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TOP 6 Growth Hacking agencies

Top 6 growth hacking agencies in 2024



In 2024, the world of web marketing continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, with emerging innovations and strategies constantly redefining the prospecting landscape. The advent of ChatGPT and, more generally, of Artificial Intelligence, has reshuffled the deck at breakneck speed.

At the heart of this web transformation is growth hacking, an approach based on a strategy of rapid and effective growth, used by many agencies and particularly popular with startups and fast-growing companies. In this competitive environment, choosing the right growth hacking agency can make the strategic difference between explosive but disorderly growth or rapid but structured growth. Growth hacking stands out, not for the volume of results (although that’s very important), but for its mastery of structuring. In 2024, for Growth Hacking, optimizing web processes is just as important as results.

This article presents the Top 6 growth hacking agencies in 2024, selected for their web expertise, innovative approach and ability to deliver concrete results through their strategies. It’s difficult to select a true growth hacking agency, because unfortunately the word encompasses so many sectors. It’s a “sales” word, so some people have got hold of it and don’t really do growth hacking, just web optimization or web advertising campaigns. As a reminder, the basis of growth hacking is to do a lot with a little, not to spend thousands of euros on ads, which anyone can do.

These agencies stand out not only for their in-depth understanding of the latest web marketing trends, but also for their creative use of web data, their ability to adapt quickly to changing markets, and their commitment to their customers’ success.

Whether you’re a start-up looking to raise your profile, an SME looking to accelerate your growth, or a large corporation looking to reinvent your web marketing strategy, this ranking is an invaluable resource for finding the growth hacking agency that will best meet your specific needs in 2024. Discover these key French and international agencies, who are redefining the rules of the game in the world of marketing and lead generation.


Stepward is a true Growth Hacking agency because it combines three key verticals:

  • Lead generation or Lead Gen
  • Recruitment
  • No-code or low-code development

This unique combination enables them to offer their customers tailor-made growth web marketing strategies. It’s the only agency on the market 100% focused on outbound marketing.

Their mastery of LinkedIn and outbound marketing tools is incomparable. Their commitment to fast, responsive and personalized customer service has enabled them to work with over 150 customers despite their relative newness to the market. This agency is particularly well-suited to small and medium-sized businesses and key accounts, as it offers ongoing training in web marketing, enabling your teams to develop their skills in growth hacking. What’s more, we offer our customers tailor-made support to adapt to your existing sales and recruitment processes.

Here are the overall opinions:

Evaluation stepward

Two io

Deux io stands out as a Growth Marketing consulting agency, offering a wide spectrum of services to its customers to accelerate the growth of startups and innovative companies. Their expertise is based on two or three fundamental pillars:

  • Customer acquisition and web marketing: this agency excels in implementing sophisticated customer acquisition strategies and tools, using a combination of google SEO, paid advertising, content marketing and social networks to attract and convert target audiences.
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO): the agency makes it a point of honor to improve the conversion of visitors into customers through data analysis techniques and tools, A/B testing and user experience (UX) optimization.
  • Web marketing strategy and growth coaching: the Deux io agency also offers its clients strategic consulting and growth coaching services, enabling companies to define clear objectives and implement effective long-term growth tactics.

With its results-driven approach and ability to adapt to the specific needs of each customer, the Deux io agency is the partner of choice for companies seeking to boost their growth in competitive markets through web marketing.

Here are the overall opinions:

Avis deux io

Growth Room

Growth Room is a web marketing agency specializing in supporting companies with high growth potential, thanks to a personalized, innovative approach to growth marketing for its customers. Here are the key marketing services for which Growth Room is renowned:

  • Experimentation and Growth Hacking: the Growth Room agency applies Growth Hacking methodologies to rapidly test hypotheses, optimize its customers’ web acquisition channels and scale winning strategies, enabling accelerated and sustainable growth for its customers.
  • Product development and innovation: In addition to web marketing strategies, the Growth Room agency stands out for its expertise in assisting customers with product development and the integration of innovation, ensuring that offerings remain competitive and aligned with market expectations.
  • Team training and empowerment : Aware of the importance of human capital in the success of a web marketing strategy for growth, the Growth Room agency offers its customers training and coaching programs for in-house teams, equipping them with the skills and mentality needed to support and maintain growth.

The Growth Room agency is particularly suited to startups and scale-up companies looking to innovate their approach to the market and develop products that precisely meet the changing needs of their customers, while building a strong internal culture focused on growth and continuous learning.

