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MirrorCRM: How does our lead scoring work?

How does our lead scoring work?



Qualification is the key to clear and effective prospecting. Ineffective management of prospecting messages not only wastes valuable time, but also runs the risk of missing crucial opportunities to convert prospects into qualified leads. The lead scoring function has been integrated into MirrorCRM to address this complex issue.

The key to a successful business is for all your sales people to be able to qualify prospects in the same way you would. But this is very complex without a minimum of mathematization and automation. You don’t want one of your sales reps to think that a click on a prospecting email is worth 2 points, while another thinks it’s worth 3. This would skew your entire lead scoring system. This article aims to give you some tips and show you how automated lead scoring can be a real asset to your customer acquisition system.

The problem of managing prospecting messages

Companies that engage in prospecting activities are often faced with a large volume of prospects. Each interaction, whether in the form of an email, a message on Linkedin, or a phone call, has a different conversion potential. Without a proper system for evaluating and ranking these prospects, it’s easy to get bogged down in a flood of messages, failing to distinguish the most promising opportunities.

This inability to prioritize prospects can lead to two major consequences:

  1. Wasted time: Sales people can spend a disproportionate amount of time interacting with unqualified or poorly qualified prospects, to the detriment of those with high conversion potential.

  2. Missed opportunities: Without a reliable method for identifying the hottest prospects, it’s highly likely that opportunities to turn a prospect into a lead will be missed, either because they’re not identified in time, or because they’re buried in the mass.

Faced with these challenges, it’s becoming imperative to adopt a more structured and automated approach to managing prospecting messages. MirrorCRM’s lead scoring functionality was developed with this in mind.

Prioritize easily with MirrorCRM?

MirrorCRM’s lead scoring functionality has been designed to help companies overcome the obstacles associated with managing leads and prioritizing prospecting efforts. By automatically assigning a score to each prospect based on their interactions and engagement, MirrorCRM offers a clear vision of the potential value of each contact.

This scoring system makes it possible to classify prospects in a relevant way, based on objective, measurable criteria. As a result, the most engaged prospects and those most likely to convert into customers are easily identified, enabling sales teams to focus their efforts where they are most likely to generate a return on investment.

By integrating lead scoring at the heart of MirrorCRM, our aim was to provide a powerful, intuitive tool for optimizing prospecting campaigns. By reducing the complexity of lead management and highlighting the most promising leads, MirrorCRM helps companies maximize their chances of success in their prospecting initiatives. Above all, our tool enables your sales reps to prioritize their TODO, which is automatically filled in. Thanks to this, your sales force can increase their speed and, more generally, your sales velocity.

Automatic lead scoring

MirrorCRM’s lead scoring functionality is based on a dynamic scoring system, designed to simplify and optimize lead management. This tool is at the heart of your prospecting strategy, providing a clear and effective methodology for evaluating and prioritizing contacts according to their potential.

Our automatic scoring system is the perfect tool for tracking your prospects’ engagement accurately and dynamically. Each prospect is given an individual score ranging from 0 to 10, based on a detailed analysis of his or her progress in the prospecting process. This score is calculated by taking into account several factors, such as multi-channel interactions (including email clicks, Linkedin responses, phone calls and many other engagement indicators).

One of the main advantages of this system is its ability to automatically adapt to prospects’ behaviors, providing a real-time picture of their interest and maturity. This enables sales teams to prioritize the hottest prospects, i.e. those whose score indicates a high level of engagement and a high probability of conversion.

Although MirrorCRM’s lead scoring is fully automated, we understand the importance of flexibility and personalization in managing prospecting campaigns. That’s why our system is designed to allow users to regain control at any time. If you have specific criteria or want to adjust the scoring according to your observations and expertise, MirrorCRM gives you the freedom and flexibility to customize the scoring system to your needs.

Key benefits :

  • Efficient prioritization: Identify and focus on the prospects most likely to convert, optimizing the use of your resources.

  • Real-time tracking: Get an up-to-date view of each prospect’s engagement, enabling you to react quickly and knowledgeably.

  • Customization: Adjust the scoring system to best reflect your sales process and qualification criteria.

  • Automation: Reduce the time spent manually evaluating prospects with automatic, dynamic scoring.

By integrating lead scoring into MirrorCRM, we’ve created a powerful tool that’s transforming the way companies approach prospecting. With MirrorCRM, lead follow-up becomes a clear, organized task, strategically aligned with your sales objectives, enabling you to maximize your chances of success in a competitive sales environment.

A concrete example of the effectiveness of lead scoring with MirrorCRM

One of our customers in the service sector perfectly illustrates the positive impact of MirrorCRM’s lead scoring functionality on prospecting management.

In this field, follow-ups are crucial, and the ability to prioritize leads effectively can make the difference between an opportunity seized and one missed.

This customer was facing a major challenge: with a large volume of leads generated on a regular basis, the sales team was struggling to determine which leads deserved immediate attention. The decision-making process, based on a manual and subjective assessment, often led to delays in follow-ups, and consequently to a loss of potential opportunities.

By adopting MirrorCRM’s lead scoring functionality, this customer was able to transform its lead follow-up strategy. Thanks to MirrorCRM’s dynamic scoring system, each lead is given a star rating, from 1 to 10, indicating its level of priority. A lead rated with 10 stars represents absolute priority, while lower ratings indicate a gradual decrease in urgency.

ratings table

This visual and intuitive approach enabled our customer’s sales team to instantly identify the hottest leads, streamlining the follow-up process. Sales reps can now focus their efforts on the most promising prospects, improving the overall effectiveness of follow-ups and boosting conversion rates.

The star system provides an immediate, visual prioritization of leads, making it easier to make rapid follow-up decisions. What’s more, after a few weeks of iteration, we ended up automating this prioritization to create automatic TODOs for sales staff. This has enabled us to gain a little more commercial velocity.

Eliminating the need for manual lead evaluation frees up valuable time for sales reps, who can focus on engaging with priority leads.

By targeting the most engaged prospects, the customer saw a marked improvement in its conversion rates, turning prospects into customers more effectively.

The use of MirrorCRM’s lead scoring functionality, illustrated by the concrete example of our customer, demonstrates the effectiveness of this tool in transforming prospecting processes. By providing a clear, automated way of prioritizing leads, MirrorCRM enables companies of all sizes to optimize their follow-up strategy, maximize resources and, ultimately, increase sales.

This system, based on an objective and dynamic evaluation of prospects, is an undeniable asset for any company wishing to improve its lead management and boost its sales efficiency. In addition to its advanced lead scoring system, MirrorCRM is packed with other features designed to boost your sales prospecting, giving you a complete set of tools to achieve your sales objectives.

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