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How to use IA Linkedin accounts

How to use IA Linkedin accounts



In 2024, LinkedIn will be the main acquisition channel for many B2B companies. Email is still an interesting tool for prospecting, but with the new restrictions, mass emailing is becoming increasingly limited. The low response rates were strongly offset by the volume. The average response rate on Linkedin is 25%, compared with 2% for emailing.

In order to constantly improve your response rate and more generally your rdv rate, even Linkedin has started using AI to help you boost your page. LinkedIn also relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to enrich your user experience by making it more personalized and effective?

Even if Linkedin helps you increase your rates, at the same time they intensify their quota, thus limiting interaction. That’s why we’re going to tell you all about LinkedIn’s AI accounts, how they work and how you can leverage them to improve your visibility and exceed Linkedin quotas. You’ll also learn about the benefits of AI for your prospecting and ways to introduce yourself to this promising technology.

Whether you’re a manager of an acquisition team, a sales rep or a recruiter, here you’ll find valuable tips and concrete illustrations for maximizing the benefits of LinkedIn IA accounts.

What is an IA LinkedIn account?

To fully appreciate the creation and use of an AI account on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to grasp what AI means in the context of this platform, as well as its evolution over time.

A LinkedIn AI account uses artificial intelligence to perfect your profile, expand your network and increase your engagement on LinkedIn. AI is defined by the ability of machines to perform tasks generally associated with human intelligence, such as understanding language, identifying images, or making decisions. For example, at MirrorProfiles we rent you Linkedin accounts that have already been perfected by AI, from the content of the account, to the posts it creates and even the first interactions. For our part, we don’t use Linkedin’s built-in AI, but others like Mistral or ChatGPT. What’s more, we have our own AI that we’ve trained with best practices on Linkedin.

On LinkedIn, AI can enrich your page’s editorial content, unearth professional opportunities, contact prospects, share your know-how and suggest training courses. A variety of IA tools are available on LinkedIn, including a writing assistant, pre-set messages, job recommendations, contact suggestions, interest estimates, and help with creating profiles and job descriptions.

The evolution of AI in professional networking

AI is not a recent innovation at LinkedIn. The platform has relied on AI for over a decade to enhance its UX, offering a personalized, optimized interface. This technology has helped position LinkedIn as the professional social media of choice, with over 900 million members worldwide.

Thanks to AI, professionals from various sectors have been able to make connections, cooperate and train via LinkedIn. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, recruiter, job seeker, or simply a LinkedIn user, you can leverage AI to increase your visibility and engagement on the platform. AI also helps you adapt to changes in the job market and acquire new know-how. Be careful, though: the idea is not to rely entirely on AI, as a deal/recruitment will always involve a human being.

Setting up an IA LinkedIn account

If you understand the importance of IA LinkedIn accounts in boosting your online presence, you may be wondering how to use them. There are many options, but one of the most forward-thinking is the LinkedIn IA account rental service.

MirrorProfiles, the LinkedIn IA account rental service

MirrorProfiles, a French start-up, offers the possibility of renting LinkedIn IA accounts to those wishing to increase their visibility and engagement on this platform. Thanks to this, you can equip your sales reps or recruiters with boosted Linkedin accounts ready for automation. Deploying IA Mirrorprofiles accounts allows you to multiply your capacity for sending connection requests. For example, with 5 MirrorProfiles IA Linkedin accounts managed by one of your sales reps, he’ll be able to send between 500 and 600 connection requests per week.

Then, for a monthly subscription fee, this AI profile operates for your company. You can publish relevant content, interact with publications, like, share and approach prospects.

This method increases your brand awareness and credibility, while allowing you to maintain control of your professional image and objectives.

Customize your AI profile

One of MirrorProfiles’ major assets is the ability to customize the AI profile to your requirements. Your page can be adapted according to tone, style, frequency of publication, topics, hashtags, keywords and target audience. You can securely personalize your MirrorProfiles account and use AI to do so if you wish.

Other tools let you set moderation and security guidelines, and monitor the performance of your AI profile via a dashboard. This displays the number of views, interactions and contacts generated, enabling you to fine-tune your digital strategy as required. Mirrorprofiles for Linkedin accounts is compatible with all software on the market.

How to set up an IA Linkedin account with your prospecting tools

Using an AI profile is not a strategy in itself, but it does effectively reinforce your prospecting approach. It increases your visibility, credibility and the trust of your audience.

It also helps generate qualified leads interested in your skills and services. You can then mobilize your usual prospecting elements, such as emailing, calls, chats or videoconferences, to engage these prospects in conversation, present them with tailored offers and finalize sales. In this way, the AI profile becomes a valuable tool for boosting your activity on LinkedIn.

One of the strategies most frequently used by our customers is to take on at least 5 accounts for each type of customer they have. For example, one of our customers, an agency, has 3 very distinct targets:

  1. Software company managers
  2. Marketing directors of large retailers: supermarkets, DIY stores, etc.
  3. HR directors of large French companies with over 1,000 employees

Each target therefore has 5 IA Linkedin MirrorProfiles accounts, enabling them to verticalize and specialize each group of accounts on their theme. This allows them to specialize their accounts in terms of connections, posts, comments, profiles – in short, everything is geared to their vertical.

