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LinkedIn has become an essential part of the professional toolbox for those seeking to maximize their visibility in their field, discover job opportunities, or establish strategic partnerships. Whether you’re a salesperson, recruiter, manager or marketer, Linkedin is an acquisition channel that shouldn’t be overlooked.

On this medium, a well-structured and up-to-date profile can greatly influence your career path, as it not only allows you to connect with colleagues, industry leaders and recruiters, but also to share your expertise and achievements. It’s also a great channel for your prospects to increase your customer portfolio. Our customers have clearly understood this, as on average they add a dozen or so Linkedin MirrorProfiles accounts to increase their reach.

What’s more, LinkedIn offers a window on your industry’s dynamics, innovations and trends, which is crucial to staying competitive in a constantly evolving market. Developing your personal brand on this platform also helps you attract the attention of companies that value profiles aligned with their culture and needs.

Why have a Linkedin profile?

LinkedIn has rapidly become an essential tool for any professional wishing to develop their network, access career opportunities and enhance their skills. Having a profile on this platform enables you to make connections with professionals from a variety of sectors, which can open the door to new employment opportunities, partnerships or collaborations. 1 Linkedin profile can send up to 100 connection requests per week and several dozen messages per day, so if you use it properly, you’ll have a constant flow of leads.

Employers and recruiters frequently use LinkedIn to search for and approach potential candidates. A well-written and regularly updated profile greatly increases your chances of finding job offers that match your skills and experience. LinkedIn is also an ideal platform for sharing your expertise through articles, publications and discussions, boosting your credibility and positioning you as an authority in your field. All our tips for optimizing your Linkedin profile are in our guides, which show you in concrete terms how to implement these optimizations.

What’s more, LinkedIn lets you follow companies, join professional groups and keep up to date with the latest news and trends in your industry. This constant monitoring is crucial to staying competitive and relevant. By developing your personal brand on LinkedIn, you reflect not only your skills and experience, but also your personality and values, which can attract employers and employees looking for profiles that match their corporate culture.

How do I set up a professional linkedin account?

To take full advantage of LinkedIn, it is essential to understand the differences between having a company page and a personal profile, and to know the rules associated with prospecting on this medium.

A LinkedIn company page is designed to represent an organization, brand or business. It allows you to post updates, engage subscribers, share career opportunities and provide general information such as company history, products and services. However, although beneficial for branding and marketing, a company page does not allow you to prospect LinkedIn users directly, i.e. to send them private messages to promote products or services.

For prospecting, you need to use a personal profile, either your own or that of one of your sales reps. A personal profile on LinkedIn can be used to :

  • Maintain a list of prospects and track interactions with them.
  • Keep a history of communications and interactions within the network.
  • Maintain and develop a network of professional contacts.

However, it’s important to note that using automation tools for prospecting on LinkedIn is risky. These practices may result in an account ban for violating LinkedIn’s terms of use. What’s more, if the sales rep who manages the profile leaves the company, there may be a significant loss of data, since the profile legally belongs to him/her and not to the company. This situation can also lead to a loss of credibility for the company, if it has to constantly rebuild its network and contacts.

To avoid these problems, MirrorProfiles has created a solution.

The MirrorProfiles solution and its ready-to-use professional Linkedin accounts

MirrorProfiles offers an innovative solution for enhancing your presence on LinkedIn through the use of avatar accounts. These accounts are designed to help professionals maximize their visibility and engage effectively with their network, while respecting LinkedIn guidelines.

We offer a unique solution with the rental of LinkedIn professional accounts, already prepared with over 500 connections, enabling effective prospecting from the 1st day of rental. These accounts can be customized to reflect the image and specifics of your company and industry, allowing you to tailor them to your strategic needs. Customization and a pre-established network facilitate rapid integration into your working environment, while maximizing your prospecting opportunities on the platform.

Advantages of having a MirrorProfiles account

  1. Advanced personalization: MirrorProfiles avatars offer a distinctive, professional visual representation of the user, making it possible to stand out in a crowded network. Each avatar can be customized to reflect the user’s professional traits and personality, increasing the impact of online interactions.

  2. Multiple account rental: With MirrorProfiles, users can manage multiple avatar accounts to maximize media presence. You’ll also be able to increase your prospecting volume tenfold. Renting fake Linkedin accounts is exactly the same as recruiting virtual sales reps. The only difference is that in your messages you’ll have to specify that it’s X (your sales rep) who makes the appointments, as he’s more expert on the subject.

  3. Secure data retention: unlike a personal profile, which can result in data loss if the account manager leaves the company, MirrorProfiles professional accounts enable the company to retain control and ownership of data and interactions. This ensures continuity of relationships and communication strategies, even when staff changes.

  4. Secure account: MirrorProfiles will replace the account within 24 hours if it has been banned. Thanks to automation tools, you can keep all your leads. Be careful on this point, and I always advise you to have a CRM on hand when prospecting via MirrorProfiles accounts. The easiest way is to use MirrorChat and synchronize it with your CRM.

Using MirrorProfiles’ professional Linkedin accounts presents an efficient and secure way to expand and manage your professional presence on LinkedIn. By combining personalization and security, MirrorProfiles offers a complete solution that significantly enriches your ability to connect and communicate with your business network. By integrating these tools into your LinkedIn strategy, you can not only increase your visibility and prospecting, but also build longer-lasting, more productive relationships with your prospects and customers.

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