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Multi-channel prospecting and personalization are the keys to turning a prospect into a lead. Companies are constantly looking for ways to optimize their sales process, and that’s where MirrorCRM comes in. Our new feature: e-mail template selection. It was designed to meet a major challenge faced by our customers: the laborious and time-consuming management of email reminders. A large proportion of our customers at MirrorProfiles have Linkedin as their main acquisition channel. However, only using Linkedin is not the most effective method. The answer is very simple: do it all! Depending on the person you’re talking to, they may prefer to be contacted on Linkedin or by email. You need to be able to control the 2 acquisition channels without getting tangled up. This is what motivated us to create MirrorCRM, and more specifically the “Email Template” functionality directly integrated into it.

Time-consuming sales reminders

The problem encountered by our customers was the time spent writing and sending prospecting emails. Each e-mail needs to be both personalized and relevant to capture the recipient’s attention, which often involves long hours of copywriting and personalization. What’s more, prospect follow-up requires regular reminders, adding to the workload.

To overcome this, they turned to the use of e-mail templates. While this approach may seem effective in the first instance, it does have its shortcomings. Standard models often require adjustments and modifications to adapt to each prospect, which partly negates the hoped-for time savings. What’s more, a template that’s too generic risks failing to engage the prospect, thus reducing the chances of conversion. The ideal solution would therefore be to use email templates with a fine granularity of personalization to save time while retaining the right level of personalization to maintain or boost your conversion rate.

Aware of these challenges, we have developed the MirrorCRM e-mail template selection functionality. This innovation aims to transform the way our customers manage their prospecting communications, combining efficiency and personalization.

Ready-to-use message templates

MirrorCRM’s e-mail template selection functionality represents a significant step forward in optimizing sales prospecting. This innovation provides an effective response to one of the major problems facing sales reps: managing the time spent on reminders.

Simplify your follow-ups with e-mail templates:

MirrorCRM makes prospect follow-up a quick and easy task. Our platform offers a library of e-mail templates specially designed for commercial prospecting. These templates are fully customizable, and include dynamic variables such as the recipient’s first and last name and company. You can also add as many dynamic variables as you like, depending on the quality and relevance of the data you’ve already collected. This advanced personalization makes it possible to maintain relevant and engaging communication, while considerably reducing the time usually required to write e-mails.

One of the major advantages of this feature is its ease of use. MirrorCRM users can select a template, personalize it in just a few clicks with information specific to each prospect, and send it instantly via MirorCRM. Personalization is easy because MirrorCRM aggregates data from your automation tools, so on the prospect’s contact sheet, your sales rep will have access to all the prospect’s conversation history and Linkedin data.

This ability to carry out effective, personalized reminders at the click of a button eliminates repetitive, time-consuming tasks, enabling sales teams to concentrate on higher value-added activities: customer appointments.

In summary, MirrorCRM’s e-mail template selection functionality offers companies :

  • Considerable time savings

    Time saving

  • Advanced customization


  • Ease of use

    Ease of use

  • More effective reminders

    Improved qualification

By integrating this functionality into the heart of your prospecting strategy, MirrorCRM helps you transform your sales process, making every interaction with your prospects more effective and meaningful.

A concrete example of MirrorCRM for emailing

To illustrate the power and usefulness of MirrorCRM’s e-mail template selection functionality, let’s take the concrete example of one of our customers, a company specializing in software solutions.

Faced with a sales prospecting process that had become too time-consuming and inefficient, this company was looking for a solution to optimize the management and organization of its sales force’s tasks, particularly when it came to sending sales emails.

With the integration of MirrorCRM, the company was able to boost its e-mailing strategy. The time-consuming aspect has been eliminated thanks to a more efficient organization of reminders, notably with a dynamic view of the TODO of sales reps. This view enables teams to precisely target leads requiring follow-up with a “Score” above 4/10, ensuring that efforts are concentrated on the most promising prospects.

The major advantage of this approach is the ease and speed with which e-mails can be personalized and sent. Our customer’s sales staff were able to use customizable e-mail templates incorporating dynamic variables, enabling targeted, relevant messages to be sent to each prospect in just a few clicks. This optimization has considerably reduced the time spent writing e-mails, enabling sales reps to concentrate more on valuable interactions with prospects.

The increased personalization boosted the response rate by 40% compared with their classic pre-MirrorCRM email.

What’s more, MirrorCRM’s seamless integration with other prospecting and calling tools, such as Lemlist, has enabled the company to create a coherent and efficient sales ecosystem, where information and sales actions are centralized and optimized.

In short, thanks to MirrorCRM, our customer has not only streamlined its sales e-mailing process, making this task less time-consuming for its sales reps, but has also improved the efficiency of its follow-ups. This dynamic, personalized approach led to improved lead management and a significant increase in conversion rates, demonstrating the added value of MirrorCRM’s e-mail template selection functionality in a real-life business context.

In conclusion, MirrorCRM’s e-mail template selection functionality is an asset for effective sales prospecting. It addresses crucial issues faced by companies in terms of time management and personalized communications, enabling them to optimize interactions with prospects and improve conversion rates.

Our customer’s concrete example perfectly illustrates the positive impact of MirrorCRM on the organization and efficiency of prospecting campaigns. By simplifying and automating previously time-consuming tasks, this feature enables sales teams to focus on what really matters: building meaningful relationships with prospects and customers.

MirrorCRM offers other solutions that may be of interest to you! Discover the breadth of possibilities offered by MirrorCRM and explore how our solution can be integrated into your sales strategy to make it more effective, more agile and more responsive to the needs of your prospects and customers.

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