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How to build Mass Outreach on Linkedin without getting banned?

Build a massive prospecting machine on Linkedin without being banned



When you’ve found the winning recipe on your Linkedin, the urge to prospect massively arrives, and that’s perfectly normal. When you have found the perfect balance between the accuracy of your databases and the quality of your prospecting messages, you generate more and more leads via Linkedin. However, 1 Linkedin profile can only send 100 connection requests per week, which, mathematically, stops you in your prospecting strategy. This example of a Linkedin quota exists in abundance, and trying to exceed it could result in your account being banned for life. What’s more, don’t think that any particular tool can override the platform’s quotas on its own; no tool on the market is capable of doing that. The only solution is to have groups of Linkedin profiles to generate qualified contacts.

How do you build a massive prospecting machine on Linkedin without getting banned?

This article will provide step-by-step answers to this problem, which encompasses 2 important subjects: the scalability of Linkedin prospecting and the security of prospector accounts. This Linkedin prospecting method will be useful for both salespeople and recruiters.

This guide gives you a complete overview of LinkedIn jail: how to identify if you are affected, why it could happen to you, the steps to take to get out of it and how to avoid it. You’ll also learn how to optimise LinkedIn for lead generation and network development, using automation tools wisely and adopting best practice.

The sinews of war: the number of Linkedin accounts

There are 3 ingredients for creating a Linkedin Sales Machine:

  • Quality databases or prospecting files. Obtained, for example, thanks to your expertise in the use of Linkedin Sales Navigator or Linkedin Recruiter Lite scrapping.

  • Copywriting or prospecting message content that generates a response rate of over 25%. To achieve this rate, you need to respect the 10 golden rules of copywriting.

A sufficient volume of prospecting to feed your sales pipeline. MirrorProfiles makes this possible by renting secure, heated accounts.

A diagram showing the process of scrubbing a machine.

The first 2 points are things that you can master or improve by following many of the articles on our blog. It’s essential to master them in order to boost your prospecting on Linkedin. Otherwise, there’s also the option of using agencies, which can be a very good solution. Here are our top agencies that are experts in Linkedin acquisition. But the 3rd point is more difficult.

MirrorProfiles is a service that allows you to rent customisable, heated and secure Linkedin accounts. This guarantees you the ability to scale your Linkedin prospecting, especially as in the event of a ban (less than 2% of our accounts) the account is replaced within 24 hours, which ensures the stability of your acquisition workflow.

To give you an idea, we have several customers who equip 1 sales rep with 10 Linkedin MirrorProfiles accounts. More than 10 accounts for 1 sales rep is starting to become too much to handle in terms of the number of responses to be processed per day. Even if MirrorChat can help, the responsiveness of your sales reps and/or recruiters remains a very important unknown in the equation. Prospecting and candidate acquisition are similar in many respects. The prospecting method remains the same and timing is key. Timing is one of the factors that is impossible to control, and the only way to maximise your chances of finding the right person at the right time is to increase the volume of your prospecting and the number of times you follow up.

In concrete terms, if you have 2 sales reps and you rent 20 MirrorProfiles accounts equipped with an automation tool, they will be able to make 10,000 connection requests per month. You will therefore need a well-stocked prospecting file with more than 10,000 lines per month, and to keep up this pace you will need to master the art of unlimited scraping.

With an average acceptance rate of 25% (rising to 50%), that’s 2,500 people who will receive at least 1 message from your company. Spacing out your prospecting reminders and having a genuine Linkedin content marketing strategy are two incredible levers for maximising your acceptance rate.

Then, if you have good copywriting and a prospecting sequence with short messages but at least 5 follow-ups, you will have a response rate of around 30%.

So, per month, your 2 sales reps will have to manage 750 discussions. That’s around 18 a day for each of them. It’s totally achievable, while maintaining a target of quality rather than quantity. The key is here: to have a profitable Linkedin acquisition channel, you mustn’t be afraid to chat for a long time on Linkedin and then offer a meeting.

Normally, you should have an appointment conversion rate of around 40%.

In conclusion, your Linkedin Sales Machine equipped with 20 MirrorProfiles accounts will generate 300 qualified appointments per month.

Achieving good sales results is one thing, but the stability of your automated workflow to get more leads is just as important.

The security of your Linkedin Sales Machine

As you know, Linkedin is not keen on automated acquisition systems on its social network. That’s why Linkedin is waging war on all profiles that use automation tools. At MirrorProfiles, we have anticipated all this thanks to our research and development team. The SSI or social selling of our Linkedin accounts is also worked on so that in Linkedin’s eyes your MirrorProfiles accounts are not just there to prospect but also to share professional content. You should always bear in mind that Linkedin is a professional social network, and the principle of a platform like this is to have maximum content, not necessarily maximum interaction.

