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LinkedIn Sales Navigator: an effective prospecting tool

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: an effective prospecting tool



In 2024, LinkedIn will be the dominant professional network, with over 850 million users. It’s a goldmine for sales, marketing and recruitment specialists looking to connect with quality prospects. Faced with the challenge of standing out in this competitive universe, many are wondering how to optimize their profile, posts and communication strategies to capture the desired attention, generate leads and convert prospects into customers. There’s also a lot of talk about automating prospecting to save time.

The solution to these challenges lies in a powerful tool: LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Coupled with MirrorProfiles, this advanced Linkedin feature is designed for effective prospecting. It enables refined targeting and personalized interaction with the right prospects thanks to detailed criteria. The embodiment of social selling, which aims to establish a relationship of trust with prospects via social networks before presenting them with tailor-made offers,

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an invaluable asset for any professional looking to boost their sales prospecting and achieve their sales targets.

We’ll guide you through the fundamentals of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, its added value in prospecting, the best practices for taking advantage of it, and its ROI potential. Discover how to make the most of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to transform your sales approach.

What is verticalization?

Tool definition and operation

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a premium solution from LinkedIn, is designed to optimize your sales processes. This advanced tool makes it easy to find and contact relevant prospects, gather strategic insights and encourage the adoption of effective sales techniques. By making the most of LinkedIn’s extensive network, it increases your chances of closing more sales, and more significantly.

To get started, create a Sales Navigator account and select the offer best suited to your needs, from Core, Advanced, or Advanced Plus. Access is via the dedicated icon in the top right-hand corner of your LinkedIn home page, or via the mobile application, available for smartphones and tablets.

Key features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Here is a brief overview of the main features offered by LinkedIn Sales Navigator :

  • People prioritization: Receive insights to target the accounts offering the best opportunities, maximizing your time.
  • Decision-maker alerts: Be informed in real time of significant movements, such as job changes, so you can act at the most opportune moment.
  • Contact mapping: Clearly visualize your contact points, facilitating multi-channel engagement.
  • Synchronization with your CRM: update data easily, integrate important contacts, manage your customer portfolio in Sales Navigator and centralize major actions with a single click.
  • Detect purchase intentions: Identify prospects and customers with high purchasing potential at an early stage to initiate targeted conversations.
  • Double filtering: you can both filter the companies that match your targeting, save them in a list, and then use this list with the filtering tools dedicated to prospects.

These tools make LinkedIn Sales Navigator essential for social selling, a method that prioritizes building relationships of trust on social networks before presenting an offer tailored to prospects’ needs.

Linkedin Sales Navigator gives you access to the entire Linkedin database, representing hundreds of thousands of potential prospects. When you have these high-quality but voluminous databases, it’s worth deploying fake Linkedin MirrorProfiles accounts to bypass Linkedin’s limitations on connection requests. In fact, 1 Linkedin account, with or without Sales Navigator, can only handle between 100 and 150 connections per week. That’s far too little! With Mirrorprofiles, you can deploy several Linkedin profiles to multiply your prospecting volume.

Tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile

Reaching the right audience

One of the key benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is its ability to connect you precisely to your target audience. Thanks to its advanced search filters, you can target prospects that exactly match your ideal customer, taking into account various criteria such as industry sector, company size, function, location, and much more. LinkedIn Sales Navigator also offers personalized recommendations based on your preferences and previous occupation, saving you the time and effort of chasing irrelevant or non-decisive leads.

Improve lead quality

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is also a valuable tool for refining the quality of your leads. It detects purchase intent through specific features that identify accounts and individuals showing an interest in your offer – for example, those visiting your site, downloading your information, or interacting with your publications. You also benefit from alerts informing you of your prospects’ professional movements, such as job changes or promotions, enabling you to contact them in a timely manner. All these features significantly increase your chances of conversion.

Lead follow-up and management

Tracking and managing leads is child’s play with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It provides an interface specially designed to organize your prospecting efficiently. You can save prospect profiles in customized lists, sorting them by priority, sales stage, or source. What’s more, by tracking your prospects’ activity on LinkedIn and receiving notifications of their interactions, you’re able to engage in meaningful conversations, strengthening your network. Integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator with your CRM and other sales tools helps you synchronize data, avoiding redundancies and errors.

More data to optimize your prospecting methods

Last but not least, LinkedIn Sales Navigator enriches your prospecting method by providing you with in-depth information. Through detailed reports and analyses, you can evaluate your prospecting, measure response rates, number of meetings, sales closed, and return on investment. Comparing your performance with that of your competitors or colleagues helps you identify areas for improvement. Armed with this valuable information, you can fine-tune your prospecting technique to optimize your results.

Verticalize your Mirrorprofiles accounts

Set up precise search criteria

To identify ideal prospects on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it’s crucial to adopt precise search criteria that are based on your ideal customer profile. Take advantage of Sales Navigator’s advanced filtering capabilities, allowing you to filter prospects according to over 30 different criteria, such as sector, company size, position, location or recent engagement.

