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MirrorChat - Organise your Linkedin messaging using tags

MirrorChat – Use tags to organise your linkedIn messages



Effectively tracking and classifying leads quickly becomes a major challenge, especially when juggling multiple LinkedIn accounts. That’s where MirrorChat comes in, providing an innovative solution to a ubiquitous problem for anyone running prospecting campaigns on Linkedin.

Thanks to our MirrorProfiles customers, we’ve identified the need to optimize the management of interactions between the many LinkedIn messages, so that sales reps (or recruiters) can better find their way around. It’s with this in mind that we’ve developed this feature: tags in MirrorChat.

Organizing your prospecting pipeline

Tags are much more than a simple contact classification tool; they’re the heart of an efficient lead management strategy. In the context of LinkedIn prospecting, where every LinkedIn conversation can lead to a business opportunity, it’s essential to be able to quickly identify the status and interest of each prospect profile. Tags allow you to mark leads with customized labels, such as “Survey answered”, “Form sent”, “Interested” or “Not interested”, making tracking LinkedIn interactions both simplified and structured. Of course, tags can be cumulative.

Tag MirrorChat

This approach doesn’t just clarify the prospecting pipeline; it makes it instantly navigable, turning a ton of LinkedIn conversations into an organized system where every lead is precisely where it needs to be. MirrorChat’s tagging functionality is designed to provide a direct solution to the complexity of managing multiple interactions on various LinkedIn accounts. You can filter tags to find your LinkedIn prospects directly on MirrorChat.

An indispensable tool for LinkedIn prospecting

The introduction of tags in MirrorChat offers several significant advantages:

  • Optimized organization: Tags allow contacts to be classified intuitively, ensuring that each lead is followed up appropriately. This instant classification eliminates the need to navigate through countless LinkedIn conversations to determine a prospect’s status.
  • Personalization: With the ability to add personalized content tags to your contacts, you have total control over how you organize your leads. This customization ensures that the system adapts to your LinkedIn prospecting strategy, and not the other way around.
  • Improved efficiency: By reducing the time spent manually searching for and classifying leads, tags allow you to spend more time on what really matters: interacting meaningfully with prospects and turning interactions into qualified appointments.
  • Integration with CRM/ATS: Tags are not only useful within the MirrorChat ecosystem; they can also be exported to your CRM or ATS, ensuring consistency and continuity in lead follow-up beyond the platform. With a webhook, you can enable your two interfaces to be linked together.

Benefits of tags

Tags in MirrorChat aren’t just a feature; they transform your Linkedin messaging into an effective, pragmatic pre-CRM.

An example of how to use our tag system

Let’s take the example of one of our market research customers, whose main objective is to contact experts to answer questionnaires and collect feedback. To carry out this mission, our customer uses 70 LinkedIn MirrorProfiles accounts, enabling it to reach a wide range of potential participants on LinkedIn.

Our customer’s LinkedIn prospecting campaigns are managed by Stepward, our lead gen support service. Faced with the complexity of managing a large number of LinkedIn messages, we faced a major challenge for our customers: how to ensure effective lead follow-up and, above all, how to use this data to optimize future LinkedIn campaigns? This is where MirrorChat’s tagging functionality has proven to be a highly relevant solution.

By using tags to mark LinkedIn profiles according to their status – for example, “Has responded”, “Not competent”, or “Interested” – Stepward was able to efficiently organize and filter leads directly from the MirrorChat interface. Not only did this instant classification save considerable time, it also provided valuable clarity in tracking LinkedIn interactions.

One of the major advantages of this approach is the ability to update external databases, such as Airtable, directly from MirrorChat in real time. Each tag assigned in MirrorChat can be synchronized with Airtable, enabling instant, automated updating of lead status in a database.

This means that not only can our customer track the evolution of each lead in real time, but he can also analyze global data to understand trends, identify friction points, and thus refine strategies for future campaigns.

Transfer tags to a CRM

The speed and immediacy of this lead follow-up method is unprecedented. Before the integration of tags into MirrorChat, the process of updating lead statuses and analyzing data could take hours, and would have to be done by hand. Now, every interaction and modification is instantly reflected in the tracking systems.


The integration of tags into MirrorChat represents a significant advance in prospecting management on LinkedIn, offering an intuitive and efficient method of tracking leads. This feature enables users to quickly and accurately classify their LinkedIn prospects, improving the organization of their prospecting pipeline and optimizing their communication strategy.

The concrete example of our market research client demonstrates the tangible impact of tags on the management of LinkedIn prospecting campaigns. The ability to tag, track and analyze leads in real time, coupled with seamless integration with external tools like Airtable, radically transforms the efficiency of prospecting processes. The Growth Hacker profession is not simply based on automation, but also on data analysis to optimize workflows. Thanks to our tag system, he now has access to this information.

In conclusion, MirrorChat and its tagging functionality are proving to be indispensable tools for professionals looking to maximize their prospecting potential on LinkedIn. By simplifying lead management and optimizing data analysis, MirrorChat opens up new avenues for more targeted, more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable prospecting.

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