Here are the overall opinions:

growth room notice


Panja is an innovative growth marketing agency, specializing in helping businesses fully exploit their online growth potential. Panja stands out for its ability to offer customized, state-of-the-art solutions to its customers in the following areas:

  • Marketing automation: the Panja agency excels in implementing web marketing automation systems, enabling companies to streamline their sales and web marketing processes, increase operational efficiency and deliver large-scale personalized experiences to their customers.
  • Data analysis and business intelligence: With a strong focus on data, the Panja agency helps its clients extract valuable insights from their web data, understand user behavior and make informed decisions based on in-depth analysis, to optimize its clients’ growth strategies.
  • Google content strategy and SEO : Aware of the importance of quality content and a strong presence on search engines, the Panja agency develops tailor-made web content marketing strategies and SEO campaigns that improve its customers’ online visibility and attract qualified traffic to their sites.

The Panja agency is particularly suited to companies looking to modernize their web marketing approach, integrate advanced technological solutions into their growth strategies, and harness the power of data to make informed strategic decisions.

Here are the overall opinions:

panja opinion

Growth Agency

Growth Agence presents itself as a cutting-edge Growth Marketing agency, dedicated to supporting companies in their quest for exponential growth. The agency stands out for its expertise in several key areas, enabling it to offer tailor-made services:

  • Customer acquisition and retention: Growth Agence implements innovative web acquisition strategies and effective loyalty programs to help companies attract new customers while maximizing the lifetime value of existing ones.
  • Digital marketing and advertising campaigns: With in-depth expertise in web marketing, Growth Agence designs and executes targeted advertising campaigns on various online platforms, using advanced targeting and optimization techniques to maximize ROI.
  • Conversion optimization (CRO) and user experience (UX): Focusing on conversion optimization and user experience enhancement, Growth Agence helps companies convert visitors into customers more effectively, by applying A/B testing, analyzing the user journey and optimizing web interfaces for better performance.

Growth Agence is ideal for companies seeking an integrated growth web marketing strategy that combines acquisition, retention and optimization to achieve tangible, sustainable results. Their data-driven approach and attention to detail guarantee high-performance web campaigns and continuous improvement in conversion rates.

Here are the overall opinions:

avis growth agence


Cérès Agency is a web marketing agency specializing in helping brands develop their online presence and accelerate their growth. Ceres Agency stands out for its expertise in the following areas:

  • Web content marketing and SEO: Ceres Agency excels in creating rich, relevant content that engages the target audience while optimizing that content for search engines. Their content strategy is designed to improve online visibility and attract quality organic traffic.
  • Social media strategies: The agency offers tailor-made web strategies for social media, focusing on the creation and management of engaging content, community management, and targeted advertising campaigns to increase brand reach and interaction.
  • Data analysis and reporting: Ceres Agency puts a premium on performance analysis and reporting, providing companies with valuable insights into their audience, the effectiveness of their campaigns and strategic recommendations for optimizing growth.

Ceres Agency is ideal for brands looking to enrich their content strategy and maximize their impact on social media. Their analytical approach ensures continuous improvement of digital marketing strategies for sustainable online brand growth.

Here are the overall opinions:

Avis Cérès


In conclusion, the panorama of Growth Hacking in 2024 demonstrates an impressive diversity of specialized agencies, each bringing unique value to companies seeking growth. From Stepward, with its comprehensive approach combining lead generation, recruitment and no-code/low-code development, to Ceres Agency and its mastery of content marketing and SEO, the choice of a Growth Hacking agency should be guided by the match between the services offered and the specific needs of each company.

The selection presented in this article underlines the importance of a personalized, data-driven approach, capable of adapting quickly to market changes and exploiting the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to remain competitive. These agencies stand out not only for their technical web expertise, but also for their ability to train and integrate in-house teams into growth processes, thus ensuring a lasting increase in skills and greater autonomy.

By choosing among these key Growth Hacking players in 2024, companies can ensure they adopt innovative and effective web marketing strategies, capable of catalyzing their growth and offering them a competitive edge in an increasingly saturated environment. Whether your goal is to acquire new customers, optimize conversion, or improve the user experience, these agencies offer a range of services tailored to meet and exceed these objectives.

Finally, it’s crucial to remember that success in Growth Hacking relies on close collaboration between the agency and the company, a mutual understanding of the web objectives to be achieved, and a shared willingness to experiment and innovate. In 2024, a Growth agency that doesn’t recommend equipping you with fake Linkedin profiles isn’t necessarily the one for you. Growth hacking agencies, and more generally lead generation agencies, are equipping themselves with fake Linkedin accounts.

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