Using Boolean search is also interesting, as it allows you to mix keywords with logical operators (AND, OR and NOT), thus refining your search. For example, search for prospects with “marketing” in their profile but exclude the term “trainee”. Once you’ve set your criteria, you can save your searches and receive weekly notifications of new matching accounts, so you never miss a chance to prospect.

How to use InMails for prospecting?

InMails, private messages on LinkedIn, enable you to contact prospects without necessarily being connected to them. Included in your Sales Navigator subscription, they represent a powerful prospecting tool if used correctly. Even if it’s better to use connection requests rather than e-mails. Here are a few tips to maximize their effectiveness:

  • Personalize your message every time, by mentioning the prospect’s name, pointing out a common interest, or referring to content shared by them. This shows that you’re genuinely interested in their profile and business, rather than sending an impersonal message.
  • Add value with your message, clearly explaining why you’re addressing them and what they stand to gain from responding. Highlight the benefits of your proposal and how you can solve their problems or meet their needs.
  • Encourage discussion by ending your message with an open question, inviting them to start a conversation. For example, ask for his opinion or availability for a call.
  • Keep your exchanges concise, no longer than 300 characters. Use simple, direct sentences, avoid professional jargon and make sure the message is easy to read and understand.

Use the Social Selling Index (SSI) to improve your strategy

The Social Selling Index (SSI) evaluates your performance on LinkedIn in terms of social selling, i.e. your ability to use social networks to build trusting relationships with prospects. Based on four pillars: developing your personal brand, locating the right people, relevant interaction, and consolidating your network, the SSI offers a score out of 100. Accessible via Sales Navigator, it allows you to compare yourself and identify areas for improvement in your prospecting. A high SSI increases your chances of success in generating leads and sales on LinkedIn. In fact, we’re working on this to provide you with Linkedin profiles with an SSI of over 50.

How to use alerts to track prospects

Alerts, available on Sales Navigator, let you know when your prospects or registered LinkedIn accounts have acted. They can indicate a change in position, a mention in the news, or even interactions with your publications. These alerts give you the opportunity to contact your prospects at just the right moment, whether to congratulate them, offer relevant information or solicit their opinion. By configuring the alerts of your choice, you strengthen the relationship of trust with your prospects, facilitating their progression through the sales cycle.

Return on investment for prospecting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Increased commitment

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool that maximizes your prospects’ engagement. It allows you to build a solid relationship by sharing personalized news and interacting with their publications. By positioning yourself as an expert, you create value for your prospects, reinforcing your credibility and reputation.

Encourage contacts and conversions

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is also designed to facilitate contact with your prospects and increase your conversion rates. Thanks to InMails, you can send direct exchanges to those with whom you are not yet connected, avoiding the formality of connection requests. Alerts let you know when it’s time to get in touch, whether when a prospect changes jobs or interacts with your content, enabling you to make them a relevant offer.

Increased response rate from prospects

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, boosting your prospects’ response rate just got easier. By targeting the individuals most likely to be interested in your offer with advanced solutions and personalized recommendations, you optimize your chances of capturing their attention. Personalizing your exchanges also increases the chances of a response, meaning an open door to successful interaction.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an essential tool for effective prospecting. It helps you identify and contact ideal prospects, establish and maintain a relationship of trust, and then build loyalty. To get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it’s crucial to refine your search criteria, personalize your message approaches, leverage the Social Selling Index (SSI) to perfect your technique, and set up alerts to stay on top of your prospects’ actions. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can boost engagement, improve the quality of your interactions, and increase the response rate of your prospects, boosting your sales prospecting efficiency and profitability.

Curious to find out more about LinkedIn Sales Navigator and how to maximize its potential for your business? Contact us today. As LinkedIn prospecting experts, we’ll help you with your Linkedin acquisition techniques. MirrorProfiles demos allow you to discover our prospecting tool and receive advice on growth hacking.


How do I prospect on LinkedIn?

For successful prospecting on LinkedIn, proceed as follows:

  • Optimize your profile to highlight your skills, services and solutions.
  • Identify and approach qualified prospects via search, algorithm suggestions, hashtags, and newsgroups.
  • Start the dialogue by bringing value to your prospects, through the publication of relevant content and the application of InMail messages.

How do you prospect on LinkedIn in 2024?

For effective prospecting on LinkedIn in 2024, follow these steps :

  • Improve your LinkedIn profile to position yourself as an expert and attract the attention of prospects.
  • Use search capabilities to precisely target prospects according to their needs, interests and characteristics.
  • Personalize your prospecting exchanges to build trust, add value and arouse interest.
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn’s features to engage, retain and turn prospects into customers.

How to target prospects on LinkedIn?

To effectively target your prospects on LinkedIn, start by defining your ideal customer persona. Then use LinkedIn’s targeting options, such as industry, company type, job title, and topics of interest, to refine your search.

How can I use LinkedIn to find customers?

To find customers via LinkedIn, you must :

  • Make your profile attractive and relevant to your target audience.
  • Expand your network by connecting with qualified prospects and soliciting referrals.
  • Deliver quality content to capture attention, demonstrate your expertise, and create opportunities.
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