Even though our accounts are not immune to being banned from the platform for professionals, we count less than 5% of our entire portfolio of accounts.

In order to guarantee the stability of your Sales Machine and therefore not be able to maintain your massive prospecting on Linkedin, we will replace the MirrorProfiles account in less than 24 hours if it is banned. For those who are not our customers, unfortunately there are no solutions, you will have to start all over again.

To sum up, the security of your lead generation machine on Linkedin is based on 2 factors:

  • Secure accounts, warmed up by MirrorProfiles, ready for automation. You therefore have the option of renting robust accounts to feed your Sales Machine.
  • If you are banned, we will replace your account in less than 24 hours.

Why do I insist on the security of your Sales Machine? Because I’ve built hundreds of automated workflows for outbound prospecting and it’s not in an online sales training course that you’ll find the answer, but with experience. Indeed, nothing is more frustrating (and costly) than having to wait for Linkedin to either unblock your account or for you to have to recreate an account and warm it up yourself by hand.

Every week lost represents 100 potential leads not contacted per Linkedin profile that isn’t up and running. Stability and security are therefore just as important as the volume of prospecting you attach to your acquisition machine.

Bonus: MirrorChat

Now that you have ensured the volume of prospecting and the security of your acquisition system on Linkedin. Now you need to process the responses. If I take the example in my article, our 2 sales reps will have to manage more than 750 discussions per month. That’s around 18 conversations a day for each of them.

This may not seem like much, and it’s perfectly manageable, but responsiveness is the key on a social network like Linkedin. Prospects think that the message has just been written by your sales rep (they have no idea that it was an automation tool that contacted them), so you need to be able to respond within 2 hours. So you need to be able to be alerted and respond quickly to a prospect. That’s why we developed MirrorChat. It’s a tool that allows you to bring together all the messages from your Linkedin accounts in a single messaging system.

It’s magic, really, ask anyone who deals with a multitude of Linkedin messages, their system is hell. MirrorChat, in addition to its Linkedin inbox group centralisation functionality, will give you access to :

  • Message templates
  • A prospect tagging system
  • Synchronisation with your
  • CRM thanks to a multitude of webhooks / APIs

These functions will help your sales staff or recruiters to improve their reporting. Reporting that you can use to monitor the performance of your prospecting campaigns. Developing a Linkedin Sales Machine requires method and rigour. This famous A/B Testing that many marketing strategies talk about is the key to profitable and optimised prospecting. This part, which will enable you to obtain the highest ROI from your Linkedin outreach system, is based on 3 observations:

  • KPIs or key indicators: provided by your prospecting tools. Like the acceptance rate and the response rate. These are your quantitative marketing data.

  • The feelings of your sales reps and recruiters. They will process the responses and by tagging the leads as “Interested but xx” or “Interested but need to be contacted again”, you will be able to put a relevance coefficient on each of your campaigns to get closer to a perfect balance between the human element and your prospecting method.

  • The number of qualified appointments generated.

Linkedin can and should bring you customers, but some companies have to make a choice between a content strategy and a prospecting strategy. This choice is dictated by the financial budget but above all by the time you can devote to it.

The financial budget is only controlled if the prospecting channel is not profitable; if it is, then the question of budget no longer arises. However, your time is limited. MirrorChat will allow you to reduce your Linkedin lead management time. Between prospecting templates and CRM synchronisation, the method of using our Linkedin messaging centralisation tool will save you precious time.


Once you’ve optimised your LinkedIn prospecting and generated a steady stream of leads, you’re faced with an obstacle: the limits of LinkedIn. The solution? MirrorProfiles coupled with MirrorChat and your favourite automation tool. In your mass prospecting, if you want your acquisition method to last, you need to set up workflows but also worry about how your salespeople manage the prospect. The more you put yourself in their shoes, the more they’ll be able to manage them and handle them better. Never forget that it’s not the marketing workflows that close the deals, it’s the sales people.

Renting secure accounts to increase your prospecting volume without the risk of being banned is a must-have in 2024. With MirrorProfiles, equip your sales staff and multiply your opportunities. Take the first step towards a massive, secure prospecting strategy. Your sales reps or recruiters will thank you and you’ll immediately see the number of Linkedin leads take off.

Take a demo now to transform your LinkedIn approach 😀

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