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Tips and methods for creating a lead magnet using linkedin?

Tips and methods for creating a Lead Magnet with LinkedIn?



Have you already explored the effectiveness of Lead Magnets in your marketing strategies? This marketing technique involves offering your prospects something valuable (such as an ebook, webinar or template) in return for their contact details. The idea is to attract the attention of prospects, win their loyalty, and ultimately turn them into loyal customers. But are you aware of LinkedIn’s potential for distributing your Lead Magnets? With over 850 million users globally, LinkedIn is the ideal professional social network for your marketing strategy, helping you reach your target audience, boost your credibility and acquire qualified leads. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create and promote effective Lead Magnets on LinkedIn. You’ll discover simple marketing methods, practical tips and useful tools to maximize the impact of your Lead Magnet and boost your business.

Understanding LinkedIn's potential for your Lead Magnet

To develop effective Lead Magnets, it’s essential to grasp the essence of LinkedIn as a preferred marketing distribution channel. Three key features distinguish LinkedIn from other networks, making it a powerful lever for lead generation.

LinkedIn’s unique way of working

LinkedIn is positioned as a unique professional social network, facilitating connections between individuals based on their interests, skills, experience and professional goals. Unlike other platforms, where the content shared is predominantly personal, LinkedIn encourages the dissemination of professional content designed to highlight users’ expertise, promote learning, increase visibility or uncover opportunities. As a result, LinkedIn’s audience is naturally more open to offers likely to boost their careers, solve their problems or realize their ambitions.

LinkedIn user profile

With over 850 million users worldwide, including more than 30 million in France, LinkedIn attracts mainly executives, managers, entrepreneurs, decision-makers or influencers, with strong purchasing power and in search of innovative solutions. According to HubSpot, LinkedIn has the highest lead-to-customer conversion rate, reaching 2.74%, well ahead of Facebook (0.77%) and Twitter (0.69%). This demonstrates the higher level of qualification and engagement of LinkedIn users compared to other networks.

How LinkedIn makes it easy to create targeted Lead Magnets

LinkedIn offers a wide range of features for creating Lead Magnets tailored to your audience and marketing objectives. You can :

  • Explore the advanced search functionality to target and segment your prospects according to various criteria such as sector, company size, position, location, etc.
  • Build a profile optimized for SEO and conversion, incorporating relevant keywords, a call to action, your key achievements, and soliciting recommendations.
  • Distribute quality content on your page or profile, offering real added value to the prospect on your page, arousing interest and stimulating action, thanks to blog articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, webinars or case studies.
  • Use the document functionality to attach Lead Magnets to your publications, in PDF, Word, PowerPoint or Excel formats, enabling you to offer enriched content and retrieve your prospects’ contact details.
  • Leverage LinkedIn’s advertising tools, such as Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail or Lead Gen forms, to promote your Lead Magnets to a targeted audience and easily collect information from your prospects.

By leveraging these marketing features, you can create Lead Magnets tailored to your prospects’ specific needs, effectively attracting them to your offer. In addition to collecting prospect contact details, the big advantage of Lead Magnets is that you know 1 thing about them: they were interested in your white paper, your templates or whatever. In short, when you contact them, you’ll know exactly what copywriting to adopt.

Develop an effective marketing strategy for your Lead Magnet on LinkedIn

For your Lead Magnet to seduce and convert effectively on LinkedIn, offering quality content is essential to attract a prospect, but not sufficient. You need to develop a clear, consistent marketing strategy that will help you target, captivate and retain your prospect. Discover the key steps to building a successful Lead Magnet marketing strategy on LinkedIn.

Identify your target audience on LinkedIn

The first step is to determine who your target audience is on LinkedIn. What are their needs, problems and aspirations? How do they make decisions? What keywords do they use to find solutions?

By answering these questions, you can define the profile of your ideal customer, or persona. This persona will help you tailor your message, tone and offer to your target prospect. You can also use this profile to segment your LinkedIn audience using advanced search filters, such as industry, position, location, etc.

Then, to go even further, you can decide to rent fake Linkedin profiles with MirrorProfiles to verticalize your Linkedin accounts. In other words, 1 Linkedin MirrorProfiles = 1 target. Thanks to this, you can store a precise typology of your targets in the network of a dedicated Linkedin profile. Invaluable in the Lead Magnet marketing strategy, because you’ll know exactly how to spin your Linkedin post for maximum impact.

