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With the multiplication of interactions and the simultaneous management of several accounts, it quickly becomes tedious and time-consuming to write individual responses to each prospect. Recognizing this recurring problem, at MirrorChat we’ve developed a powerful feature: pre-recorded messages. With the multiplication of interactions and the simultaneous management of several accounts, it quickly becomes tedious and time-consuming to write individual responses to each prospect. Recognizing this recurring problem, at MirrorChat we’ve developed a powerful feature: pre-recorded messages.

The goal: Save time managing prospects

The idea behind pre-recorded messages is based on a simple observation: although each interaction with a prospect is unique, certain phases of the conversation, such as introductions, thank-yous, or answers to frequently asked questions, tend to be repeated. All the more so when you automate Linkedin prospecting, as sequences with the same copywriting normally produce 60% of similar responses.

Pre-recorded messages therefore save precious time by automating these recurring responses, while maintaining a high level of content personalization and engagement.

This feature perfectly meets the needs of our customers who manage several MirrorProfiles accounts. In fact, by optimizing the time spent writing messages, your sales reps or recruiters can concentrate on higher value-added tasks, such as analyzing prospect feedback or fine-tuning prospecting strategies.

Aware of the specific challenges faced by our customers, we aim to continually enhance our Linkedin account rental offering with innovative tools such as MirrorChat.

MirrorChat’s pre-recorded messages embody this commitment to innovation, offering an effective solution for maintaining near-instant communication with prospects, without sacrificing personalization or the quality of exchanges.

Save lead management time

Speed and customization

The major advantage of pre-recorded messages lies in their ability to significantly speed up the response process. Thanks to this feature, replying to dozens or even hundreds of messages is not only quick but easy. This time-saving allows users to concentrate more on strategic aspects of their prospecting, such as analyzing interactions and adjusting campaigns according to the feedback obtained. What’s more, when you say response template, you don’t mean that you can add customized bricks for even greater impact.

One of the key aspects of Linkedin prospecting is the responsiveness you show when a prospect responds to you. Because we’re on a social network, not your inbox, your prospects expect a response within the hour.

Using pre-recorded messages eliminates the need to write a reply from scratch every time. With a repertoire of answers adapted to the most frequent situations, our MirrorChat customers can manage their conversations with unrivalled efficiency. This optimization of the time spent on communication translates directly into increased productivity and improved conversion rates.

Beyond speed and time savings, pre-recorded messages offer a remarkable level of personalization thanks to the insertion of customizable variables. These variables, such as the prospect’s first name, last name or company, give each message content a personal touch, boosting engagement and receptivity among recipients. This ability to massively personalize responses makes pre-recorded messages a powerful tool for creating stronger, more authentic links with prospects.

Gain in Efficiency

With MirrorChat’s personalized response templates, say goodbye to copy and paste. Define all your recurring messages, integrate custom variables and turn managing your conversations into a task that’s ten times faster. This streamlined approach not only ensures greater responsiveness to prospects, but also increases the chances of maintaining an ongoing, constructive dialogue.

The effectiveness and ease of use of MirrorChat’s pre-recorded messages are fully demonstrated by the experience of all our customers. This tool has become a must-have for anyone looking to maximize their efficiency in managing messages on LinkedIn.

An example of a good use of pre-recorded messages

With an average of 300 messages received per day across 20 different accounts, our customer’s team was faced with a substantial volume of communications requiring rapid, personalized responses.

Every team member now has access to a library of pre-recorded messages, conveniently positioned just above the message bar for maximum accessibility. Whether welcoming a new contact, providing additional product information, or answering common questions, the right answers are just a click away.

The methodology for creating this library of pre-recorded messages is as follows:

  1. Your most experienced salesperson (or recruiter) will manage the answers by hand for 1 week.
  2. You then analyze his answers and detect “patterns”: a kind of radical to his responses.
  3. You set up a decision tree. When the prospect answers X, you have to answer Y.
  4. Setting up the library on MirrorChat.
  5. Anyone in the team can now manage prospect responses.

This methodology makes it possible to concentrate sales staff on customer meetings and outsource this task to sales assistants.

All MirrorProfiles customers who have adopted this feature report an improved user experience, characterized by the tool’s simplicity and efficiency.

The use of pre-recorded messages enabled this customer, like many others, to reduce their usual response time by a factor of 3. In concrete terms, whereas replying to a message used to take 2 minutes, it now only takes 40 seconds, allowing you to devote more time to higher value-added activities.

example of a good use of pre-recorded messages


By making immediate, personalized responses just a click away, MirrorChat offers an effective solution to the time-consuming challenge of managing multiple daily interactions. This saves time, allowing your sales people or recruiters to focus on in-depth analysis of prospects’ needs and the development of more targeted, high-impact communication strategies.

Our customers’ experience bears witness to the effectiveness of this tool: by reducing the usual response time by a factor of 3, MirrorChat not only facilitates the management of large-scale exchanges, but also helps to increase engagement and conversion rates. This optimization of the communication process is an undeniable asset in the competitive context of prospecting on LinkedIn.

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