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MirrorCRM: Automatic cleaning of your databases



Sales professionals know how vital it is to work with accurate, up-to-date databases. However, when it comes to sales prospecting, a recurring problem significantly affects team efficiency: the presence of duplicates in databases. This phenomenon, although common, can lead to significant complications, from wasted time to damaged customer relations. Not to mention the internal conflicts that can arise from this, salespeople are often paid on performance and if 2 salespeople contact the same prospect who becomes a customer, who gets the bonus? That’s why, in this article, we’ll look at how MirrorCRM can automatically solve this recurring problem with prospecting databases.

Duplication: an obstacle to sales prospecting

Duplicates in a prospecting database can arise in many different ways. Whether through repeated data entry or simply errors when integrating data from different sources, the results are always the same: less effective lead management and potentially problematic customer interactions.

Duplicates cause :

  • Redundancy of effort: teams spend their time managing the same information over and over again, rather than focusing on new prospects.

  • Dilution of resources: resources allocated to marketing and prospecting are dispersed, reducing the return on investment of these activities.

  • Increased risk of errors: With multiple entries for a single contact, the risk of errors or inappropriate communications increases, affecting the company’s image.

  • Compromised data analysis: Decisions based on erroneous or duplicate data can lead to inappropriate strategies.

  • Prospect annoyance: especially if you automate your prospecting, if a prospect receives the same message from 2 different sales reps, he’ll know it was automated, and the prospect will be lost.

Automatic database cleansing is becoming a necessity for any company wishing to maintain optimum efficiency while enhancing its brand image. Recognizing this crucial need, we have integrated this functionality into the heart of our new product, MirrorCRM. This solution isn’t just a technical answer to an operational problem, it’s designed to radically transform the way companies manage their prospecting data.

The objective is clear: to enable companies to maximize their potential by eliminating the obstacles that hinder the productivity of their sales teams. By providing a tool capable of automatically purging data and efficiently eliminating duplicates, we position MirrorCRM not just as a CRM tool, but as an indispensable platform for commercial success. MirrorCRM becomes your prospecting control tower, enabling you to manage your prospecting files both upstream and downstream of automation tools.

For example, here’s how I use MirrorCRM for our internal needs:

  1. I scrape a prospect file via SalesNavigator Linkedin.

  2. I upload it to MirrorCRM.

  3. MirrorCRM cleans up my file by removing duplicate leads already in my CRM. In fact, if prospects are already in my MirrorCRM, I’ve already contacted them.

  4. I download my cleaned CSV and upload it to my automation tool. In my case, it’s HeyReach

Automatic cleaning of your prospecting files

With MirrorCRM, prospecting file management reaches a new dimension of precision and efficiency. Our tool integrates advanced automatic data cleansing functions designed specifically for the needs of tool-based sales teams.

Here’s how MirrorCRM transforms your prospecting operations thanks to its intelligent cleaning capabilities.

Key features of Automatic Cleaning

Anti-duplication: the system automatically detects and eliminates repetitive entries in your files. This operation is performed daily, ensuring that your data remains clean and accurate without continuous manual intervention.

Advanced Jobtitle cleansing: MirrorCRM recognizes and organizes information based on job titles, enabling finer segmentation and a targeted approach to your prospecting campaigns.

Field standardization: To ensure data consistency, our tool standardizes data field formats, such as telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and date formats, simplifying data integration and analysis.

Exclusion list: Thanks to a dedicated exclusion tab, you can configure criteria to automatically exclude unwanted leads. This ensures that your database is not only clean, but also relevant to your business objectives.

Data cleansing tools

Automated data cleansing lets your teams concentrate on higher value-added tasks, such as negotiating and closing sales. With clean, well-organized data, it’s possible to launch more precise and personalized marketing campaigns, increasing conversion rates. Automatic elimination of errors and duplicates reduces the risk of misunderstandings or ineffective communication with prospects. What’s more, the ability to remove duplicates at any time and daily automation ensure continuous control over data quality, adapting quickly to the dynamics of the commercial market.

A concrete example of MirrorCRM's cleaning efficiency

One of our customers, a company operating in the digital marketing sector, managed a considerable amount of data, prospecting an average of 20,000 people per month. With such a large volume, the risk of duplication between its different databases was significant. These duplicates not only represented a waste of time in manual management, but also a potential source of errors and unnecessary costs during Linkedin prospecting campaigns.

The company has integrated MirrorCRM to automate the cleaning of its prospecting files. MirrorCRM’s anti-duplication functionality was used to effectively identify and eliminate repetitive entries before the launch of any marketing campaign. This automatic process ensures that each contact list is unique and optimized for action.

Using MirrorCRM has transformed the way our customer approaches data management:

  • Cost and time savings: Automated duplicate cleansing has significantly reduced the time spent on data preparation, thereby cutting operational costs associated with data management.

  • Increased campaign effectiveness: With databases cleansed at Jobtitles level, each campaign is now more targeted and relevant, increasing response rates and the overall effectiveness of marketing efforts.

  • Improved customer satisfaction: By avoiding redundant communications, the company has improved its image with prospects, contributing to a better user experience and greater loyalty.

The example of this customer clearly illustrates how effective integration of technologies like MirrorCRM can not only solve operational problems, but also create added value for companies. By choosing a tool capable of automatically cleansing data and duplicates and much more, our customer has not only optimized its operations, but also strengthened its marketing strategy.

In conclusion, sales professionals know how crucial it is to maintain accurate, up-to-date databases. However, duplicate prospecting databases can seriously affect team efficiency, wasting time and damaging customer relationships. Not to mention the annoyance of the salespeople themselves, who will feel like they’re working in a vacuum.

MirrorCRM addresses this problem with an automatic cleansing feature that not only eliminates duplicates, but also normalizes and refines data for more targeted campaigns.

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