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Linkedin has always been seen as the Holy Grail for professionals the world over.

This platform is unrivalled when it comes to networking in search of new opportunities. But with technological evolution and the rise of automation tools, the line between efficiency and ethics has become blurred.

Linkedin, aware of this threat, has implemented measures to counter these tools. It was in this context that the idea of having several accounts was born.

So what makes renting a Linkedin account the growth 2024 solution?

What is a MirrorProfiles account rental?

MirrorProfiles account rental is a new technique that gives you a secure approach to Linkedin prospecting via a warm, secure Linkedin account, ready for immediate automation.

These accounts were created and “heated” for over three months. Our 5 safety nets allow us to have less than 5% strike rate on our thousands of accounts:

  • One dedicated digital footprint per Linkedin account.
  • Hand-heated to over 500 relations.
  • Improved heating thanks to profile visits, publications, likes and comments.
  • A profile photo undetectable by AIs
  • Patience, for quality heating.

Our Linkedin accounts perfectly mimic human beings and their use of Linkedin. They respect the idea of making good use of Linkedin and encourage the creation of a solid network.

But where MirrorProfiles really stands out is in its replacement guarantee. If an account is banned, a new one is provided within 24 hours.

Leasing a MirrorProfiles account may seem less attractive than buying from a business point of view, but it ensures quality maintenance and enhanced security. If the account is struck, the loss is shared, unlike account sellers who give up security after the sale.

This assurance of quality and safety is tempting, but why lease rather than buy? Let’s find out what makes renting a MirrorProfiles account so special.

The compelling argument for renting a MirrorProfiles account

Considering the vast ecosystem of tools and services available for Linkedin, why choose to rent a MirrorProfiles account? The answer is simple: it maximizes efficiency while guaranteeing safety.

Developed by Stepward a growth hacking agency with expertise in outbound marketing, this tool will boost your prospecting on LinkedIn tenfold. Compatible with all LinkedIn automation tools on the market, you can :

  • Contacting several thousand people, with 5 accounts that’s a volume of 1,000 people a week!
  • Keep your leads with an account that belongs to your company.
  • Secure your LinkedIn accounts and those of your colleagues.

We also offer MirrorChat, the only tool on the market that consolidates your LinkedIn messages from multiple accounts into a single interface.

Simple, attractive pricing: 100 euros/month for 1 MirrorProfiles account with no commitment.

With LinkedIn updates, MirrorProfiles is the only solution available to bypass LinkedIn quotas and contact your targets risk-free!

How do I use a MirrorProfiles account?

Using a MirrorProfiles account isn’t just a matter of logging in and starting to send messages. This requires an understanding of best practices to maximize efficiency while maintaining security and authenticity.

  1. Use the dedicated launcher: The dedicated launcher is essential for maintaining the unique digital footprint of each Linkedin account. This ensures that the account remains secure and reduces the risk of banning.

  2. Select the right automation tool: Choosing the right automation tool is crucial. Using more than one tool per account can lead to conflicts and problems. You can find a guide to 5 automation tools that work well with MirrorProfiles.

  3. Follow best practices for messages: Messages should be written in a professional and personalized way. We suggest this article which talks about examples of Linkedin messages posts that can help you create attractive messages.

  4. Understanding and respecting quotas: Linkedin has strict quotas on the number of contacts and messages you can send. MirrorProfiles helps you understand and increase your acceptance rate on Linkedin so you can reach your targets without risk.

In short, using a MirrorProfiles account requires a methodical, well-thought-out approach. Following these best practices ensures that you can maximize your reach while maintaining the authenticity and security of your account.

Choosing the right tools, respecting Linkedin’s guidelines, and adopting a human approach are essential to success in this innovative path to prospecting on Linkedin.

How does MirrorChat make your MirrorProfiles experience easier?

MirrorChat, a complementary product to MirrorProfiles, is a real innovation in the way we manage communications on Linkedin.


  1. A complete tool for effective communication: MirrorChat isn’t just an add-on; it transforms the way you communicate by connecting multiple Linkedin accounts in one place. This eliminates the tedious need to switch from one account to another.
  2. Organize your contacts: Categorizing prospects with tags lets you track your communications with different contacts easily, making it simple to manage a large number of contacts.
  3. Intuitive, easy-to-use interface: Even without extensive technological expertise, MirrorChat is easy to navigate. What’s more, the support team is always ready to help.

In short, MirrorChat isn’t just an add-on to your MirrorProfiles account; it’s an indispensable tool that enhances and facilitates your Linkedin messaging experience. 

You can now schedule a demo to discover how MirrorChat can transform your LinkedIn messaging experience.

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