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One-click data enhancement

MirrorCRM: One-click data enrichment



Faced with challenges such as inefficient reminder management, wasted time sorting communications, and difficulty synchronizing sales actions, our customers expressed the need for a robust and intuitive solution. That’s why we’ve developed MirrorCRM, an innovative pre-CRM that integrates key functions for your prospecting. Nothing superfluous, just features developed in response to customer requests.

These features include one-click data enrichment. This feature not only enables centralized data management, but also instant optimization of prospect information, giving sales staff the tools to act quickly and accurately, while maximizing conversion opportunities.

Cross-channel difficulties: Linkedin + Email

Efficient and accurate tracking of prospect interactions is crucial. Our customers, faced with daily challenges, have expressed significant difficulties in managing their prospecting campaigns. Among these challenges, three major issues stand out:

  • Our customers often report difficulties in effectively enriching their prospect data in order to contact them by email, after having tried on Linkedin.

  • Their sales reps spend a significant proportion of their time sorting and organizing large volumes of leads in order to know who to follow up, an administrative task that reduces their efficiency and limits their ability to concentrate on higher value-added activities, such as closing sales.

  • In structures with a large number of sales people, it’s particularly difficult to maintain a coherent overview and coordinate prospecting efforts effectively. This can lead to redundant communications and disorganized management of prospect interactions, making the overall process less efficient.

Faced with these challenges, we have developed a one-click data enrichment functionality in our new tool, MirrorCRM. This feature aims to simplify and optimize the management of prospecting campaigns by offering a solution that not only centralizes information, but also automatically enriches data. This avoids duplication, saves time and increases the efficiency of your sales efforts.

If you wish, every interaction with a prospect can be immediately enriched, enabling sales reps to make informed decisions and quickly follow up on prospects at the most opportune moment by email or telephone.

Find your prospects' contact details in 1 click

MirrorCRM revolutionizes prospecting data management with its one-click data enrichment functionality. This feature lets you integrate and synchronize your favorite data enrichment tools directly into MirrorCRM, covering the areas of mailing, LinkedIn, and telephone information. Thanks to this seamless integration, you can update and enrich your data instantly, with unprecedented simplicity and efficiency.

  1. Email and phone found: MirrorCRM automates the search for your prospects’ email addresses and phone numbers. This eliminates the need to manually search for this information, optimizing your sales teams’ time and increasing the probability of reaching your prospects via the right channel. You can put in your API keys from any tool: Lusha, Kaspr, Dropcontact, Enrow, Datagma, etc.

  2. Ready-to-send e-mail templates: MirrorCRM is not just a data enrichment tool; it also offers a library of predefined e-mail templates adapted to various prospecting situations. These templates facilitate rapid, professional communication, reducing the time spent writing emails and enabling an almost immediate response to opportunities that arise.

  3. Follow-up directly on MirrorCRM: Once you’ve chosen your template and customized it, all you have to do is set a “Sent” status and the e-mail will be sent directly from the mailbox you’ve integrated into MirrorCRM.

By integrating these features, companies can transform the way they interact with their prospects, making every stage of prospecting more efficient and geared towards measurable results.

These innovations aim to considerably simplify business processes, automating routine tasks and enabling teams to focus on what really matters: building strong relationships with customers.

A concrete example of the effectiveness of enriching professional contact details

Our customers often face the challenge of keeping prospects engaged who did not initially respond to their LinkedIn solicitations. A concrete example illustrates perfectly how MirrorCRM provides effective solutions to this common problem.

Many of our MirrorProfiles customers have traditionally used LinkedIn to reach their prospects, but for certain target groups they were experiencing unsatisfactory response rates. The need to diversify contact points without increasing the administrative burden was a priority.

Thanks to MirrorCRM’s one-click data enrichment functionality, our customers were able to automate the acquisition of prospects’ email addresses from their LinkedIn. Once these emails have been obtained, MirrorCRM enables sales reps to follow up quickly and efficiently via multiple channels, including personalized emails.

The integration and automation offered by MirrorCRM enable users to react quickly to windows of opportunity, by following up with prospects shortly after the first contact attempt on LinkedIn.

Automated email retrieval and reminder sending eliminates manual tasks and significantly reduces the time spent on data management. This frees up time for sales teams, enabling them to concentrate on strategy and direct customer interaction.

With multi-channel relaunches, our customers have seen a significant increase in response rates. On average: 20% increase. Diversifying communication channels increases the visibility and receptivity of messages, reaching prospects on the channels they prefer.

This multi-channel approach, made possible by MirrorCRM, not only optimized follow-up management but also led to better conversion of prospects into customers, demonstrating the effectiveness of integrating modern technologies into sales prospecting strategies.

MirrorCRM redefines prospecting management with its one-click data enrichment functionality, responding to the major challenges faced by our customers in the day-to-day management of their campaigns. By integrating enrichment tools directly into Pre CRM, we simplify processes and increase the efficiency of sales teams, enabling more relevant and timely follow-up of prospects.

This system not only automates data collection and enrichment, it also facilitates communication with ready-to-use e-mail templates, optimizing response time and increasing conversion rates.

With MirrorCRM, companies can now focus on what really matters: building lasting, profitable relationships with their customers, while minimizing administrative effort and maximizing the impact of every interaction. This revolutionary solution transforms commercial interactions into strategic, measurable experiences, placing technology at the heart of commercial success.

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