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Buying LinkedIn connections: Risks and alternatives

Buying LinkedIn connections: Risks and alternatives



Expanding your Linkedin network means appearing credible in the eyes of Linkedin and other users. Expanding your Linkedin network has become a must for professionals, and is often at the heart of strategies to increase your visibility and seize new opportunities.

To achieve this goal of network expansion, some opt for a quick solution: purchasing LinkedIn connections. But is this practice really safe? Can it really deliver the expected value, or is it a mirage that hides some less-than-obvious risks?

LinkedIn's policy and the risks of buying connections

As a platform, LinkedIn encourages authentic, meaningful interaction between its users. The aim is to build a solid, relevant professional network, based on relationships of trust and shared interests. However, buying connections seems to run counter to this philosophy, raising a number of issues.

First of all, it’s crucial to understand that LinkedIn expressly prohibits the buying and selling of connections in its user policy. Engaging in such practices may therefore result in sanctions up to and including suspension or permanent closure of the account. But beyond the direct consequences imposed by the platform, the risks involved in buying connections are manifold.

One of the main dangers lies in the quality of the connections acquired. The latter are often uncommitted, or even totally inactive, bringing no real added value to your network. What’s more, an artificially inflated network can undermine your professional credibility, as your real contacts can call into question the legitimacy of your profile.

What’s more, buying connections can also expose your account to security risks. Providers of this type of service often require access to your account, leaving you vulnerable to malicious practices such as identity theft or the compromise of personal data.

Faced with these risks, it’s imperative to turn to safer, more ethical alternatives for developing your professional network on LinkedIn. This is where innovative solutions like MirrorProfiles come into play, offering a more authentic approach that respects the principles of professional networking. By renting Linkedin accounts, you’ll have a greater capacity for connection requests. With 5 MirrorProfiles accounts, that’s an average of 200 new connections per week. 200 new people who will see your company’s Linkedin posts.

Avoid the pitfalls of unscrupulous connection providers

All players on professional platforms like LinkedIn are looking to make authentic, meaningful connections. However, the reality is often quite different, and the black market in buying connections thrives in the shadow of good practice. To navigate safely and effectively on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to know how to identify and avoid the traps set by unscrupulous connection providers.

1. Promises too good to be true: Beware of offers that promise hundreds or thousands of connections in record time for a derisory price. These offers are often the sign of an unreliable service that doesn’t care if your Linkedin account can be banned. Let’s face it, having 500 connections and increasing to 2,000 in 1 week is impossible in practice. Unless by some miracle you make a huge buzz or get on TV.

2. Lack of transparency: A reliable supplier should be transparent about its methods and expected results. If you encounter any opacity regarding the processes used to expand your network, consider this a red flag.

3. Requests for access to your account: Providing a third party with access to your LinkedIn account not only violates the platform’s terms of use, but also exposes your personal data to security risks. Any service requiring your login details should be avoided at all costs.

4. Reviews and testimonials: Search for reviews and testimonials about the supplier. Negative experiences from other users are often a good indicator of potential problems. However, you should also be careful about the authenticity of positive reviews, as they may be fictitious.

5. Quantity rather than quality: A good supplier should focus on the quality of connections rather than their quantity. Relevant, engaged connections will add far more value to your professional network than thousands of passive or irrelevant connections. That’s why we rent profiles with “only” 500 connections, but only real connections obtained via a connection request.

The key to building a solid, reliable professional network on LinkedIn lies in authenticity and meaningful interaction (comments, likes…). Tools and services that respect this philosophy, such as MirrorProfiles, offer a sustainable and ethical alternative to buying connections, helping you to establish quality connections based on shared interests and professional goals.

Approved methods for developing your LinkedIn network

In the quest for a rich and authentic LinkedIn network, adopting approved methods for organic development is crucial. These strategies not only comply with LinkedIn guidelines, but also guarantee quality connections, strengthening your credibility and professional network over the long term. In 2024, there’s only one solution: MirrorProfiles.

Here are the main reasons to develop your Linkedin network naturally:

1) Genuine commitment: Genuine, relevant commitment is the cornerstone of a solid professional network. Participate actively: this means commenting, sharing and publishing content that brings value to your industry. This naturally attracts like-minded professionals, fostering meaningful connections.

2) Profile optimization: An optimized LinkedIn profile is your digital business card. Make sure it accurately reflects your professional experience, skills and aspirations. A complete and engaging profile naturally attracts more relevant connections.

3) Targeted networking: Instead of adding mass connections, identify professionals who share common interests or operate in similar fields. Use LinkedIn’s advanced search tools to find individuals who really match your ideal KPI.

4) Recommendations and endorsements: Give and ask for recommendations and endorsements for skills. This strengthens your credibility and that of your network, encouraging new, high-quality connections to approach you.

5) Using MirrorProfiles: MirrorProfiles stands out as an innovative solution for developing your network organically. Expand your network by renting optimized LinkedIn profiles. This platform lets you test ideas or projects without changing your personal profile. Benefits include a network of over 500 connections for each profile, manual use for over three months prior to rental to ensure authenticity, a secure access interface and a low rate of accounts detected by LinkedIn, offering peace of mind in developing your network.


In conclusion, the importance of an authentic and relevant LinkedIn network cannot be underestimated in today’s professional landscape. In the face of risky practices such as buying connections, which threaten credibility and run counter to LinkedIn’s principles, it’s becoming essential to prioritize safe networking methods for your Linkedin account.

In this context, MirrorProfiles emerges as a preferred solution, offering an original and secure avenue for your Linkedin prospecting. By offering carefully prepared profiles with a substantial network, we enable you to promote your projects or ideas while preserving the integrity of your personal account. Secure access, low risk of detection by LinkedIn, and meticulous profile preparation make it a strategic option for those looking to enrich their network with quality connections.

Sincere interaction, profile optimization, judicious selection of connections and leveraging referrals are the foundations of a solid professional network. By aligning itself with these principles, MirrorProfiles facilitates the creation of authentic and relevant professional connections, strengthening your presence and credibility on LinkedIn.

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