Choosing the right Lead Magnet for your audience

The second step in this marketing strategy is to identify the type of Lead Magnet best suited to your audience. A variety of lead magnets are available, including ebooks, webinars, templates, checklists, infographics and more. Your choice will depend on several marketing criteria:

  • Your audience’s level of maturity: their needs and expectations vary according to their position in the buying journey. For an audience at the start of this journey, an ebook, webinar or infographic will be relevant. For those at an advanced stage, however, opt for a template, checklist or case study.
  • Your audience’s consumption preferences: if your audience prefers visual formats, suggest an infographic or video. For a more auditory audience, a podcast or webinar will be more suitable. And for those who prefer to read, an ebook or article will be ideal.
  • The perceived value of your Lead Magnet: an ebook or webinar may be perceived as more valuable than a checklist or template. Your audience will be more inclined to share their contact details in order to access a high-quality Lead Magnet, provided it meets their expectations.

Choosing the right types of Lead Magnets increases your chances of attracting your audience’s attention to your page, piquing their interest and convincing them to take action.

Structure your Lead Magnets to maximize engagement

The third step is to structure your Leads Magnets to maximize audience engagement. Regardless of their type, your Lead Magnets must follow certain basic rules:

  • Catchy title: this should be clear, concise and promising, highlighting the main benefit your audience will obtain, while arousing urgency or curiosity.
  • Captivating introduction: short and to the point, it should present the problem your audience is facing, the solution you’re proposing and prove your credibility.
  • Quality content: useful, practical and easy to consume. It should provide real value, offering information, advice and resources to help your audience solve their problem or achieve their goal. It must be well-structured, well-spaced out and illustrated to make it easy to read and understand.
  • Incentivizing conclusion: clear and persuasive, it summarizes the key points, reminds us of the main benefit and invites us to take the next step, whether that’s contacting you, visiting your site, signing up for your newsletter or discovering your offer.

By structuring your Lead Magnets to maximize engagement, you increase your chances of satisfying, retaining and converting your audience into customers.

Techniques and tools to promote your Leads Magnets on LinkedIn

Once you’ve created and planned the distribution of your Leads Magnets on LinkedIn, the next step is to promote them to maximize your lead capture. Let’s discover some key methods and resources for reporting and increasing the visibility of your Lead Magnet on this platform.

Use quality content and sponsored publications

Start by posting quality content related to your Lead Magnet on your page. Articles, videos, podcasts and infographics that are relevant and enriching for your audience can go a long way towards promoting it. Include a link to your Lead Magnet, via a document or landing page, in your publications to encourage sign-ups. Sponsored posts, visible in the news feed of a targeted audience, are also an excellent way of boosting the reach of your content and attracting more qualified leads.

Engage your network to increase visibility

Another effective marketing strategy is to mobilize your network. Encourage contacts, customers, partners and collaborators on your page to share, comment or recommend your Lead Magnet. Taking an active part in industry-related groups, events or discussions can also boost your visibility, establish your credibility, and expand your audience through word-of-mouth. Setting up an automated prospecting campaign can be a smart way to get your network to give you a boost. Generally speaking, a Lead Magnet on Linkedin will reach its peak visibility during the 1st hour of publication.

The role of LinkedIn Groups and InMails

Use LinkedIn Groups and InMails for targeted promotion. Sharing your Lead Magnet in thematic groups (while respecting their rules) or creating your own group can be a strategic way of drawing attention to it. For direct contact with prospects, InMails – private messages on LinkedIn – are ideal, even without a prior connection. Sponsored mail is also an option, enabling personalized messages to be sent to a specific audience. By the way, if you have Inmails, that means you have Sales Navigator. One of the features of this tool is the Smart Link. Although little known and used, it is a formidable tool for lead magnet marketing strategies.


This article guides you through the process of creating your Lead Magnet via LinkedIn, using an approach that’s both simple and effective. You now have a clear understanding of why LinkedIn is the perfect channel for presenting your value proposition, the steps involved in designing an effective Lead Magnet marketing strategy on this platform, and how to effectively report your Lead Magnet on LinkedIn. What’s more, you’ve explored various techniques and tools designed to improve the visibility of your Lead Magnet, in order to attract more qualified prospects and signal your presence on the platform as much as possible.

Now it’s time to take action! Start creating your Lead Magnet today, and harness the unparalleled potential of LinkedIn to grow your business.


What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a marketing device designed to attract prospects by offering free resources or special offers in return for their contact information. These can take various forms, such as discount codes, webinars, white papers, ebooks or templates. The effectiveness of a lead magnet depends on its relevance, its usefulness, and its ability to be shared within your target audience.

How do you make a good Lead Magnet?

To build an attractive lead magnet, it’s crucial to offer valuable free content in return for prospects’ contact details. The process of creating such a tool includes defining your target audience, selecting a topic and format that appeal to their interests, creating high-quality content, and delivering it strategically.

What is a lead on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, a lead is an individual or organization expressing interest in your product or service, whether by interacting with your publications, downloading your guides, or making direct contact. Lead generation on this platform relies on a variety of marketing strategies, including sharing relevant content, expanding your network, using advertising, and automating processes to attract and qualify leads.

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