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Use a webhook to manage your lead follow-up

Mirrorchat – Use a webhook to manage your lead follow-up



Managing your prospecting messages is essential to boosting your lead generation. The complexity of this task increases exponentially with the volume of interactions, making it essential to use appropriate tools to avoid becoming overwhelmed. To meet this major challenge, we’ve integrated an essential feature into MirrorChat: the webhook.

What is a webhook?

To understand the webhook’s impact on prospecting message management, it’s crucial to understand what a webhook is and how it works.

A webhook is essentially a method of communication between different web applications. It enables one application to send real-time information to another as soon as a specific event occurs. Unlike traditional APIs, which require a request from the receiver to obtain information, the webhook acts proactively: it sends data as soon as the triggering event occurs, without waiting or soliciting.

Webhooks are transforming the way applications interact with each other. They offer an elegant solution to the need for real-time synchronization, without the heaviness and constraints of traditional methods.

By integrating them into your Linkedin message management strategy, you can transform what was once a static, reactive process into a dynamic, proactive system. This approach not only optimizes your lead management, but also enriches your prospects’ experience, increasing your chances of conversion and sales success.

Now that we know what a webhook is and what it’s for, let’s see how we can use it to manage our Linkedin messages.

A solution for optimized message management

It’s a simple but important fact: our customers face a real challenge in managing their Linkedin prospecting messages.

Linkedin messaging isn’t known for its functionality, and it quickly becomes complicated to manage responses through the simple professional platform. Cluttered dashboards and ineffective tracking systems waste a lot of time, resulting in fewer leads. You need a tool that can centralize, sort and automate the management of prospect interactions.

That’s why MirrorChat can integrate your webhook: so you can synchronize your CRM or ATS to better manage your prospects or candidates. By the way, if you don’t know how to create a webhook, we can do it for you, just ask in our support chat.

solution for optimized message management

Webhook is much more than just a feature; it’s a revolution in the way we manage interactions with prospects. By enabling seamless integration with other systems such as CRM or ATS, the webhook eliminates the barriers between MirrorChat and your preferred management tools. This interconnectivity ensures that every message, every interaction, is captured and classified automatically, reducing the risk of human error and optimizing the time spent on each prospect.

The webhook isn’t just an answer to a problem; it’s a transformation of prospecting message management into a fluid, automated and, ultimately, more profitable process. This innovation underlines our commitment to providing solutions that not only meet our customers’ needs, but anticipate them, enabling them to stay at the forefront of their digital prospecting strategies.

When you need to manage all your Linkedin MirrorProfiles accounts as well as your real accounts, MirrorChat is essential to avoid getting lost or taking up too much management time.

One-click synchronization: a revolution in data management

Efficiency lies in ease of use and seamless integration with the tools you already use.

This is exactly what MirrorChat’s webhook functionality offers: one-click synchronization that revolutionizes the management of your prospecting data.

MirrorChat’s webhook makes exporting prospect data and tags child’s play. A single click is all it takes to initiate smooth synchronization, ensuring that all relevant information is transferred to your customer relationship management (CRM) or applicant tracking tools (ATS). This feature eliminates the need for tedious manual transfers, reducing the risk of errors and freeing up valuable time for higher value-added tasks.

We understand that not all our customers are technology experts, which is why we’ve designed this feature to be as intuitive as possible. If the idea of using a webhook seems complex, don’t worry: we can create it for you. This adaptability ensures that you can enjoy all the benefits of this integration, without having to worry about the technical details.

Tool synchronization

Your personalized webhook with MirrorChat

Here’s how you can benefit from using MirrorChat’s webhook:

  • Automation and efficiency: Automatic data synchronization eliminates the need for manual management, enabling real-time updating of your CRM or ATS systems.

  • Greater accuracy: By reducing manual intervention, webhook minimizes potential errors, ensuring that your prospecting data is always accurate and up-to-date.

  • Time savings: Time saved through automation can be reinvested in quality interactions with your prospects, increasing your chances of conversion.

  • Flexibility: Whether you’re comfortable with technology or not, MirrorChat’s webhook adapts to your needs, offering a simple, effective solution for everyone.

In short, MirrorChat’s webhook is much more than just a feature. It’s a true strategic asset that simplifies and optimizes the management of your prospecting data, allowing you to focus on what really matters: building solid, fruitful relationships with your prospects.

Ranking your prospects becomes child’s play

One of our customers in the market research sector was facing a major challenge: how to effectively collect and track feedback from its participants. The need to manually compile responses from different channels hampered not only the speed but also the reliability of the data analysis. This is where MirrorChat’s webhook functionality has played a transformative role.

Our customer needed to gather essential feedback from a wide range of participants to refine its market research. He had 20 accounts at his disposal, which meant handling a lot of messages. However, the manual process of tracking and compiling responses was not only time-consuming but also error-prone, compromising the quality and effectiveness of the insights obtained.

Thanks to MirrorChat, the feedback collection process has been completely rethought and optimized. As soon as a significant conversation took place on the platform, our customer applied a specific tag (for example, “Survey sent”). The next step was to use webhook functionality to automatically synchronize this information with Airtable, a flexible and easy-to-use cloud database.

In short, MirrorChat’s innovative use of webhook, coupled with the power of Airtable, has enabled our customer to radically transform the way it collects and manages feedback. This use case illustrates perfectly how an integrated, automated technological approach can solve complex problems and substantially improve operational efficiency.


MirrorChat’s webhook elegantly reinvents prospecting message management, offering a solution that’s both efficient and ingenious. And that’s just the beginning! MirrorChat is packed with other innovative features, all designed to enrich your professional experience. We invite you to explore its features and discover how they can transform your approach to Linkedin prospecting. With MirrorProfiles coupled with MirrorChat, get ready for smoother collaboration and even more impressive results.

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