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How to make a good Linkedin post?

How to make a good Linkedin post?



Turning your LinkedIn posts into levers of success is now essential. Social networks, and Linkedin too, love content creation, because it serves their image. Indeed, the more quality content you create, the longer their users will stay on their platform. Today, standing out on this platform is not just about publishing; it’s about making an impression and forging strong links. Properly designed, these posts can become catalysts for visibility and professional engagement. This article reveals why LinkedIn posts are so important. My goal is to share with you the different techniques for writing good ones and reveal the key strategy for boosting your visibility.

Why write Linkedin posts?

LinkedIn has become an essential tool for cultivating the visibility of your company and your personal branding. Each post is an opportunity to highlight your brand, tell your company story, and position yourself as an opinion leader in your field. This is where personal branding becomes a tangible business asset. Keep in mind that your Linkedin page is nothing more and nothing less than your personal showcase page. You know how important a website is to a company, but your Linkedin page and your publications are just as important to you.

Beyond mere visibility, posts on LinkedIn generate significant professional engagement. They invite dialogue, encourage the sharing of ideas and facilitate the creation of lasting professional relationships. By regularly sharing your expertise and insights, you don’t just show off your know-how; you create a community committed to your values and vision.

It’s a virtuous circle for 2 reasons:

  1. The more comments your Linkedin posts generate, the more visible they’ll be to the network of commenters.
  2. Posting on Linkedin will increase your Social Selling Index: the higher it is, the more visible you’ll be.

Talking about your professional expertise through these posts isn’t just a demonstration of skills, it’s a strategy for establishing your credibility and authority in your sector. This creates resonance with your target audience, reinforcing your position as an expert in your field. Integrating these posts into your outbound campaigns can significantly improve your statistics. They serve as an additional point of contact with your audience, increasing the chances of conversions and positive returns on your marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to increase your prospecting volumes, take a look at this article which will help you do just that.

Clearly, writing LinkedIn posts isn’t just about content, it’s about creating added value. There are a number of techniques and tricks you can use to turn your posts into real strategic assets. Writing Linkedin posts will strengthen your personal seo. Your prospects are hiding in your 1st, 2nd or 3rd level network. The impact of Linkedin posts on a company’s customer acquisition should not be underestimated: you are the image and spearhead of their communication strategy.

How to make a good Linkedin post

1. To create a powerful LinkedIn post, start with a catchy headline that immediately grabs attention.

An effective headline on LinkedIn should be concise and clear, using action words and relevant keywords. Your goal is to give readers a compelling reason to click and read your content. Think about what makes your post unique and how you can quickly communicate that in your headline. PerfectPost is an interesting tool for checking rendering before publishing. The 1st sentence of your Linkedin post should therefore be short and intriguing. A user who clicks on “Read more” is counted by Linkedin as an interaction.

2. Your introduction must be engaging.

An engaging introduction often begins with a provocative question, a surprising statistic or an interesting anecdote. It’s crucial to make the introduction relevant to your target audience. This means knowing your audience’s interests and needs to create a connection right from the start.

3. Content must be rich and provide value.

Your post should share insights, practical advice or personal experiences that bring something new to your audience. Make sure your content is well researched, accurate and up-to-date. Using concrete examples, case studies or data helps back up your points and makes your content more credible and engaging. Linkedin is a professional social network, and Linkedin posts should reflect your expertise. However, this point needs to be qualified, as less conventional posts can also have a good impact. Linkedin posts that don’t provide much value but get a lot of reactions are what we call hot content.

4. Make sure your post is concise.

An ideal LinkedIn post should be 300 to 500 words long. Use short paragraphs, bullet points and subheadings to structure your text. This makes the content easy to scan and understand, allowing readers to quickly grasp the key points. If you’re more into hot content, stories can be so impressive that they generate so much interaction. It’s up to you to decide, and above all to combine short and long content.

