar or a Mirroir account.

In short, the time you’ll save with MirrorProfiles is colossal. But where our expertise lies is in maintaining these accounts, and consequently the stability of your automations. Our customers stay with us because our support is responsive and we advise them on good Linkedin prospecting practices.


In conclusion, navigating the world of LinkedIn requires a thorough understanding of its rules and the risks associated with automation. Losing a LinkedIn account can have considerable repercussions, both professionally and personally.

Caution is therefore called for when it comes to adopting prospecting strategies. However, innovative solutions such as MirrorProfiles offer a secure alternative, enabling effective prospecting while minimizing the risk of restrictions. By providing accounts that are prepared and compatible with automation tools, this service represents a promising way of maximizing your impact on LinkedIn while preserving the health of your account.

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