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Scraping Linkedin: Techniques and tools for easy scraping



In today’s connected world, LinkedIn scraping has become an essential tool for business professionals. It’s simple: this technique, which automatically extracts data from LinkedIn, is like having a magic wand for marketing and sales. Imagine: in just a few clicks, you have access to a treasure trove of user information, enabling you to target your prospecting and improve the quality of your leads. Pretty cool, huh?

But beware, it’s not without risks. Scraping can play tricks, especially in terms of account security. And that’s where clever solutions like MirrorProfiles come in. They offer a secure and super-efficient way to prospect on LinkedIn. Basically, it’s the assurance of doing a good job without having to worry about safety issues.

Understanding LinkedIn Scraping

LinkedIn scraping, an increasingly widespread practice in the professional world, consists of automatically extracting data from the LinkedIn platform. This method offers a multitude of advantages, particularly in terms of prospecting and business development. Scraping on LinkedIn makes it possible to gather a vast amount of information about users, which is essential for marketing and sales strategies. For example, you’re looking for people with the job title “growth hacker” on Linkedin. Type “growth hacker” in the search bar, go to people and you’ll find all the growth hackers in France in just 3 clicks.

Filtered linkedIn search

Instead of spending time scraping information from their profiles, dedicated scraping automation tools can do it for you and let you download a google sheet with all the info.

Scraping saves considerable time in data collection, enables precise targeting of prospects and improves lead quality thanks to specific filtering criteria. As a result, your prospecting campaigns are more personalized and targeted, enabling you to get better results from your campaigns.

For example, we worked with a digital marketing and communications consultancy faced with the need to increase the volume of prospecting for two of its clients in the information technology sector.

The solution consists of renting 4 LinkedIn accounts via Mirrorprofiles, 1 of which is equipped with Sales Navigator(a tool we’ll be looking at next). Set up Sales Navigator searches to target IT and CIO profiles, scraping and then using Lemlist on the 4 Linkedin accounts + 4 email addresses to contact them automatically.

The strategy enabled us to contact 400 qualified prospects per week, generating an average of 10 appointments. This case study illustrates how LinkedIn scraping, combined with the right content and communication strategy, can significantly increase the reach and effectiveness of prospecting.

The best Linkedin scraping tools

Captain Data

It’s a scraping and automation tool that stands out in the field of online data collection, including on LinkedIn. Captain Data’s intuitive interface makes it easy to set up and manage scraping tasks, while its flexibility enables extensive customization of scraping scenarios. This tool saves considerable time, automating repetitive processes and enabling users to concentrate on analyzing the data collected.


It is specially designed for social platforms such as LinkedIn. This tool can be used to extract public data. PhantomBuster stands out for its wide range of “Phantoms”, or scripts, which offer a variety of automated actions adapted to different platforms. What’s more, its user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation make it easy to use, even for less experienced scraping users. Its only fuel is the Linkedin cookie, the famous “li-at”.

Once your data has been scraped, all you have to do is use it in your prospecting campaigns. There are a few tools you can use to achieve this.

To launch automated prospecting campaigns, importing contacts into tools such as Waalaxy, Lemlist and Hey Reach is an effective strategy. Waalaxy lets you import LinkedIn contacts for message campaigns on the platform, offering a complete solution for digital prospecting.

Lemlist excels in sending personalized email campaigns, with advanced tracking to optimize communication strategies.

Hey Reach, which specializes in automating interactions on social networks, completes this arsenal of tools by offering an efficient platform for managing campaigns on various social platforms (Linkedin, Whatsapp…).

While scraping on LinkedIn offers considerable advantages in terms of prospecting and data collection, it also presents challenges and limitations. Careful navigation is crucial to respect LinkedIn’s policies and avoid penalties, while maximizing the effectiveness of prospecting campaigns. The key lies in the judicious use of these tools, taking care to maintain a balance between efficient automation and respect for ethical and legal standards.

Scraping with MirrorProfiles

Scraping on LinkedIn, while useful, can be dangerous for account security, leading to suspension or banning. It’s against this backdrop that the MirrorProfiles solution presents itself as an innovative and secure alternative for prospecting on LinkedIn.

Renting a MirrorProfiles account offers a secure approach, with carefully prepared accounts ready for immediate automation. These accounts, created and “warmed up” over a period of more than three months, faithfully reproduce human activity on LinkedIn, helping to build a solid network while respecting the platform’s best practices.

Unlike buying a LinkedIn account, renting via MirrorProfiles ensures greater quality and security. In the case of repeated scraping, the “li-at” cookie used by all Linkedin scraping tools must be of good quality to avoid suspicion on the part of Linkedin.

In the event of a problem with the account, such as a strike, the loss is shared under a lease, which is a significant advantage over account sellers who do not guarantee security after the sale.

Developed by Stepward, a growth hacking agency specialized in Outbound, MirrorProfiles is specially designed to boost your prospecting on LinkedIn. It is compatible with all automation tools on the market, and can contact several thousand people. For example, with 5 accounts, you can reach a volume of 1,000 people per week. These accounts, belonging to your company, enable you to store your leads securely.

In the context of recent LinkedIn updates, MirrorProfiles stands out as the only solution that allows you to exceed the quotas imposed by LinkedIn and contact your targets without risking account banning. In the rare event of an account ban, which affects less than 5% of rented accounts, MirrorProfiles guarantees a replacement in less than 24 hours.


LinkedIn scraping, with tools like Captain Data, PhantomBuster, and automation solutions like Waalaxy, Lemlist, and Hey Reach, is revolutionizing the way companies approach digital prospecting. However, it is essential to navigate carefully to respect LinkedIn’s policies and avoid penalties. In this landscape, MirrorProfiles emerges as a robust solution, offering security and flexibility while maximizing the effectiveness of prospecting campaigns.

By combining technological innovation with the right content and communications strategy, companies can not only extend their reach on LinkedIn, but also maintain the stability and efficiency of their prospecting operations, ensuring sustainable growth.

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