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LinkedIn 2024 invitation limit: Exceed 100 per week


Introduction to the linkedin invitation limit

If you use LinkedIn for acquisition purposes, chances are you’ve been frustrated by recent restrictions on the number of invitations you can send. In particular, if you use automation tools such as Waalaxy, LGM, Linkedhelper, Expandi… You may have noticed that their ability to bypass these restrictions has been greatly reduced. We’ll explain how to exceed the Linkedin invitation limit.

Recent changes to linkedin invitation limits

Since 2021, LinkedIn has limited the number of invitations a user can send to 100 per week. The Linkedin invitation limit poses a real problem for those who rely on automation to send a large number of invitations.

This limitation is even more frustrating when you consider that just a few weeks ago, tools such as Waalaxy allowed you to send up to 2,500 invitations per month.

Unfortunately, Waalaxy or Linked Helper, like other automation tools, can no longer get around this limitation. In fact, Waalaxy recently modified its value proposition, dropping from 2,500 invitations per month to just 800. This represents a reduction of around 70% in their capacity. In their latest Webinar dedicated to their AI Prospect Finder feature, Waalaxy says they searched long and hard for another flaw without success.

Waalaxy quotas following recent linkedin invitation restrictions

Impact on automation

The new Linkedin invitation limit imposes a serious hindrance on those who use automation tools to contact a large volume of individuals on LinkedIn. This is particularly frustrating for those who depend on LinkedIn as their primary channel for acquiring leads and recruiting candidates.

With this limitation, the number of people you can contact is considerably reduced. Ultimately, this means fewer leads and fewer potential candidates for your company. To put this into perspective, let’s look at average acceptance rates (AR) and response rates (RR) on LinkedIn. On average, only a fraction of those invited accept your invitation, and even fewer respond to your message. So, with a limit of 100 invitations, you’ll end up exchanging with only a dozen or so people.

This restriction therefore poses a significant challenge to maintaining a high volume of contacts, conversations and, ultimately, conversions on LinkedIn.

Innovative solution: rent a LinkedIn account

So what’s the solution to these invitation limits?
MirrorProfiles is a LinkedIn account rental service that lets you multiply your prospecting and maintain high sending volumes.

How does MirrorProfiles work?

If you used to send 2,500 connection requests a month, you can now use 3 MirrorProfiles accounts with Waalaxy in addition to your own.
This way, you can continue to reach your quotas.

MirrorProfiles allows you to have multiple LinkedIn accounts, so even if quotas are lowered, you’ll still be able to send 200 connection requests per MirrorProfiles profile.

And the best part? This technique can be used with all existing tools: LGM, Lemlist, Neodeal, Linked Helper… etc.

How do I use this solution to get around the Linkedin invitation limit?

Installation is quick and easy. It takes a maximum of 24 hours to receive your accounts, which are plug & play, ready to use.
What’s more, MirrorChat has been developed to centralize LinkedIn messaging across multiple LinkedIn accounts, making it even easier to manage your multiple accounts.

Here’s a short video demo of Mirrorchat : 


Why not create my own fake account? Possibly, but...

You probably want to create a “secondary” account yourself. However, there are many factors to consider.

For example, did you know that your digital identity is known and analyzed by LinkedIn?

At Mirror Profiles, we provide you with a turnkey solution to fly under LinkedIn’s radar and save you hours, even days, of work on your account.

Thanks to our expertise, you benefit from a robust solution for leveraging LinkedIn and focusing on what really brings value.


So, while LinkedIn’s invitation limits may seem like an obstacle, there are ways around them. With tools like MirrorProfiles, you can continue to maximize your acquisition potential on LinkedIn.
MirrorProfiles is the only solution on the market to bypass the limits of Linkedin invitations.

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