5. Adding quality visuals will make your post more attractive.

Relevant, high-quality images, infographics or videos can greatly enhance the appeal and comprehension of your message. Visuals must be in keeping with the content of the message and add aesthetic or informative value. Let’s face it, in 2024, photos, videos and anything other than letters are increasingly popular. Whether you’re a video, photo or carousel artist, you should know that the most “designer” among you will do all the better on Linkedin. Having a beautiful pen is important, but with the advent of AI, writing Linkedin posts is getting easier. However, AI is not yet on a par with humans when it comes to producing beautiful, impactful visuals.

6. Don’t forget to include a clear call to action at the end of your post.

A clear call to action (CTA) encourages interaction and guides readers on what to do next. This can be an invitation to comment, to share the post, or to follow a link for more information. Be specific in your CTA and give clear instructions to encourage a specific action. This is particularly true of Linkedin “Lead Magnet” posts, which encourage people to comment on your post in order to obtain a high-value-added document in a private message: study, white paper, template, uses case, etc. Offering content to your audience will impact your business in a multitude of ways. This will generate customers for you directly, but also for the curious who see your post they’ll go to your Linkedin page and then on to your company’s website. In short, your marketing and sales teams will thank you.

7. The recurrence of your Linkedin posts

Linkedin is a social network, so this platform loves a lot of content creation, as it helps to keep its users’ attention. A good rhythm to keep when publishing on Linkedin is 1 to 2 posts per week minimum. It’s strong! But it’s not impossible: with the help of ChatGPT, for example, you can easily write a post. A medium-quality Linkedin post is better than 0 post at all. Yes, it’s pretty hard to understand, especially in B2B, but it’s true. That’s why there’s such a thing as hot content, which is quicker to produce than content with high professional added value.

Don’t forget to engage your audience by replying to comments and interacting with them, which will strengthen your credibility and professional network. Regularity and consistency in your publications are essential for your business on LinkedIn.

Here are some examples of posts that work:

  • Posts of Nina Ramen
  • Posts of Michel Khoury


Finally, if you want to get an idea of the impact of your posts, you can measure the power of a linkedIn post by its engagement rate.

Rate calculation:

  • Formula: Number of likes + comments + re-shares / number of relationships (1st).


A good post has an engagement rate of between 10 and 30%.

By integrating these elements into your LinkedIn publishing strategy, you’ll optimize the quality of your posts, but it’s also necessary to increase their reach and impact on your professional network. This will maximize engagement and strengthen your presence on the platform.

Good LinkedIn posts are those with the highest engagement rates. This is in the eyes of LinkedIn for the Social Selling Index, but unfortunately many LinkedIn profiles don’t have a specialized network and therefore it’s complex to get a 10% engagement rate. Don’t be discouraged, a really good Linkedin post is essentially based on the quality of the comments and, above all, who liked your publication. It’s a great hook for contacting that potential prospect.

How to maximize the visibility of your Linkedin posts

To benefit from wide visibility, our most pertinent advice is to use MirrorProfiles, an effective strategy for amplifying the reach of your posts on LinkedIn. By renting several accounts, you can republish your content in different Linkedin networks, increasing its visibility.

Each MirrorProfiles account starts with around 500 relationships. By targeting and growing these relationships in your specific field to 800 or 900, you create a solid base from which to start publishing. This approach makes it easier to achieve a high engagement rate, as your posts reach a wider, more relevant audience.

MirrorProfiles accounts are LinkedIn avatar profiles designed to reflect and reinforce your core presence on the platform. They are used to republish and share your posts, increasing their visibility and reach. Strategically managing these accounts, developing them and aligning them with your target audience, is crucial to maximizing the impact of your publications. This method enables you to reach a wider, more diverse audience, increasing the chances of high engagement with your content.

It’s mathematical: the more Linkedin profiles your company has on Linkedin, the more visible it will be.


By using effective copywriting techniques and adopting strategies like MirrorProfiles to increase your reach, every post becomes a valuable opportunity to boost your engagement rate. For those looking to further optimize their efforts, discover the top 5 specialist ghostwriting agencies, a valuable asset. For the more expert among you, you’ll be tempted to talk about Linkedin articles, but this format has been “abandoned” by the platform. To have a real impact on your audience, focus on publishing regular Linkedin posts that support your company’s marketing strategy.

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