AI-driven engagement strategies on Linkedin

Linkedin requires distinctive engagement strategies to stand out from the crowd. AI is proving to be a great tool for boosting your Linkedin presence, with advanced solutions for content creation, interaction automation, audience research and segmentation.

Using AI to generate relevant content

Success on Linkedin largely depends on the quality of your content, enabling you to showcase your expertise and captivate your audience. Faced with the challenge of regularly producing engaging content, AI offers a solution thanks to natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). These technologies analyze existing web content to produce original texts tailored to your audience. AI-based tools make it easy to create punchy headlines, interesting introductions, useful summaries and even entire articles based on specific keywords. Here are some interesting programs: MagicPosts, Redactai and Taplio.

What’s more, they optimize content for SEO, using strategic keywords and following best practices. In this way, AI not only saves time but also improves the visibility of your content on Linkedin. Linkedin posts are important, and creating them automatically so that it’s easy for you to produce lots of them is something to master. The quality of Linkedin posts should not be overlooked. Posting for the sake of posting is pointless.

Automate Linkedin interactions

On Linkedin, interaction plays a crucial role in boosting brand awareness, building audience loyalty and creating business opportunities. However, managing a high volume of contacts and messages can be complex. AI offers an effective solution through the deployment of chatbots and virtual assistants capable of understanding and reacting in natural language. MirrorChat, for example, enables you to generate automatic responses to your prospects.

What’s more, Linkedin automation tools such as La Growth Machine, Hey Reach and Waalaxy have built-in AI to make it easier to write your prospecting messages. You can also use your own prompts, but be careful to provide ChatGPT with 2 things:

  1. Your contact database
  2. Linkedin copywriting rules

AI can also take care of answering questions, initiating conversations, sending invitations or gratitude messages, improving the automation of interactions while guaranteeing a quality user experience and boosting engagement on LinkedIn. In short, it can be used for every phase of a prospect’s life, right through to closing. But as I said above, the one thing AI will never be able to do is close a deal.

Linkedin’s integrated AI helps you expand your professional network by assessing your interests, know-how, aspirations and needs. It identifies and recommends like-minded individuals, events, groups, forums or platforms for effective networking. Thanks to AI, you forge meaningful links with people who can bring you value, opportunities and advice.

What’s more, it enhances your existing network by highlighting contacts that deserve more interaction. It analyzes the behavior, preferences and expectations of your connections to suggest topics for discussion, proposals, feedback or requests for collaboration. Linkedin AI keeps you informed of any significant developments among your contacts, advising you on the steps to take to consolidate or intensify these relationships.

AI for audience research and segmentation

Understanding your audience is essential to any strategy on Linkedin, directly influencing the success of your initiatives. Thanks to AI, audience research and segmentation become more accessible, relying on data analysis, machine learning and deep learning to explore and analyze the information available on Linkedin. These technologies identify patterns, trends and correlations in user data, enabling the creation of precise audience segments. This makes AI an invaluable tool for gaining an in-depth understanding of your target market and refining your strategies.

Response strategy with MirrorChat AI

For optimal management of your messages on LinkedIn, AI, via tools such as MirrorChat, is proving invaluable.
centralizes exchanges from all your LinkedIn accounts, enabling you to respond rapidly with customized response templates, tailored to the context and needs of your contacts. It makes it easy to track and organize your conversations, and align them with your favorite tools, improving your efficiency, response rate and lead-to-customer conversion.


By 2024, LinkedIn will have established itself as the acquisition channel of choice for the B2B sector, far surpassing emailing thanks to its significantly higher response rates and the integration of AI to personalize and optimize the user experience. Innovations such as LinkedIn AI accounts, offered by companies such as MirrorProfiles, make it possible to go beyond the limits imposed by LinkedIn quotas, offering greater visibility and efficiency in prospecting.

These accounts, customizable to specific needs, enable a targeted, automated approach to networking and prospecting, maximizing engagement and business opportunities without compromising the quality of interactions. AI plays a crucial role not only in improving profiles, but also in creating tailored content, automating interactions and more precise audience segmentation.

So, by leveraging the advances of AI on LinkedIn, B2B companies can significantly boost their online presence, improve their response rates and optimize their prospecting strategy. It is therefore essential to adapt to these changes in order to remain competitive in a dynamic and constantly changing business environment.


How to use AI on LinkedIn?

To take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) on LinkedIn, here are two effective strategies:

  • AI-assisted content creation: Use LinkedIn’s AI-driven authoring tool to produce captivating, targeted posts. Simply provide a few key points, and the tool generates content tailored to your audience.
  • Create prospecting sequences with AI-generated messages: Use MirrorProfiles accounts to verticalize your Linkedin prospecting.
  • Job recommendations via AI: Benefit from LinkedIn’s personalized job suggestions, which align available offers with your professional skills and passions.

Who uses LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the preferred choice for professionals worldwide looking to expand their network, boost their career or develop their business. With over 800 million members in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn offers a remarkable diversity of profiles. Users come from all walks of life, representing diverse industries, age groups and gender identities. For example, in 2024, 44% of LinkedIn members are women and 56% are men, while 59% of members are aged between 25 and 34.

What percentage of recruiters consult your LinkedIn profile?

Around 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to check out candidates’ professional backgrounds and profiles. This practice underlines the importance of having a well-curated LinkedIn profile, highlighting your know-how, experience and recommendations to stand out from the crowd.

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